Windows Talk: Computer Maintenance For Grandmas


By Windows Talk

Whether you’re an actual grandmother or anyone else a little hesitant to do your own computer maintenance, you’ll find the following simple instructions will help keep your computer working well for years to come.

Computer Maintenance Tips

#1—Befriend A Geek

Despite the media’s portrayal of computer geeks as nerdy young men, computer geeks come in all shapes. My grandmother’s best friend, another grandmother, is a computer geek.

Befriending a computer geek is by far the best computer maintenance you can do. Your geek friend will teach you how to use your computer the right way, will fix problems when they’re still easy to fix, and can explain to you the many things about computers that require specialized knowledge. As a nice bonus, most computer geeks often give away their old technology to their friends, meaning free goodies for you.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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