Infamous Hacker Now Teaches Internet Security

Who is Kevin Mitnick?

Kevin Mitnick was once known as the ‘World’s Most Wanted’ social engineer and computer hacker. One doesn’t acquire a title like that – nor an accompanying prison sentence – for vanilla exploits. While in Federal custody, authorities even placed Mitnick in solitary confinement; reportedly, he was deemed so dangerous that if allowed access to a telephone he could start a nuclear war by just whistling into it.

Kevin Mitnick: The Hacking Hamburglar | By Timothy W. Coleman | April 11, 2013 |

Infamous Hacker-Kevin Mitnick Now Teaches Internet Security

Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course

Today, Internet criminals are going after families. They try to guess your passwords and steal your credit card information. They try to empty out your personal bank accounts or to steal your identity. And some Internet predators are after your children. It is very important to keep your whole family safe on the Internet, and that is why Kevin Mitnick created this course for you
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More Information About Kevin Mitnick:

CNBC Interview with Kevin Mitnick

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4 thoughts on “Infamous Hacker Now Teaches Internet Security”

  1. Ironically, that’s the first time I’ve been afraid to jump on Uncle Torrents and look for a cracked version. :-s

  2. Once a hacker always a hacker. Security consultant? Really? If I were a business owner there is no way I would let him near my information. What would prevent him from hiding malicious code inside their system, to just turn around and access secure files at a later time?

  3. why would I pay a felon! he should be in jail and required to give his information for free! crooks prosper – little people pay!!

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