Windows Observer: How to Map a SkyDrive Folder to Windows Explorer

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

Earlier today I tweeted a link to an article over on the How-to Geek about mapping SkyDrive folders to your PC and even though it is a couple of years old the process still works. I did seem to discover a quick method to finding the key info you need to map those folders to your PC and once you have identified your unique identifier for your SkyDrive adding additional directories on your machine is very easy.

The key here is to browse to your SkyDrive in your browser and take a look at the address bar once you have logged in and selected one of your folders.

You will be looking to identify your unique CID which appears in the address. It actually appears twice in fact. Once in between the cid= and & then again between id= and %. You can see the area you want to look at in the screenshot below.

Once you have grabbed that identifier you are ready to map your SkyDrive folders to a drive on your PC.

Steps Continued Here

This post is excerpted with permission from Windows Observer.

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