Windows Talk: Backup Files You Can Safely Delete

Backup Files You Can Safely Delete

Backup Files You Can Safely Delete

By Windows Talk

Backup files are usually the first thing to go when you run out of space—but how do you know which files you can safely delete? Follow these simple rules and you’ll never delete backup files you might need later.

Backup Files To Permanent Media

Before you delete your backup files, have you considered making a copy to permanent media such as CDs or DVDs? Putting your backup files on this sort of removable media is convenient and cheap for small amounts of data.

One of the best things about CDs and DVDs is that you can store them off-site so that you still have backup copies if your house or office burns down. I prefer to keep my disc backups in a safe deposit box at the bank where I know they’ll stay secure from almost any catastrophe.
Putting your backup files on disc couldn’t be simpler either: just insert the blank disc, drag files to the appropriate folder, and click Burn. Wait for the burn to finish, remove the disc, put it back in, make sure the files burned correctly, and then you can safely delete the backup files off your disk drive. You can buy an external hard drive for this same purpose as these days they will also be small enough to store in a safe.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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