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by Mike Conroy in Daves Computer Tips

Last week I made mere mention of Portable Applications. Since then I have spent some time looking at the real deal. Looks like it is time to review some of the freeware offerings. Easy to complicated, there are many menu suites available today that integrate the applications you wish to carry with you on-the-go. In every case I have found that 4Gig can prove to be comfortable. 8Gig may be optimal, in fact you might have room for 2 separate installations.

Portable Applications…

  • 1) do not require installation

  • 2) can be executed from any USB flash drive, and from any PC hard disk drive (internal or external)

  • 3) leaves no traces of its use in the Windows applications registry or any other user folder in the host PC hard drive

  • 4) does not conflict with the programs installed in the host PC hard drive (for example, X-Firefox executed from a USB flash drive does not modify (or conflict with) the counterpart Firefox program installed on the host PC)

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