12 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: How to Control Someone Else’s Computer”

  1. I agree with the overuse of video. I get through text a lot faster. Also, where I’m at the bandwidth is as bad as a Commodore 64 with a 300 baud modem. I am not kidding. You watch 2 seconds of video, then download for a couple minutes to watch another 2 seconds. I no longer bother watching videos. Just send the script in text.

  2. What a useless video. With VNC one still has to ‘tunnel’ through to the other computer with Hamachi, OpenVPN, or similar.
    Teamviewer does that all in one simple package and it can be set up for unattended remoting in. Why not even mention the simplest (and free) solution is beyond me.

    1. Hands down Teamviewer is the best Free solution! There’s even a Host app you can leave on client machines for 24/7 access! Just the ticket for supporting those older generation family members!

  3. I am simply tired of PC Pitstop’s “experts” who blithely VIDEO and yap on and about every little article [voices notwithstanding] and cut off so many of us who CAN NOT HEAR THE AUDIO OF A VIDEO because we are DEAF [myself specifically]. I’ve brought this up with the people of Pitstop before, but got zip response, most likely because I am one, and they are many who just do not wish to deal with the reality some of us face.
    PCPITSTOP: Get off your office chairs and put these articles in TEXT that we can read! Besides, TEXT articles [HTML included] take up far less storage space than video files do [let’s be green here, dammit].
    Just saying this because the site LOOKS wonderful, but if you cannot hear it, it is worthless. And I make very sure people are aware of this: “Did you know one often cannot get a text version of the article, only the video?”

    1. In reply to ancientone…. I am not deaf but I do refuse to watch the videos. It takes a lot longer to watch the video than to read an article. There is a lot of good information here but if it isn’t in text or HTML, I skip it. Are you listening PC Pitstop?

    2. !1 to kill the video. I know how to read. I skim read to get to the meat of an article. I don’t care to watch the ego of an “opinion author” that doesn’t write.

  4. I’m not familiar with Logmein, but I’ll have to check it out, thanks. I don’t even use Teamviewer that often—-just to help out friends on occasion.

  5. Teamviewer is good for one-shot connections but a little more work to use on a regular basis than the Logmein system. Both are free and excellent.

  6. My God, what an obnoxious twit you are, with such an annoying voice!

    Anyway, the Teamviewer program is free and works well. Google: teamviewer. You just download it to your computer (quick download) and have your remote friend do the same (you can email them the link if they are not very computer literate). Operation is pretty much self evident and easy.

    1. obnoxious twits are in the eye of the beholder. Hark, I behold an obnoxious twit here today. And it’s not Chris!

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