Technologizer: Albatross Face-Off -Microsoft Bob v. the Apple Cube


By Harry McCracken

I promise we’ll stop commemorating the 15th anniversary of Microsoft Bob after today–and today is the anniversary of the app’s formal release–but bear with me for one last item. Bob’s great significance isn’t as a piece of software–it’s as an albatross around Microsoft’s corporate neck. Just about everyone who wants to take a swipe at a new Microsoft product finds it expedient to compare the item in question to Bob. And in that respect, it’s eerily similar to another product released five years later: Apple’s G4 Cube. Like Bob, the Cube was launched with immense fanfare but sold poorly and died after a year. And it, too, is an albatross–one that will live forever as the product people bring up when they want to predict that a new Apple offering is going to be a dud.

After the jump, a quick comparison of these unexpected soulmates, in the form of a T-Grid.

[This post is excerpted with Harry’s permission from his Technologizer blog.]

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3 thoughts on “Technologizer: Albatross Face-Off -Microsoft Bob v. the Apple Cube”

  1. I just bought a laptop and am finding it really hard to learn Win 8. Since MS (I guess) forced the change of BIOS, I can’t delete Win 8 and install Win 7 as I ha originally planned.

  2. I agree with Warren. It’s hard to judge something you have never used. I too am writing this on a PC however have had the pleasure of using a Mac. I have 3 PC’s at home. The Mac is far superior when it comes to graphical work. My next purchase will be a 15″ Notebook by Mac. Even though I sold my Acer Laptop when I bought my Motorola Droid!

  3. Warren Hancock

    The writer seems to have a dislike for apple. I use a standard PC at home but Apple at work. After all these years I have found Apple to be far superior to a Microsoft driven PC’s when it comes to movie editing or graphical work. I’m not knocking the Microsoft PC as I use it at home.

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