Fake Goods Get Prime Google & Ebay Ad Space

That search that revealed a super hot deal advertised in a prime space at the top of your favorite search engine – might be just another online scam – promoting fake goods.

Ad space on some of the most trusted web sites peddles expertly-designed, counterfeit products to unsuspecting Americans. But, as Jeff Rossen reports, some say these e-tail giants are profiting along with the cunning con artists behind the fakes.–MSNBC

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the Justice Department has caught Google doing business with criminals before. Last summer, the company paid $500 million to avoid prosecution on charges that it knowingly sold ads to illegal online pharmacies.–MSNBC

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3 thoughts on “Fake Goods Get Prime Google & Ebay Ad Space”

  1. Everyone beware of SimplyElectronics trading as a genuine company.
    They are easily found on many sales Search sites. Search for a review before considering using their company.

  2. So a question I have is how do you avoid scams like this?

    I know that it says on that website to avoid things online if they’re inexpensive, but I go to Costco.com and Walmart.com and get great prices all the time, so there has to be other ways to avoid scams like in the article?

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