6 Compelling Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 8

By David Purcell, for PCTechBytes.com

6 Compelling Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 8 was recently released and many friends and relatives have been asking whether Windows 8 is for them. My first response to the release of any new technology (hardware or software) is yes–upgrade immediately. But I am an early adopter, and I simply cannot expect my lunacy to be good advice for anyone else. The truth is, Windows 8 is a major change in an Operating System we have all become comfortable with over the years. The last such drastic change of the OS was the evolution from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95.

So is Windows 8 for you?

You should upgrade to Windows 8 if:

1. You’re still running Windows XP. It’s time to drop the security blanket. Windows XP has about reached the end of its lifespan.

2. You want faster boot times. Winows 8 boots much faster than Windows 7.

3. Windows Store. If you like the way Apple and Android devices have App stores, then you’ll like this feature in Windows 8.

4. Integrated Anti-virus. Windows Defender has been improved and will now act as more than just an anti-spyware utility.

5. Windows To Go. Transfer your settings to a USB stick and install them quickly on another machine running Windows 8.

6. You’re buying a new PC. No reason to downgrade to Windows 7 if you’re buying a new PC with a touchscreen. The Surface tablet was essentially created for this OS.

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14 thoughts on “6 Compelling Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 8”

  1. None of these reaons is really a good reason for investing the time and money you need for an upgrade, but 1. is complete rubbish: Windows XP still get security updates at least until April 8, 2014, maybe MS will extend the “extended support” phase evene longer as they did with Win 98, when there will still be a lot of XP users in 2014. Also most hackers/malware programmers tend to focus on the system with the most useage share, so a vulnerability which only exists in Win 7 is more likely to be exposed than one that only exists in Win XP, and this will be the same for Win 8 as soon as it has a higher useage share than Win XP.

  2. Ryan Baillargeon

    Pretty sure this was the worst article I've seen about transitioning to windows 8. These are not really compelling reasons. Windows 8 seems like more of a brain ache for advanced users, and more mac-theft for the growing senior and kinder aged users.

  3. Who the F….. invented this load of rubbish , you would think after the vista experience micro soft in the head would have worked out how to make a good operating system like “win 7” for instance
    I actually grew after a time to like Vista especially after SP2 and would have kept it had win 7 not come out, this is the OS they asked everybody to try out and suggest things
    This 8 rubbish doesn’t fit my lap screen, needs to be scrolled backwards and forwards to see anything , difficult to get to even do something as simple as going to my comp without having to go through the metro first and if you put anything on metro as a short cut it lists every category of the programme.
    It’s lost Aero and looks like Win 3.1, plain ugly, even the colours are bawdy and ridiculous without the aero interface.
    despite all the bad press I tried Vista but was pleased of course to see win 7 this mess even after playing with it for 3 days on a laptop decided that it was a giant leap backwards, if it doesn’t bomb then I moving over to Apple which is a company I basically think is a arrogant, but I am beginning to think they have a point
    BUT of course im going to upgrade to this rubbish because of the five golden reasons above lol

  4. Invalid reasons. Maybe the last one makes sense, but only ’cause you won’t be able to buy a computer with an OS other that Win in certain parts of the world. As for personal experience, i found that Ubuntu can meet all my needs, being changed and fixed all the time too, but at least I dont’t have to give a leg for it on a yearly basis…

  5. I agree with every one of the above 4 critics, and add another reason. I was forced to upgrade from XP to Windows 7 by severe hardware problems: a machine not worth repairing. I have a lot of specialist legacy software that I run on Virtual XP – one of the nicest features of Windows 7 (yes, a backhanded compliment, but that’s the way it is!) but Windows 8 has abandoned any pretence at tolerating XP users. I have a Canon N650U flatbed scanner that I run on Windows 7 with the Vuescan driver. I also use Vuescan for an excellent Minolta Windows 95 scanner, having had my SCSI card – originally from a Windows Me machine – transferred to my Windows 7 machine. There’s a vast amount of perfectly good hardware going to waste because there is insufficient consumer pressure on the manufacturers like Canon and Minolta to provide drivers for new OS (yes, it IS our fault, collectively – we CANNOT go on as we are as a throw away society).

    1. @John Kemp: You seriously can’t expect companies to provide support for your 18 year old hardware can you? That’s just nuts and the reasons why this doesn’t happen should be obvious to even the dimmest of light bulbs.
      While I agree with most here, this article (and W8) are lame to the Nth degree, your post is just as bad. Just be happy that Vuescan at least makes your stuff still usable.

  6. 5 lame reasons to upgrade to Windows 8
    Item 5 does sound like a good add-on but the proof is in the pudding as they say. What settings are they talking about, your desktop picture or your profile?

  7. Sorry….NONE of the reasons make any sense. My XP Pro boots in a minute [my life is not so dependant on faster boots]; being shackled to Windows Store is not appealing to me; I have no need to boot to another computer, if I did, I’d take my laptop. Fingerprints on my screen are definitely NOT desirable; not to mention having to raise my arm continuously in lieu of a mouse with a rest pad….sorry microsoft, your gurus are smoking too much.

    1. @Al: I couldn`t agree more,Al.! I have a Windows XP machine that I use as a DVR..I also have a Windows 7 machine that was originally a Windows Vista machine..so I upgraded it to Windows 7 Home Premium..then ,on a whim,upgraded that to Windows 7 Ultimate…after all that,I have almost $300 invested in Windows 7 upgrades and I`m supposed to dump all that just because microsoft changed the look of its “cash cow”…I think not!..I have used Windows 8 and don`t like ANYTHING about it..and the faster boot times are mostly hype.Wait until a few “updates” and programs are added to it..then see…LOL

    2. @Al: Agree, none of those are much of a reason, especially when it cost mooney, that is something MS is a hog on. Win98 should have been a patch to fix all of the errors in Win 95, as well as 7 a patch for vista. If you remember back to the day Win95 was released, Bill Gates was interviewed on TV and was asked why he released Win95, his first real OS release of his own (Win 3 was part of OS2 and IBM), he said he was going to release it with all its flaws and fix them later. This has become a time honored tradition, yet we always have to pay for the fixes,

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