Valuable Tool Safely Installs New Software


Valuable Tool Safely Installs New Software

By Bob Rankin

Finally: The End of Next, Next, Next…

When installing new software, you’re often presented with a seemingly endless series of ‘Next’ or ‘OK’ buttons. Most of us mindlessly click through them, just to get it over with. But that can lead to some nasty surprises. Here’s a tool that makes it super simple to safely install new software, and keep it all up to date…

Ninite Makes Software Updates Easy

Installing application software and keeping it up to date takes more face time than it should. In addition to all that robotic clicking, setup programs often require user interactions such as selecting installation folders and, most annoyingly, saying “no” to addons like toolbars and crapware that most users never want. (See my article on foistware for examples of insidious setup pitfalls.

What should be a simple, one-click, unattended operation more often requires you to sit there closely monitoring a boring process. But now there’s Ninite, a free Web service that fetches the installation files for over 100 popular Windows and Linux programs, then pre-configures them to run the way they should.

It can save you hours of time, and help you avoid mistakes that clutter your system with unwanted toolbars and crapware.

Here’s how it works–Article Continued Here

Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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