Dodge Retort: Upgrading Mobile Phones – Prey to Traps


By John Dodge

Deciding when to upgrade your mobile phone is not automatic when you become discount eligible. Far from it. If you commit to the wrong phone, you’re stuck with it for 12 months unless you replace it at pay full price.

As Verizon customer support just told me, you have to “ride out the phone.”

That’s the case with Veriz0n, my provider. The phone I am eying is the HTC Droid Incredible which is $199.99 discounted for re-upping with Verizon for another two years. With no discount, it’s $529.99 which I doubt many are going to pay. Customers are conditioned to paying the discounted price.

But I don’t like getting locked into further two year commitments, which has prompted to me look at no-contract providers like metroPCS with its “all-in pricing, additional taxes and regulatory fees included, no contracts, and no hidden surprises.”

Sounds great, but….

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