Should I use a Registry Cleaner?

One question I see over and over in our forums and even in our Customer Service department is, “What’s the best registry cleaner ” or “Is it safe to use a registry cleaner”. You’ll find almost as many answers to this question as there are geeks in a Starbucks but make no mistake, there are many registry wreckers out there. I’ll tell you why you need to avoid them, and show you what’s better.

First, let’s talk about what a registry does. Basically the registry is a database which coordinates your systems hardware, software, and operating system. It controls the interaction between all the parts of your computer. It is linear in structure and has been described by some as like a big ball of string. With use, your registry grows in size. It will contain dead or orphaned entries.

It sounds logical that cleaning the registry and reducing it’s size would make things faster and this was basically true in the days of Windows 95 and Windows 98. Back before Windows XP arrived, even small changes to the registry or .ini files could make a big difference in performance. Tweak guides and articles such as 10 Ways to Improve your PCs Performance were all over net. But now things are different. Todays registries are much more refined and operating systems are much better than in the days of Windows 95. Removing orphaned entries is likely to cause Windows to do more searching in it’s attempt to find its way than to speed things up.

All of the single function deep registry cleaners will remove registry keys, but the more you use them the more likely they are to remove needed keys. One thing you may have noticed is that each registry cleaner you use finds different things to remove. Keep changing registry cleaners and you will keep finding things to remove. The sad fact is that the more registry entries you remove the bigger your chance of killing your system. Remove the wrong key and not only can your computer become unstable, it may not even boot. I see it all the time. Show me a system with a deep registry cleaner and I’ll show you an unstable system

Deep cleaning your registry is not the way to a faster system. Most experts agree that in addition to being a huge risk there isn’t any gain in speed or performance with a deep registry cleaner. If you want a faster system, buy faster hardware, that’s been the driving force behind PC sales from the beginning.


1. Clean up the bloat installed on Windows by your system’s builder. That would include: never used trial programs like Norton, McAfee, Yahoo Toolbars, Photo suites, and an unending host of others. Every computer sold comes with Trial programs and the manufacturer is paid to have these installed. It’s part of what allows manufacturers to lower their selling price but YOU don’t have to leave them there to rob your resources. Uninstall all the junk. You aren’t using it and you don’t need it.

2. Remove seldom used programs from the StartUp Menu. Sure you have lots of necessary and valued programs installed on your system, that’s what makes computing worthwhile. What you don’t need is all of them starting up and phoning home each time you turn on your system. Open each program, click on the tools or options tab that always hiding somewhere and set the program to NOT start each time Windows starts. It will save you a world of time and speed up your system dramatically.

3. Get rid of any large temp files. Redundant backups, unwanted pictures, and Windows uninstaller packages are all space hogs.

4. You can spend several hours searching and cleaning your system, updating your drivers and even decimating your registry, or you can fix it all properly with one easy click of a button. Get PC Matic.

PC Pitstop began more than 10 years ago by giving you the tools to keep your pc running great. We provided the Free PC Pitstop Full Test and pointed out the weaknesses and strong points of your system.

Today we’re still doing the same thing and now you can have it all done for you. PC Matic is not a registry cleaner. It removes a limited and specific number of broken registry entries and makes specific and limited changes and tweaks. Don’t fall into the bad habit of using a devoted registry wrecker. Each time you do you are a little closer to a system crash.


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141 thoughts on “Should I use a Registry Cleaner?”

  1. Agree that reg cleaning is snake oil.

    The best thing is to buy an SSD, install it, set the bios to SATA then clone the existing HDD to the new SSD and the speed improvement is 100x more effective than the placebo known as registry cleaning.

    I’ve been fixing computers for years so I know that registry cleaners are just a marketing hype thing.
    Best thing to remove the leftovers is use a free uninstalling program that will scan the registries, but even then you need to be careful to make sure no false-positives are removed.

    And the above mentions of removing unneeded programs, cleaning temp files and hardware upgrades like installing more ram, replacing CPU, upgrading computer/laptop (Best way) and then wipe the OS and reinstall it to remove the bloatware. Things like that have a bigger impact on performance than the easy quick fix that attracts many people to products.

  2. i just realised how old these posts are.i think i’ll reminisce today by searching out(gooogling)really old topics and posts.old forums i haven’t even heard of in a long time.downloading old software i haven’t used since 1997(if any of it is still around)and then…CLEAN MY REGISTRY……

  3. i’m not a programmer but hung around with a couple that became personal friends for several years and i learned a few things.even though i fully trust ccleaner,i browse the files that it finds during a scan,to be sure that nothing is going to be deleted that i absolutely need.knowing how to read what the files are is important.i can usually just look at one and recognise at least what program it’s attached to or the folder it resides in.simply put,just be careful.i too believe in cleaning the registry and i use ccleaner once weekly as i do a lot heavy downloading as in (legitimate)music downloading and software downloading also as well as webpage (mht) downloads.

  4. well, whatever, I think clean computer junk to maintain your computer is needed. But there are many freewares, why should i choose one that’s not for free.

  5. I’ve been using various registry cleaners like cc cleaner, revo uninstaller, uniblue registry cleaner etc., this is sales scam.

    Never buy this software.

  6. I agreee, this article is designed to sell pcmatic, not give information… “registry cleaners are bad, destroy your system, buy OUR registry cleaner, it’s good!”
    I’ve been using ccleaner for years on three windows systems, never a problem, fixes problems actually.
    PCmatic, however, recently destroyed my registry leading to a complete reinstall to a clean disc,(coincidentally the day my subscription expired) and a few times installed an incompatible video driver leading to a system repair restart loop once.

  7. Professional system builder and repairer here too.
    I’ve had one of my own systems wrecked with Registry Mechanic, never again and sure wouldn’t recommend it.
    +1 for Ccleaner as we use it regularly and never had a problem.
    I’d also add Auslogics Boost Speed to the “safe” list as its worked without problems on several of our machines for several years.
    I don’t care what the “experts” say. I know I’ve seen times where a registry clean made a very noticeable difference in performance. 🙂

  8. The suggestion to buy faster hardware to speed up performance is ridiculous. I use an old laptop for certain things that I would have had to throw in the garbage if it wasn’t for Registry Mechanic. Yes there is some risk in it but it is outweighted by the benefits when you want yo keep running cheap, old hardware.
    The “republican” is a sale agent for PCMatic but also for hardware manufacturers

  9. If you do not want any registry problems, do as I have done, delete all of the registry keys by going into regedit, I mean delete ALL of the keys you can find, then restart your computer, you will find the computer cannot start, so then you use your computer for a door stop. vwala!!! no more problems.

  10. Hello, I am a PC Matic user and I think that it works to a point. If you where to use any brand of Registry Cleaners/Optimizers you would find that the one tht you have will always show a clean registry after you have installed and paid for it while testing another will show you all kinds of registry problems ” that is the sale” Regardless of which one it is. with that being said PC Matic is just as good as the other. The advantages ti a point is that it has the driver update that is a plus and currently added real time virus/spyware. the truth to all of this is that Microsoft Windows is weak and my guess is that it is made this way intentionally so you would have to keep buying all this secondary programs every year while also bloating up your system. the simple thing to look at is why does a system (XP) work fine and then after updating and adding fixes along with upgtades tend to slow you down. EXAMPLE: when I install windows XP-SP1 that came with IE6 and my original Nortons 2002 with Office XP, my computer was very fast even with 256mb, now after updating it lost 6% speed. Lets go back further Windows 98 use to fly in it’s eraw, I think that all will see what I am getting to.

  11. For all of us that recall pcpitstops early days…the free pcpitstop scan and “autofix” was great.
    That’s pretty much gone now and replaced by:
    Have to say I was a bit shocked, but just another one jumping on that “greedy band wagon”

    I have been using jv16powertools for years. No complaints, no problems…why change?

  12. It seems to me that this article did exactly what it was intented to do…create a dialogue. Thank you to all who took the time and energy to post your viewpoints on this article; whether you disliked the ploy or voiced personal preference. Without you, noobs such as myself would have been suckered in to believing the tripe presented and would never have been given so much information as is presented before our eyes. It is my mission in my computer life to understand how to manually help my computer along and so I go to various computer-eeze websites and research tips, techs, preferred programs and the expected outcomes. With your help, I learn more.
    Thank you all.

  13. Ccleaner did let me down. AVG FREE 7.5 left entries in the Registry. I used all AVG FREE up to the latest, which would not load because of the remnants of the obsolete program. AVG does not have a removal tool for 7.5 on their website. No other registry cleaner found the entries.

  14. “What I may not have made clear is that I’m talking about ‘deep’ registry cleaners. Programs which “only” clean the registry.”

    Steve now you’re just trying to cover your ass. What the hell is a ‘deep’ registry cleaner that “only cleans the registry”? Surely that is the definition of a reg cleaner, what’s deep about that? What makes it any different to any reg cleaner that cleans the registry AND does other things? Surely that would include CCleaner which you yourself said you recommend!

    Clearly this is intended as an ad but you lose even more credibility by claiming you’re “recommending” a program that is a one click fix, never a good thing, especially when it doesn’t state WHAT it has fixed (according to previous comments).

    As has been recognised by previous comments PC Pitstop has become little more than a revenue stream. Any genuinely useful articles have been taken from other sites, and only half posted here with a click thru to the original article so as to allow yourselves and the original site ad revenue. And the articles that are original PC Pitstop pieces are nothing more than extended adverts like this.
    One look at the newsletter shows where PCP’s priorities lay, with it being a good 60% advertising content (and that’s not including the links to underhanded ads like this ‘article’).

    Such a shame, this used to be such a good site (not even the pitstop tests, or whatever they’re called now, are what they used to be. And still in beta. Not that you can even find it on the site nowadays)

  15. From the article;

    “Basically the registry is a database which coordinates your systems hardware, software, and operating system. It controls the interaction between all the parts of your computer.”

    The Windows registry is also a huge dumping ground. Every program you install adds at least a dozen new entries to the registry. Many of them use it to store all your prefs settings. It’s also used to store your serial number/registration info, so that if you simply copy an installed program to another system, it won’t work. 90% of this information isn’t removed when you uninstall the program. Every limited-time trial/demo program that you install leaves behind hidden registry keys in case you try to re-install the program after the trial period is up.

    I helped a friend find and install the trial version of an audio transcription player program and it added nearly 1,000 new entries to the registry, despite the fact that you can only use it for five days!

    If you want to keep the crap out of your registry, get a copy of Total Uninstall. The latest versions are commercial, but you can still find the old freeware version on the net. I can’t say it works perfectly under Windows 7, but I know at least one person who has used it successfully. It scans your system before and after you install a program and logs the changes. If you later use it to uninstall that program, it will delete *ALL* the registry entries that the program created. Of course to get the benefit of it, you need use it right from the start. Simply uninstalling your programs and then re-installing them with TU won’t work because the crap is already in the registry.

    You can also use it to see how much junk each program adds.

  16. I’ve used CCleaner until recently. Now use the Obit application, Advanced System Care and it has done a great job of clearing out the registry and clearing out old and unecessary files. If not cleaned, this thing REALLY slows down.

  17. I am no computer whizz kid, I do not pretend to be, so I cannot comment on PC Matic. However I can state that I have used store recommended registry cleaners only twice as my P.C. was running very slowly. My computer got so screwed up on both occasions that I had to recover it with the disc and lose all my downloads – music, pictures, programs etc. And it was a fairly recent computer purchased in 2006. Personally I would never use a registry cleaner again. Though I do agree that the sales pitch does cause you to wonder about the honesty of this article.

  18. “Show me a system with a registry cleaner and I’ll show you an unstable system”…

    Bullshit, rubbish, and this is not an article. It is a sales pitch in bad taste.

    Been using CCleaner, Registry Booster, System Mechanic, Reg Cure, Revo Uninstaller (fre4e version as well as Pro..both just fine), for years, one or the other, and never a probelem. Tried Optimize for awhil, along with PC Matic…one changing settings of the other…immediately uninstalled both.

    Yes, overdoing a registry clean can potentially lead to porblems, but same can be said about just leaving the crap there. I’ve kept my system, and others, running up to par. Same goes for client PC’s as well…happy customers who thought their PC was finished, happy to have it runing good as new again. Revo Uninstaller is another I’d reccomend.

    “Show me a system with a registry cleaner and I’ll show you an unstable system” Bullsh*t!!!

  19. Just like other guys on here, I’ve used CCleaner for years as well with no ill-effects. Besides CCleaner has a backup programmed into it if you’re wooried. I’ve used it on at least 30 different systems. The nerwest version is the best by far. We probably were introduced to it by PCW several years ago.

  20. I have used, uni-blue, system mechanic, jv16, easy cleaner, & reg mechanic, but have not found one that is as good as Ccleaner-& also Advanced System Care. I bought the Pro version of Advanced System Care but it did nothing more that just operate in auto at your own discretion. I’ll stick with Ccleaner & the free Vs. of Adv. System Care. Never had to reformat using these as my arsenal. Kaspersky & Mal-ware bytes does the rest. never a problem with the Reg. or malware. If it works for you then stay with it but if you use any Reg. or Junk cleaner to much you’ll in general have some type of Problem with a certain Program. Also stopped using PC Pitstop Optimize & PC Matic because using both of these after each other, they find something different mainly such as resetting the internet connection files, this tells me there own Products seem to disagree with each other. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I have my proof.

  21. While I agree with the premise, I have yet to find a registry cleaner that works as advertised, I am also inclined to agree with most of the posters here. The difference being, most of the posters here know what they are doing and know what to look for (for the most part)when using customized registry cleaners, whereas the average user just wants to install a “cleaner” and hit a button and let it do it’s thing, trusting it will always work (normally the best you can hope for is it doesn’t make it worse). After 15 years in the field I can tell you that pay for pray registry cleaners are just money pits, and the free ones are at best a means of sweeping the issues under the proverbial rug. That being said, I do use CCleaner at work to troubleshoot some systems if I am stretched for time. Then after running the registry cleaner, although I don’t see a difference, the user usually does, and then is happy the “IT” guy stopped by and they go on their merry way, until a more serious issue comes up. I don’t bother at home on any of my PC’s and usually reimage both laptops and desktops every 4 months (excluding my Win 2008 server). I find that to be the easiest way to keep fresh on security items, routing protocols, and a clean registry. It has the added benefit of giving a me a “brand new” PC every time I do it. The way I figure it there are no custom settings I need to keep if I can’t remember them when I do a reimage, but I also realize most people do not want to have to remember customizations. But I am also paranoid enough to normally only run the Internet through a bootable USB drive, with a hidden proxy, so who am I kidding. I also don’t expect the average user to do this, they want to set it and forget it, which is the mentality that propagates malware, spyware, crapware, viruses, you name it. But it keeps bringing me a paycheck so whatever, to each their own, and the PCMatic plug at the end was totally disingenuous.

  22. Have been using Pareto Logic’s Reg Cure with no problems. However I can’t swear its not just a placebo. Recently tried limited version of FileFix(?) It removed one or more .dlls, a .adm and .chm and God knows what else. Now can’t open IE or install IE8 !!
    At least can open Firefox and Safari.
    To Kim Komando.. HELP

  23. Ccleaner, and Tune Up Utilities. Never a problem. Jim’s republican slam proved he was a logical person capable of thinking for himself.

  24. Well, I’m gonna pile on the heap too. Yeah, this isn’t really an article is just an advert behind a very thion veil.

    Registry cleaners arn’t needed? because the software is much better. Sounds like the same guys who tell you cleaning a hard drive isn’t needed these days because the drives are larger and better. Sounds like all the use car salesmen are in the PC business.

    I clean and defrag weekly and I can notice a performance difference before and after. In fact, I do it more fequently at work where I more heavily use my computer and the internet. Sometimes I can tell the difference after just one day of not cleaning. I built all my own machines, even the one at work so I have no bloatware or other unwanted/needed crap. Good maintenance = good computing experience. Yeah, you need faster hardware, but I’ve got a 10 year old XP Dell in the basement to prove an older, out dated machine, well cared for is strill better than one with “faster” hardware that isn’t.

    My choices: Optimize, CCleaner, Auslogics. Years of use have given me (almost) total confidence.

  25. Thank you for all the comments. I expected this would be a topic with a lot of feedback.

    What I may not have made clear is that I’m talking about “deep” registry cleaners. Programs which “only” clean the registry.

    It’s really a matter of degree. Some programs are concerned with the number of entries that are removed. The large number of removals is meant to impress you and doesn’t necessairly have a beneficial impact on your system.

    I did change my statement, “Show me a system with a registry cleaner and I’ll show you an unstabe system, to read, Show me a system with a deep registry cleaner and I’ll show you an unstable system”. I agree that this was over stated. The cleaners that remove too many entries are the problem.

    Last buy not least, I need to tell you that yes, I think highly of PC Matic. I work for PC Pitstop and we make PC Matic. All of us are concerned with making it the best product possible. We’re proud of what PC Matic can do.

    I also recommend products that are not made by PC Pitstop. I recommend what I use and have experience with. I recommend what I think will give you the best results. I bet if you look at my past articles you’ll see I’ve recommended CCleaner too. I recommend what I think is good, even if we make it.


  26. It is fitting that a picture of a snake-oil salesman graces this article.

    I want to like PCTools. I really do.

    I started with them at or near the beginning and I keep coming back.

    More precisely, I keep wanting to believe my last interaction with them was an outlier, that my prior experience should not keep me away from such obviously good people.

    Every time I come, I get an arm-twist in the tradition of the snake-oil salesman. Once I bought a system cleaner, a one-shot-no-need-for-many-programs-this’ll-do-it-all program. I was quite surprised when I first contacted technical assistance and was told quite plainly that this program only did one part of cleaning my system, but that it does this part better than anyone else.

    Thing about snake-oil salesmen is this:

    Once upon a time anybody could put up a billboard on the side of a wagon, make himself a “Doctor with eminent credentials,” and sell his medicine at every small town along the way. Some even hired a down-and-out “savage injun” who was now 148 years old and in great shape! The very good ones could travel with a pretty girl as assistant. Hey guys, would a pretty girl ever lie to you?

    There was no internet, not even good mail coverage. No way at all to check out this medicine.

    There was nothing technically illegal about what they were doing.

    The “snake-oil” industry didn’t clean up their act, so the relentlessly growing pile of complaints accumulated in the offices of people who had been elected by the authors of those letters. Congress did act. It was a sledge hammer response, great evidence of “cleaning up our towns” and “promoting family values” and even, for some, evidence of their support for temperance legislation.

    Folks, computer advertising has been playing this same game. If things don’t change we will end up with a computer version of the Food and Drug Administration. Wherever you can, push towards straightforward, plain and understandable language when you are plugging some computer product.

    No one likes the FDA. . .

  27. I don't use them- need more info

    Well, I’ve never personally had a problem with registry cleaners, but I recently stopped using them. I have heard they usually cause more problems then they fix, and not just from people trying to hawk their own programs.

    I’m going to play is safe, until I get the real facts. Saying “I’ve used CCleaner (or whatever else) for years and never had a problem!” Or, “I used such and such a program and now my computer is running faster than ever!” Just isn’t good enough. I want some hard evidence.

    It would be helpful for someone to make a backup of the registry before using it, and see what keys it removed. Then, see exactly what they control/are about. So, if the scanner did it fact trash your hard drive and removed the entries for your printer or scanner, or make your system unbootable, we could judge it on that- seeing exactly what it took out that it wasn’t supposed to.

    Why is it some of these registry scanners, can detect hundreds of problems on a CLEAN, yes CLEAN install of a Microsoft OS? Yes, one that includes just the operating system only, no other programs have been added or removed. Just the OS, and what the OS comes with. And, not all the other programs that are bundled usually when you buy a named system, like an IBM, Dell or HP computer. That makes no sense at all.

  28. Sure, the author is only marketing his dream product. Well i must say he must use Ccleaner, instead of his own product. And how come PC pitstop allowed him to write this article for them. Are they also involved in this crap?

  29. I agree with the author, although I have used Ccleaner and it is a great one, I also tried several and there are things removed that at some later date (perhaps 6 months down the road) that start giving trouble. You may not see it in the beginning if there is a program you do not use often. I have had to download programs to put back the right icons for MSI files or some open with programs or the stand alone icon which was removed from a windows program, I don’t know everything that should be removed but I don’t really trust any cleaner, I am glad that there is a restore feature in Ccleaner. But I use ccleaner with great care, if I don’t know what it is I don’t remove it. But my experience is that there are problems with cleaners and there is good advice about the things to remove from your PC. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. I am speaking form experience.

  30. I have used CCleaner also for years, and along with the other 98% of commenters it works great, and causes no ills.
    Must of the time the information here is worth the read; this is no more than a plea for business… too bad.

  31. I’ve used PcMatic and though it hasn’t caused problems, I don’t like that it doesn’t give me the option to choose what to delete and what not. It’s an all or nothing type of cleaner. In past experience using other registry “cleaner” by letting the program choose, it deleted portion that was part of an installed program. I ended up having to reinstall the program.

    Since then I use Ccleaner. I like its clean and easy to use interface, without bloated options and it cleans what it needs to. I’ve been using it for a few years now and I recommend it to all my friends, specially those who are in the habit of never cleaning their temp files and such.

  32. Concurring with the general feeling above – yep, an ad unconvincingly posing as public information.

    CCleaner, AML and Eusing are just 3 free progs significantly contributing to my having virtually zero problems, and certainly no trips to tech shops, since installing and using for years. They are worthy of your donations.

    Nothing wrong with making money off your labours, but please, don’t go about it in such an underhanded manner.

  33. Problem with PC Pitstop is that you cannot pick and choose your fixes…it’s all or nothing. Unfortunately, it likes to shut off Creative Audio Service, which ensures on a reboot that I have no sound! I have to go into my start menu, and type in the run box services.msc to find the creative programs and change them back to Auto. This product sucks and I will not be renewing.

  34. Although i have never used PC Matic i’m sure it’s a great reg cleaner. I have used CCleaner for years without problems but it works very much on the safe side.

    I have tried many like Glary Utilities, Diskmax, Advanced System Care, Uniblue and the list goes on.

    I have never trashed my systems with any of them.

    I have settled on CCleaner and Iobit Advanced System Care and occasionally Diskmax.

    My systems run fast and crisp as when Windows was just installed.

  35. quote directly from the article : “But now things are different. Todays registries are much more refined and operating systems are much better than in the days of Windows 95.”

    And btw , i used for God knows how many years cause im a REAL technician not just someone working for a company trying to sell their crappy software and not worrying about the stupid statments i could make in front of other real techs
    and i did not never needeed them in the days of old win 95 and even win 98 and even the old school win 3.11 wich should have never died ….but when all the GOOD OPERATING SYSTEMS STARTED TO APPEAR the wonderful XP WIN2000 and lets not forget the real oscar winners like MILLENIUM VISTA AND THEIR ULTIMATE BEAUTY SEVEN the need for registry tools became ordinary common
    you idiots

  36. I will say this, I do computer repair, although I am not a certified tech, and have been using regsiry cleaners for years, and they can be quite dangerous if not used properly. One of my worst experiences ever was with Uniblue, about 2 years ago, it crashed a system so bad I had to completely wipe tyhe hard drive and start from scratch, it absolutlery destroyed the system. The next worse experience was with a Symantec product, but I have also had great success with Cc, ,and Glarysoft, which is another free product !! I happen to like the PcMatic program as well !!

  37. Nice try with the scare tactics in this ad. What’s even better is that
    This has turned into a CCleaner rally! Go get the free CCleaner and
    Be done with it.

    Next will be an ad for virusmatic. A free scan that loads a bunch of
    False viruses and then asks you to pay to remove them.
    Sick of the cons.

  38. I have (make that HAD) several registry cleaners installed. As the article points out, each one found somthing different to change. Re-running the same RegClean program after running a couple of others would still find somthing it wanted to change. Last week I hads the ultimate disaster – computer wouldn’t boot. Tried everything – even an online help service. They couldn’t fix it. To their credit there was no charge cince they couldn’t fix it. Took it in to my local computer shop. Again no luck despite running XP repair disk etc. Bottom line – had to reinstall the op system. Opted for Win 7, a chip upgrade, a memory up grade (to 2G), a new hard drive (old one was 5 years old and “noisy”). Luckily I had all my data stored ona separate parition so it was safe. Retrived it all. But have to reinstall all my software. Bit of a pain. Not going to use any reg cleaners for the time being. I’m considering CCleaner since it seems to get good reviews and is free. Ran the free scan from PCMatic. Of course it found some errors. The price of $50 per year seems a little steep.

    As one of the previous posts points out, the article is somewhat self-serving. The author advises against reistry cleaners (and my experience supports that) but on the other hand they want to sell you a rather expensive utility that seems to do the same thing.

    My advice – be careful.

  39. William Ralph Robinson

    That’s it PC Pitstop has lost its credibility with this “advert”

    I don’t trust it anymore to tell the truth

    There is nothing free better than CCleaner. Of course keeping the registry smaller will speed boot up – That’s logic

  40. I been going to PC Pitstop for years.I had Win3.1 upgraded to Win95 the day it was out. Well the next day I was at PC Pitstop. And been going there ever scence. to run there full PC scan. Its help me fix alot of my friends PC’s. Well over 3 or 400 maybe 500. Never used CCleaner. I use Pest Patrol and ParetoLogic for pesty programs. And have never used a Reg cleaner but a few times. As I have had mostly bad expirance with them. But When I do I use Norton oneclickfix (I think thats the name)I have never paid for any of there software. (PC Pitstop’s) Or needed to. Free software (and free porn lol) was what the internet was all about. Atleast PC Pitstop dont start runing a fake scan and get you to click on a link that takes your PC to HELL and back. There just makeing a liveing.

  41. Jim F. said “trying to sell you his PCMatic program by scaring you (must be a Republican)”

    Would not this be more the democrat view point; “you cannot do it so I must do it for you” view.

    I been using Norton for years [and ccleaner a couple of years back] and its worked great and saved me a number of times over the years.

  42. To clean my register, I use PCMatic in addition to Widows Live OneCare Safty Scanner alternately twice a month.I never had any problem with both register cleaners.

    I was wondering if there is a conflict if I use bothe program to clean my registers.

    Regards, Joe

  43. I thought that I was reading a valid, independent study of registry cleaners, such as “Top Ten Reviews”. Then when I got to the part “PC Matic”, I had to comment. It screwed up my registry. I have been using CCleaner and Tune-Up Utilities on my pc for years and they’ve never caused me one problem. Remember that line “you had me at hello?”. Well they had me until they wrote “PC Matic”. The same as how Vipre caused me to re-install my Windows 7 operating system and now I use BitDefender. I know, to each his own, and mine is CCleaner and TuneUp Utilites.

  44. Seriously, I use jv16, which is very good; but, I also have Iobit’s Advanced system care, which includes a reg. cleaner, and really would recommend it.

    OTOH, CCleaner is free and it works. Whatever. If you have something that works, don’t use anything else (like I did, but at least I did my homework first). If you don’t, use one of these that so many people recommend. That’s the key–MANY people recommend it….not one advertisement, one relative, one idiot, etc.

  45. you guys responding, are all correct, but are ignoring the other values here in lieu of trashing the advert, obviously to me you are the wrong intended audience. i’ve always followed the other advice in this article & then some, probably most of you have too, w/ great success, ever been called a miracle worker for simply running win’s native drive clean up & msconfig to recover a really doggy pc?… thot so… so point is to me this article was intended for the newbs of the whirled, didn’t ya get the context people?
    how did ya get here in the first place.
    btw i haven’t seen anybody recommend Advanced System Care from, does a good general system swab like pcmatic, but it’s free version (limited) lasts forever!
    what i always liked about these guys from way back when i was first cutting my teeth on these things, is their free performance evaluation tools, i never minded them trying to sell their other stuff in the process.
    still a big fan of their services if not their software, willing to cut them some slack for the add mixed into the constructive advice, will keep reading.

  46. I’ve read all the posts and not one agrees with the article … huh? I’ve used Registry Mechanic for years and it has worked well most the time. occasionally it hasn’t helped a system that was really out of order, but, for the most part it has served me well in avoiding the dreaded reformat and reinstall. I just recently have been trying Uniblue’s PowerSuite which has Registry Booster, SpeedUpMyPC, and a driver updater. In the short while I have used it on one of my computers, I am somewhat impressed. Will see after time.

    But, overall, the article does seem to be an advertisement, not an article as it’s presented. PCPitstop dissappoints me that it has tacked this way.

  47. No wonder this newsletter got caught by my spam filter! Yes, there are registry cleaners that “overdo” their job and delete needed entries, but there IS a performance gain to be had from registry cleaning. Also, it’s like keeping your house clean; I don’t like to look in the registry and find references to programs I uninstalled ages ago. Why are they there? It’s like they came to visit, went back home and left their undies!

  48. I’m going on 30 or more years now and remember how slow the pc got,
    use a cleaner, your pc will love you for it.

  49. Been using CCleaner for god knows how many years nether a problem, I think you should retract your statement with respects to this great Reg Cleaner.

  50. They are just trying to their products, CCleaner works fine and even backs up your system if it should actualy delete a good file. But i am sure some reg cleaners are junk.

  51. I have noticed myself that a lot of the PC Pitstop articles are basically sales pitches for their software. “Don’t use these other virus scanners, registry cleaners, firewalls, junk file cleaners etc… cause they will mess up your system, use ours.”

    Now sometimes they do come up with some useful info but it always ends with, “Buy our software to fix all your problems.” So honestly whats the difference between them and all the other software manufacturers out there that promise the same thing?

    I will continue to run CCleaner and it will continue to make my friends and family’s computers perform better when it finds 200+ invalid registry entries and cleans them because, lets face it, some people don’t take care of their computers and just expect them to always work.

    Also regardless of what you say I can not see how having multiple invalid entries in your registry could ever be good for your computer.

    P.S. – CCleaner is a FREE program that I didn’t have to shell out $50 a YEAR on.

  52. I’ve been using Max Registry Cleaner for years, and I swear by it. I’ve never had any problems using it; ever! I’m not familiar with some of the other cleaners that are mentioned here, so I can not compare, but I do believe some sort of cleaner should be used. I don’t know whether or not it “speeds things up” or not, but I especially use it after removing any programs from the computer, and after extended usage of the computer.

  53. CCleaner (FREE) is a proven registry cleaning tools and the majority agree through time-tested usage. I bought PC Matic and will not renew unless it undergoes some major changes (so far, worst PC Pitstop investment I’ve yet to make). It simply does not work well with Vista. For Mal-ware and virus Malwarebytes (FREE) also works very well. I use Optimize3 with great success and will renew. Let’s face it, this article’s Registry “buy-line” grabbed immediate attention but after reading becomes painfully obvious it’s only a sales pitch for PC Matic. (…are sales and renewals for this product down?)

  54. Perhaps if you are a PC expert, you can make it through a lot of little problems. I, however, am a doofus and have learned from bitter experience that the article is true. At least from my prospective. I just re-installed XP two weeks ago because of a reg cleaner. GO CARBONITE! YEAH, BABY! I’m glad to know reg cleaning is not necessary from XP forward. I wondered why no matter how much I cleaned the machine kept getting slower. Now I know. Thanks for a very informative article. John

  55. I’ve also used CCleaner for years, and others for about 20 years! Stop trying to sell PC Matic and give some real advice!

  56. Credibility of this writer is HIGHLY suspect, and by extension, of this website is seriously compromised.

    The “Buy PCMATIC” pitch …… is most likely the ONLY purpose behind it. An insult to readers’ intelligence…!!

  57. I’ve used Advanced System Care for several years, both the Free and Pro versions, it’s a one stop shop programme and does everything I expect it to do including a reg cleaner. I’ve installed it on numerous computers for friends and never had a single problem.

  58. CCleaner is safe by test, but as Shogan says in the Pit Blog, there are registry cleaners out there that WILL destroy your OS or render some of your programs useless.
    TechRepublic has said that there is not an iota of evidence that “cleaning” your registry will improve your PC’s performance. Get rid of the post-purchase crap by all means, then leave well alone. I just wish some geek would have the last word on this matter. The only registry cleaners I have used over the years with absolute safety are CCleaner and Registry Booster 2, but I have had to format and reinstall a few times after using others. BallyIrish

  59. I had actually thought this was an article, useful information, and a needed warning about something dangerous, until it turned into a cheap Ad. I could have saved all that time. I’ve been using the Eusing Free registry cleaner for a few years now with great success and not problems, and it always makes a back up first, just in case. Tried the Ausilogics free version defrag, does a lot more than the one that windows, XP, comes with, plus I like the graphics, lets you see what is going on; the one comes with Win 7 has the worst graphic ever. . I have had great luck with the freeware and shareware over the years and lots of trouble with fancy pay a lot for ones, to which I attribute two main things, one has way better better programmers, and the other has really lousy instruction manuals and program controls, and the code isn’t always that great either.
    This ?article? should have had This is really an Ad a the top in big letters.

  60. Kmon,you miss some others good registry cleaners
    ccleaner is a must have,and is free, and what about tune up utilities? a good resource to speed up pc systems and registry cleaner, iolo system mechanic is another very good soft to do that in only one step,those 2 softs are by paid a year suscription,,a better way is to do it your self by knowing what to do manually into the registry.
    there are many softs to clean up registry and speed up pc system
    completly free as ccleaner and some more, it is not necessary to pay for that

  61. I have used a combination of Cc Cleaner & Glary utilities on all of our computers for some years now, and there have been no ill effects. I did this on the advice of a friend who builds computer systems and he swaers by the combination of these two.

  62. I would have to say (in response to Jim F) it is a liberal ploy. Create a problem, the article, and provide a solution, the PCMatic.

    So, to fix the bloat, add bloat. (over simplified)

    There are tons of free software out there that will do the job. PCPitstop used to do it. I used to recommend them. I don’t fault them for expanding but the free scanner and fixes they had were invaluable for noobs, it got them to grow up in the pc world and become responsible pc users instead of repair software addicts.

    It’s funny how the ‘good old days’ in the e-world are within a decade of time. What will we be discussing in the next decade of pc problems and fixes?

  63. So why does PCpitstop send us this crap if it isn’t true? Then they let you guys run down what they sayright here in their ad newletter… I am cofused. Think I will get rid of it!

  64. We use Ace Utilities and Registry Booster to clean the registry in every computer in our place of business every Friday afternoon without incident, EVER. All 8 of them.

  65. I am running XP Pro and have used CCleaner, Reg Cure & Ashampoo WinOptimizer for a number of years. Every couple of months I will clean out the system. A couple of days later I will clean the registry (after backing it up) and I have never had a problem. It has increased the speed of my computer so the above article makes me scratch my head in dis-belief.

  66. I often wonder why companies bad mouth a competing product and boast about theirs. CCleaner® is, was, and always will be free. It gives you the option to keep a backup copy of your registry. I’ve also been using it for many many years with one hitch.


  67. PC pit used to be fine till they went the way of all things and began charging for all of thier services. NOW…they seem to be just another site pushing what THEY claim to be the best.

  68. I have used multiple reg cleaners on 3 computers with out any problem. My oldest computer still running is a dell 4200, 10 years old… The reg cleaners I use are Ccleaner, Reg Mechanic and Tune up Utilities. The only statement in this article I agree with is they all find different things. I haven’t had a problem with using any of these programs. And if there is a problem they all create a restore point.

  69. I have PC Matic and have been relatively happy with it. Like some others, I don’t appreciate the need to reboot each time I use it. I also have and use Registry Mechanic and CCleaner and have never had a problem with either. Probably don’t need both but they seem to work well together. PCMatic is one of two secondary anti-malware programs I use about every two weeks in addition to my primary which is Spyware Doctor. The other is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This combination has kept me clean for over three years. PCMatic is the newest addition (four months) and is still on probation.

  70. I use both PCMatic and CCleaner. Have used CCleaner for much longer. Usually I run one of them one time, and the other one the next time, but often I run them one after the other. Each always cleans something the other one misses.

  71. whats wrong with being a republican. we aren’t any dumber than you apple guy’s. i agree i have been using cc cleaner and registry mechabic for several years with no problems. i found using the free programs from major geeks work fine for system stability and security using them in a manner where they are turned on and used independently to correct problems and then shutting them back down and just leaving some basic antivirus and fire wall programs running have kept my systems safe and running very well for many years. i found that using several different programs this way is this best way to go no program is totally up todate with the viruses and malware rotating them in and out solves that problem.Pc matic does the same thing as the other oroviders do the carrot and the stick try it for free but you have to buy to get a complete repair but i want the whole repair to see what the end result is and am to cheap to fork out the money when i can’t see what it can realy do. Registry Mechanic youed to give you a free introductery rpogram that was totally functional for a trail period and that is why i still buy it when my budget says i can. but primarily i used the programs at major geeks and file hippo. they are safe and they work and free!!!!!!

  72. I work in IT, and I have kept all apps by Piriform on my Thumbdrive for years now – Ccleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, ALL work flawlessly! I have never had one incident result by using any of them over the years in hundreds of situations.

    Piriform has won awards and a mountain of glowing reviews, as well as being endorsed by Microsoft – this without any bundling deals for their products which are STILL free.

    PCPitstop (and many like it) make a habit of slagging everything else while offering lackluster (at best) paid apps at every opportunity. Well, no thanks – I’ll not only not use (even for sake of review) any of their products again, I will be sure to deflect as many clients, customers, and friends away from them as I have opportunity to.

  73. I’ve used JV 16 Power Tools since it used to be a free program. I always make a System Restore Point and I use Acronis True Image to make an image of my Drive C: before using the registry cleaner. I’ve also used CCleaner but prefer JV 16 Power Tools.
    You do have to look at what it is removing, and if you see an entry for a program you’ve uninstalled, that is safe to delete.
    On my old computer, it is a Compaq Windows XP install, and had so much crap ware installed. Norton Trial, Office Trial, Wild Tangent games Trial and on and on. I used JV 16 PT to clean the registry and found over 2000 entries for uninstalled software.
    Just make sure you use System Restore, and backup drive C: Windows first. If it should crash, you have something to fall back to.

  74. Iv been working and repairing pc for over 22 years and ccleaner is the best way to go it will do all you need to clean your registry it keeps the top layer of the registry clean,it is not a deep deep registery cleaner but will do well for most of us….

  75. All I can say is that I have used JV16 Power Tools for many years – with no problems. It has many valuable tools & is worth the $$. You also have several options as to how thorough you want the registry scan to be.

  76. Can’t speak for PCMatic, however this is a me too for CCleaner as well as PCPitstop Optimize3 on both XP Pro as well as Windows 7 Ultimate.

  77. You would say that, wouldn’t you …

    Having used several different Registry cleaners for years, free versions and PRO versions, without ever having had a problem … luckily, they all have a ‘RESTORE’ option.

  78. I have never read such a load of cock and bull in my life. Not even subtle about trying to scare you into buying a program that is not required. CCleaner rocks….and it is totally free..pcmatic my rrrrrrrs…

  79. Your article warns the reader regarding the perils of using a registry cleaner and then promotes the use of your own product, PC Matic. Not a strong argument – either you’re for or against, not a self promoting fence sitter.

    Personally, I’ve used Registry Mechanic for years with good results. Additionally, most of the responses regarding your article list various registry cleaners with acceptable results. Unfortunately, your article is reduced to a simple sales pitch for PC Matic. Too bad.

  80. If the Windows Registry never needs cleaned, why does Microsoft’s
    Live Scan clean the registry?
    PCMatic updated my sound to drivers that did not work several times. I had to keep rolling back the drivers till I stopped it
    from updating drivers. It also changes internet settings that
    Optimizer3 changes back so which is correct?

  81. THis is not an article its a sales pitch, this is why this site is so bad it just tries to scare an sell you stuff to make money for the sake of it. Im unsubscribing from this rubbish

  82. I’ve been using the registry cleaner feature in System Mechanic for years. I use it about once a month and have absolutely no problem with it. CCleaner is also good, although I’ve only used it a few times.

  83. As a non-geek, I use Norton 360 as my general utility program, including registry clean-up, anti-virus, clean-up, etc. Never had any problem so it works for me.

  84. Jim F. left a post that was a good advertisement for CCleaner, but when he added the Republican slam, he lost all credibility!

  85. Dear shogan,

    Your article becomes misleading by stating,”Show me a system with a registry cleaner and I’ll show you an unstable system”. Your use of “unstable” is a vague term that is more often than not affiliated with overclocking. For example, My system is overclocked and is stable after 24 hours of Prime 95 and I regularly use CCleaner’s registry editor. Is my system unstable? I would argue no and show you my Prime 95 results. According to your article, you on the other hand would argue yes because I use CCleaner. But here is my rebuttal, how do you prove instability or stability of an OS? Your article does not have an answer, which is necessary to support your statement, “Show me a system with a registry cleaner and I’ll show you an unstable system”. Since this statement is unsupported, it is therefore an invalid claim and is misleading to readers because it causes them to have no faith in a registry cleaner.

    Please, next time support your conclusions.

  86. This is the biggest bullshit ever.Every day there is one more bullshit artist born in this world.We have been using RegSeeker for ages and it improve the computer speed every time.That Brainless maniac must be working or making this crap PC Matic.

  87. In a week moment I used a registry cleaner. No, I do not recomend most registry cleaners. I had to completly erase my Hard Drive and reload the operating system and any needed software. talk about a real pain. now at one time PC Pitstop was not even compatible with windows 7. I think that has changed some, but one must be careful. you see, it is,sometimes, all too easy to damage a computers OS.

  88. I agree … with reservations … with your philosophy …. but have found on many occasions that removing the ‘bloat’ , as you suggest , leaves many registry entries that point to non-existent ( now deleted ) files …

    I do regularly use a registry cleaner .. with no ill effect .. ( but I also run ERUNT .. so , in case of misadventure … I can use a registry backup … )
    However … that cleaner does a scan to attempt to find where the ‘orphaned’ registry ‘should’ point .. and offers alternatives …
    Try shifting some data files in Windows Explorer … and see what a registry cleaner finds … ( particularly in MRU entries ) .. and you’ll see what I mean …
    I have had cleaners that don’t hunt for where the referenced file now is , cause instability … so my advice is only use a registry cleaner that scans for corrections …

  89. I’ve been using an Avanquest product for a registry cleaner, never had any problems. I used PC Pitstop and never saw any difference in the computers performace. Even after I uninstalled. Why would I think PC Matic would do what is claimed? Waste of money.

  90. I’ll add my support for CCleaner as well. I’ve also used EasyCleaner, but have to check everything it finds, since I’ve had some nasty results leaving it to its own devices. I will also add that neither of them seem to add any noticeable improvement to computer performance, even if they find tons of stuff to eliminate. Before I use either one, however, I make a full image backup of my computer, so I can get it back if the cleaners screw up. I’ve had to use the backups more than once, so I’m beginning to feel that one is better off leaving well enough alone, unless the knowledge that there is some junk on your machine drives you nuts.

  91. Fred – Elaborate or stop whining, or stop watching late night TV after eating sliders & a sixpack,heartburn affects your attitude.

    I use PC-matic and am very pleased with it. I have used PC pitsop products for years & have been very pleased with the results & I recommend them to clients. Must be operater trouble…..

    An Ubergeek.

  92. It would have been useful if the alternative argument was argued, i.e. what is the effect of leaving a registry cluttered with obsolete entries.

  93. I use PC Matic, But it doesn’t speed things up for me. I hate having to reboot every time I use it, which is usually once a week when I’m home. I also have it on my mobile computer. The problem is something is wrong with my computer and I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. After I use PC Matic my computer doesn’t want to play any more. It gets stick, hangs up locks up and is generally a pain in the butt.

  94. Seems like a very self serving article. Buy PC Matic!! I’ve used CCleaner for yrs also with ZERO problems. Below article, clk on Bob Rankin, his story is opposite of shogan’s.

  95. What I don’t like about PCMatic is that you can’t delete individual fixes that the program comes up with (at least I can’t find a way to do this). It’s all or nothing. In fact, I’ve decided to not renew my PCMatic subscription because of this. I’m sticking with a couple of other registry cleaners, including CCleaner.

  96. I agree with you that there are many reg. cleaners out there, and MANY are crap! Crap-Cleaner-[CCleaner]- has been around a long time and works perfectly. I also use AML,and have for many years, and yes with Vista and 7, they both work well. Must admit if you go and change settings on either, it can cause problems.
    Can appreciate you trying to sell your own, but there are many to choose from, that are FREE! Would suggest also that before using any, check with a knowledgeable person, first.


    P.S.-I also use one called Orphans remover, that looks for left over DLL files, which can give you error messages, it works well also. No one program can do it all.

  97. I use Revo Uninstaller for removing junk files, temp files, etc. It does a great job. I also use PC Pitstop Optimize 3.

  98. While I agree there are some Registry Cleaners that cause instability, Reg Cure has never caused me any grief in the last 5 years or so since I first installed it.

  99. Me too. Many years with CCleaner–since back when it was Crap Cleaner–with nothing but good results. Is it okay? It’s surely the most widely used cleaner. Why didn’t the article evaluate it? I’ve been using PC Pitstop that long as well, but PC Pitstop’s articles now largely promote its own commercial offers and fall down on the good advice. One more lousy article like this and I’ll give up on it. It has turned into spam.

  100. Would like to know the source for “Most experts agree that in addition to being a huge risk there isn’t any gain in speed or performance with a deep registry cleaner.”
    I’ve used jv16 Power Tools and CCleaner for years, and have an extremely stable XP Pro system.

  101. The thing that reallly bugged me about pcmatic was the one year limit. Unless you are changing os you don’t need to upgrade. I have used Eusing FREE registry cleaner for years with no problems.

  102. Ditto for CCleaner, the author deserves a Nobel prize.

    Your article is off the mark. The steps you outline, which have basically remained unchanged for a decade, are exactly the sort of things that leave junk in the registry. That junk can cause other problem which are unmentioned. Advise caution, yes, but your spin is unwarranted.

    Taking too many aspirin can be dangerous too.

  103. The article may well contain good advice. That said, it would have had more credibility had there not been a sales pitch attached.

  104. I’ve been using CCleaner for years too. Never a problem. He’s just trying to sell you his PCMatic program by scaring you (must be a Republican) ….. its a really irritating scam, you download the program and run it and it tells you there are 15 bazillion things wrong with your PC and to click here to fix the problems… THEN you get the screen asking how you’d like to pay …

  105. I have been using CCleaner to clean up the registry for years now, and I haven’t had any problems.
    I’m sure there are other equally good applications too, but I go with what I know.

  106. Sorry, but some of the above is wrong. I have over 20 years pc experience the comment ‘Show me a system with a registry cleaner and I’ll show you an unstable system’ is frankly junk !

    I have run Ccleaner on loads of machines that are unstable (cleaning the reg) and it has never caused a system to crash. I usually improves them or leaves no worse off. That is on a ALL MS Operating systems.

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