Windows 8 New Users Need Patience

Windows 8 New Users Need Patience

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

With Windows 8 having become available around the world in the last 24-36 hours there will quickly be people either upgrading their current PC’s to the new OS or purchasing a new computer with Windows 8 installed on it. Some of those upgraders will be high level geeks and others will be everyday computer users that want to update to the latest offering from Microsoft.

Whatever method you use to become a Windows 8 user the biggest recommendation I can give you is to have patience with yourself, the OS and give Windows 8 a chance.

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is a huge shift from what we are all used to seeing over the years in the Windows operating system.

In fact, I think this is the biggest shift in the user interface of Windows since Windows 95 came out in August 1995. Since then the interface has remained relatively unchanged in its basic functionality and familiarity.

in Windows 8 Microsoft has opted to merge not only the traditional Windows desktop which we all know very well over the years of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 but to also introduce a touch first interface that will work on tablets and other type of touch based devices such as touch screen all in one PC’s, etc.

And yes, it also works on a non-touch system with your mouse and keyboard.

You may have heard that the Start Menu is now gone and it has been replaced with the Start Screen. Think of the Start Screen as a full screen Start Menu that is fully customizable by you to display tiled shortcuts to programs and apps on your machine.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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4 thoughts on “Windows 8 New Users Need Patience”

  1. I have Vista Pro on my home built , have had for years now and it runs like a dream, never a issue.Why fix it if it is not broke.

  2. Why should I spend the time to learn how to interface with Windows 8. That just tells me that the OS is just not intuitive enough. Also, Microsoft has not provided me with any reason that I should invest my valuable time trying to understand an OS system that really gives me no tangible benefits. It does give me a desk top interface that I just can’t work as fast with.
    Up to now the look, feel, and general way you worked with an OS–be it MAC or Windows–was very similar; with the MAC addicts saying that their OS is better. Well guess what, now it is better. The more familiar interface (vs. Windows 8)does seem much better to even this die-hard Windows guy; who started his computer life with dos.
    Why would Microsoft move to a format that was not even accepted on portable devices like phones (Windows phones still tanking)? Apple obviously gets it…they didn’t try to make their tablet and phone OS look or interface like their computer OS. And who has the highest share of the portable market and the most die-hard computer fan group?
    Leave the windows 8 style for phones and tablets where it makes sense (and where it will keep dying).
    I use my computer for work and I don’t need to check all my social interactions constantly. I want something that allows for fast file and program intreface which windows 8 doesn’t. Perhaps in the future, this early adopter is going to head over to MAC afterall; despite the financial kick I’ll take with software alone (approx. $4,000 in new versions). That is more acceptable that the Windows 8 interface. I Hate it!

  3. I don't care what you say I actually liked Vista so cant be accused of just being a constant moaner for all things new but THIS is a mess of the highest order just like anything trying to be all things to all people it fails to be any good at either, as a touch OS its crap compared to apple or andriod and as a desktop/laptop OS it looks like win ME with postage stamps for icons.

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