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What is a start page to you? Is it just a place where your browser takes you when you open it? Well, why not make it a place to store your favorite sites on the web? Make it a place that benefits you using

Your starting page can be a very useful tool if you let it be. In the past, we have talked about different homepage choices here on Make Tech Easier. All have their pros and cons. is another option that might just fill your needs.

Why you need a start page

If you are planning to use a different start page, you should make sure it is better than the one you are already using. Personally, I toggle back and forth between Google Chrome and Firefox as my browser of choice. Google is my Firefox homepage and the new tab option showing recent sites and installed apps is my Chrome start page.

Sure these are great default options, but they aren’t all that helpful most of the time. This is where a homepage web app like can help.

What can do for you?

For starters (no pun intended), can be your gateway to YOUR web. You likely have several sites you visit with great regularity. By having links to your Google Reader, Gmail, Facebook, Quickbooks online, job boards, local news or whatever you like right on your start page will save you typing and clicking.

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