Tips for Choosing Your Next Notebook


By Windows Talk

Tips for Choosing Your Next Notebook

The Holidays may be over, but I’m quite certain that there’ll be more than a few people looking out to purchase a new computing device. Let us focus on the mobile variety, for now. Now more than ever, with tablets going mainstream, there are plethora of potential choices to be had. Some smartphones are even “smart” enough to take on mobile computing needs, further broadening customers’ range of choices.

The prospective gadget shopper could be rendered paralyzed by the sheer number of choices. For now, let’s focus on the more venerable but versatile notebook computers. They’re not as portable and convenient as smartphones or tablets, but having an actual solid and full-sized keyboard and more upgradeability options keeps it relevant and viable.

I’ve cobbled up a few short and succinct guidelines to direct the bedazzled buyer into a narrower range of choices based on many personal needs and preferences.

Screen Size & Weight

This is definitely one of the first things to consider when choosing a mobile computer. Some people are satisfied with a ten-inch screen or even smaller; this might not be the case with those that have impaired vision. It’s also best to see the unit in person, and turned on. Various LCD flat panels have different visual characteristics, and you should make sure you won’t be staring into a screen that will make you squint or give you headaches from prolonged use.

Do take note that the bigger the screen, the bulkier (and possibly heavier) the entire system will be. Weight can be a very important factor to some, so be sure to know how heavy your prospective mobile system will be. Also, slimmer and lighter notebooks are often significantly more expensive compared to their non-diet cousins (I think you’ve seen the ad about a certain notebook that fits in a manila envelope).

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