Google’s First Netbook Leads to Implants

Are you ready for a netbook that doesn’t have an operating system? Google is banking on it, as it unveils the first Google branded netbook. Today, Tuesday, is the day of the anouncement and while the thought of a browser driven netbook is interesting, it does have some hurtles to hop.

Being a browser driven device means no downloading and installing programs like Windows based systems. The long awaited Chrome App. store is an absolute necessity if users are going to do something besides surf and search, so it’s no surprise that the arrival of the app. store is also set to happen today.

The actual hardware is not expected to hit retail until some time in 2011, although there will be 60,000 to 100,000 units ready for early testing by Google friends and family. These units are being made by Samsung and will feature a 10″ screen, 2 gigs of memory, 12 hour run time, and a 1.5 single stage processor.

The plus side of the browser driven device is that it takes only a couple of seconds to boot as compared to 30 to 60 seconds for a standard operating system based product. The early reports describe Chrome 8 as an improvement in speed and stability along with some important feature additions like a sandboxed PDF viewer. With virtually no boot time and no resource draining operating system, Chrome netbook is set to kick some serious butt in the speed department.

This may just seem like just another piece of hardware hitting the crowded digital streets but it’s more than that. This marks an important event in the era of Cloud computing. This moves cloud computing to more appropriate hardware. Hardware that almost demands Cloud technology. How that hardware handles and settles into our lives will determine the development of computing for the next few years.

This is all great news for Google but for me it’s more about watching the changes taking place in our daily existence. The advent of cell phones, laptops, and now netbooks and pads is connecting us like never before.

Today it’s possible to sit beside someone that has never been unconnected. How is that going to play out? What happens to people who have never been without a digital connection when for whatever cataclysmic reason they are without device? Will they be able to stand the stress of “No Device”?

I am deviceless. My thoughts are surrounding me. I cannot escape by pressing, clicking, and reading text. I have no pictures, only reality. I’m thinking this could be a hard time for someone who has never been deviceless.

Will there come a day when being SansDevice will seem unbearable? Will there be a day when “The Device” is actually implanted in us?

Of course there will. We already have joints, pacemakers, stints, and hearing aids. Why not memory or data chips? Inside the skin or outside the skin, tell me what you think.


UPDATE: This quote is from Googledotcom: “What did we leave out? Spinning disks, caps-lock key, function keys, and lap burns.

The Cr-48 is available exclusively to participants in the Pilot program.”


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12 thoughts on “Google’s First Netbook Leads to Implants”

  1. implanted chip ? I can’t wait for the next TSA pat-down ! OR … maybe such a chip would allow you to pass right-on through .. ?

  2. It’s only faster because there’s nothing in it. I would love it, if I loved the fact google knowing EVERYTHING you do on your computer.

  3. Chips under the skin have been around for a while (pet passport).
    of course it has an OS. An Operating System is the interface between the hardware and applications. In ChromeOS, it is a cut down version of Linux with Chrome as the shell. Everything is done from within the browser and Google have their own appstore

    The beauty of this is that the device has a smaller attack surface than other versions of Linux as it only has the functions necessary to support the browser. It’s self healing (like Windows update on automatic) and it’s faster as it has a lot less to do. Want to print from it? Look at HP’s e-print facility on their latest printers, you email your document to the printer (currently the only way I know of printing from an iPhone directly).

    Some of the apps work offline, but the future is always on connectivity. If you don’t keep your information on the device, you can’t loose it with the device.

  4. helo Gordon Deas

    look at the title of google relase..It is a NOTEBOOK pc not an workstation or something
    it serves official purposes only not for gaming,developing etc..
    thank you

  5. I don’t predict that the Google Netbook will lead to chip implants under your skin. I think the chip implants under your skin will start out with the idea of convenience shopping. I’m not sure what form it will take, but I’m betting that there will be some form of ID that will be on/in our bodies. The question was about chips being implanted under our skin. It will be easier to implement this system if it is seen as something that improves and enhances our lives. There would be incredible security benefits to a system like this. You would never loose your ID; wouldn’t need to carry a wallet, cash or a credit card; or your medical information. Terrorists and criminals would have no place to hide. The government would know where everyone was at all times. So the benefits will be great if the system is implemented well. But the problem is, that it will put overwhelming power into the hands of a few people who run the system. And human nature being what it is, the people in power will persecute, isolate and eradicate anyone who opposes them. Hitler would have loved a system of chip ID’s under your skin.

  6. Your evolution to implants is very interesting, and is sure to fit the plans of someone who wants to control all humanity.

  7. It’s a little misleading to claim that the new chrome systems don’t have an Operating System. They still have one, only the UI has been simplified to support a single application.

    I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, and am glad that someone is moving towards an entirely specialized netbook that’s not pretending to be a replacement for a desktop PC

  8. This non OS system all sounds “interesting” . I do have a query or two though:-
    If one wishes to create animations, for instance, will there be a download to cope with this? What about the more advanced multi-user games? Games like Call of duty? Without the drivers to control joysticks, as an instance, what will be the solution to accurate flying?
    Maybe new editions will be created, and then PAID for AGAIN by us the mug end user?

  9. Implanted? The stuff science fiction stories have been made of for years. Read William Gibson or Bruce Sterling for a taste of what the future holds.
    BTW: I think you meant “hurdles” rather than “hurtles.” 🙂

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