PC Pitstop Newsletter – May 2012 #3

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Who to Blame for Crapware
by Steve Hogan

OEMs make money installing crap, now Microsoft makes money removing it.

Fixing Firefox Freezes
by Windows Club

Fix Firefox freezes and crashes with these troubleshooting steps.

Windows DVD Playback is Gone
by BurnWorld

Why the shock that Windows 8 will no longer support DVD playback.

Add Live Spreadsheet to PPT
by PowerPoint Tips

Insert a live Excel spreadsheet into PowerPoint’s slide show view.

The Magic of VLookup
by Excel Tips

How one of Excel’s most obscure functions can make your life easier.

Secret to Double Indent
by Word Tips

Learn to indent paragraphs from both the left and right margins.

$99 to De-Crapify Your PC
by Bob Rankin

Is Microsoft’s new service which removes crapware from your PC, worthwhile?

How Many Gigabytes is Enough?
by Tips 4 PC

As more ISPs cap usage, time to closely monitor your downloading or streaming.

Secret to Restoring Deleted Files
by Windows Guides

The free option in Windows for those needing to UNdelete or recover lost files.

Securing Passwords in Firefox
submitted by kburra

Help secure your passwords from anyone else using Firefox on your PC.

Safe Mode with no F8
submitted by bob3160

An alternate way to reach Safe Mode in Windows.

Resize Photos-Quick & Simple
submitted by PaulTX

Tired of resizing your photos for email, social networks or smartphones?

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