Ask Leo: Why you need different passwords on different accounts?


By Leo Notenboom

Is it safe to have the same password for all of my email accounts? If one has an account in Yahoo! mail, Gmail, rediff mail, etc., and sets the same password for all of them, will it be easier for a hacker or phisher to find out about it?

Using different passwords is much safer than using one password everywhere.


Because hackers know that most people don’t take the trouble to set that up.

And they know that we typically have more than one account.

Admit it, you’re lazy

I’ll admit it, I’m lazy. And when it comes to trying manage multiple passwords, I’d bet money that most people are as well.

One password everywhere is so much easier. It’s easier than even the easiest password management system. It just is.

It makes our life easy not to have to remember and not to have to use any special tools to remember for us.

The problem is that it makes hackers’ lives easier too.

Hackers know we’re lazy

Hackers know that people find it easier in general to have one password everywhere.

Hackers also know that people generally have more than one account.

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This post is excerpted with Leo’s permission from his blog.

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