Windows Talk: Do You Use Windows Disk Cleanup?


By Alan Tay for Windows Talk

The Windows Operating System is one generous operating system for it comes built-in with lots of optimization tools that can really help you to have a better Operating System. Better here means faster, less space wasted, fast boot up, and also fast shut down.

Today I am going to talk about one of the optimization tools which had helped me a lot throughout my time when I suffered from insufficient hard disk space. The tool I am referring to is the Windows Disk Cleanup. Basically, the Disk Cleanup tool helps you to delete unused files such as your temporary files, unused system files, garbage inside your Recycle Bin and many more. So, why do you need to use the Disk Cleanup?

It clears space by removing unnecessary files

As I had mentioned, it cleans up all the unnecessary especially your temporary files. Those files usually are not needed anymore after certain process specifically Windows Update. I had cleared lots of space after a Windows Update patch process.

Besides, it also cleans up your temporary internet files. If you look carefully, the one advantage here is you save a lot of time simply because you don’t have to manually locate those files to remove them.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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