Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Pricing


Microsoft has released their pricing for Windows 7. For most users in the US, this breaks down to three important levels; retail, preorder promotion, and recent purchase upgrade. Click Microsoft to view the clip.

The recent purchase upgrade is no real deal for consumers because without it, desktop and laptop sales would grind to a halt. It’s not a consumer gift, it’s a demand by systems manufacturers to ensure survival.

The preorder promotional prices are about where they should be, but given that Microsoft has just reported no first quarter revenue growth, year to year, for the first time in 23 years, I have to wonder if better or continued discounts are in the future.

Given the current economic environment, a 10% reduction from Vista pricing doesn’t get me jigging with excitement. The 10% is basically what Microsoft is touting as their strategy.

Given today’s economic situation, I can’t see consumers rushing to spend $200.00 to $300.00+ just for an operating system. I’m thinking the Upgrade price is about where the Full version price should be. Funny, but that’s exactly what’s being offered for the EU, with the Windows7 E version. This version is missing Internet Explorer, as including it would violate EU anti trust laws. Under the guise of keeping deadlines, Microsoft is offering Windows 7E Full versions at Upgrade prices. What those prices are, seems to vary form source to source. What the heck, why not give everyone the “no browser” option? I can download my own free browser to get another hefty reduction.

Enough banter already. Check out the prices below. I’m torn between using the preorder options or stubbornly waiting to see what else comes along, like for Windows7 Ultimate.




Retail Full Upgrade
1. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
$199.99 $119.99 
2. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional $299.99 $199.99
3. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate $319.99  $219.99


Starting June 26th, 2009, purchase a systems with any of the versions below and get a free upgrade to an equivalent version of Windows 7.

Vista Home Premium FREE Window 7 Home Premium
Vista Business FREE Windows 7 Professional
Vista Ultimate FREE Windows 7 Ultimate


US, Canada,and Japan

June 26th – July 11th, 2009.
Preorder now through July 11th for delivery on October 22nd. Upgrade only @Participating Retailers

Version US Canada Japan
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium $49.99  $64.99 Y7,407
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional $99.99

$124.99 Y14,073

UK, France, and Germany will have similar preorder offering starting July1st, 2009.

There has been much press about the fact that the Preorder Promotion is for the Upgrade Version only. Yes, I know we can supposedly jump through hoops to do a clean install with an Upgrade version but…..

I also have to wonder about all the people using the Beta and RC1 release of Windows 7 Ultimate. What about something for the Ultimate users? What about OEM pricing? I think I’ll just wait for the clunk of the other shoe.




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117 thoughts on “Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Pricing”

  1. “Third, someone will bring up the game issue. Not relevant; buy an Xbox and get the hell out of the discussion.”

    Um Bill are you fukn kidding me an xbox over my gaming pc thats running 3-way sli (nividia 290s) and a 3.2ghz quad. I bought into the hype of direct x 10’s graphical superiority over version 9c and have vista for that reason alone. The first annoying thing I noticed was the stupid redundant confirmation pop ups when ever I wanted to install something which both pissed me off and belittled me. I solved that issue within hours of fresh install, by disabling those notifications. Also my use of vista I had plagued me with problems networking to LANs and random blue screens of death on hardware not even a weeks old in my desktop pc. Vista’s beginning was crap pure and simple. Luckily after the first patch it smoothed out many of those random instances though it still seemed to perform sluggish at times. I think MS should have postponed Vista’s launch instead of using the same tactic they have in the past with XP having used customers that bought into either win200 or NT as practical and convenient guinea pigs. I believe Vista is to win7 as Win NT or 2000 was to XP. Whats reallly sad is now that I have DX10 I still do not see many games implementing it over the widespread DX9 games and its been years I am still waiting for all games to at least support dx10. What even more messed up is DX11 is already in the works and will probably be the worm on the hook for another OS launch beyond win7 and force gamers to yet again upgrade to another OS. Yeah we gamers are unimportant (sarcasim)yet we go through upgrading of our personal computers to stay within spec more often (1-2 years) than some boring business and their junk ass office machines (3-4 years)and there are alot more gamers than boring office worker types.

    More rant for Bill
    I love how you cast aside gamers casually and think on them as irrelevant. Excuse me but how are games irrelevant When bill gates couldn’t ignore its vast seemingly boundless potential. Yeah I bet it really bothers the cut throat, paper pushing, will sell mom for a buck, and dick a friend for a percentage business types to know that the gaming industry is surpassing almost all other industries in fiscal growth. Games aren’t irrelevant and its not going anywhere thanks to the greed of business types to play up the hype and boost sales. Think twice before branding something irrelevant Bill as you don’t know even have a clue.

  2. OpenSource_Freak

    I really and honestly think that microsoft sucks.

    I much prefer DEBIAN LINUX.

    Shini microsoft!!!

    PS: shini means die or death in Japanese (Nihon-jin).

    Yes, I know romaji is evil.

  3. . . .and by the way, I love my USB Turntable that puts my thousands of vinyl albums and cassettes on my hard drive and MP3 player. I have no downloaded music from the internet with my dial-up, so I won’t go to jail. I use my Stereo VSH HQ deck to record music. It sounds warmer and richer with better bass than your artificial limited to numbers digital noise. try to hear some tape hiss! I have a Sony Digital-8 Handicam that takes stills. My old Compaq Presario 6000 with XP HOME, with the gig of RAM, Pentium 4, 6 USB ports, multi format reader, multi-format writer, floppy drive, has been through numerous ugly power failures and improper shutdowns, and has NEVER CRASHED on me. It is BULLET PROOF. They don’t make them like this anymore. I love Microsoft, their joystick, and their numerous flight simulators. With all this, who needs the internet?

  4. I have Windows XP Home with SP3 and all the updates, and I love it. My computer runs better and faster than these new Vista and Windows 7 mess. I have a separate multi-format reader and a writer with a floppy drive (Told if you have a floppy drive then its outdated). It runs at 2.4 mHZ and I pay 99 dollars for a year of dial up. I have a gig of RAM and I have not even used a quarter of my two 80-gig drives. I see nothing on the market to replace it. This is it. I will have this computer until I die. They can come out with all the expensive high-speed, wireless, too small to use or see crap they want, it gets no better than this for me.

  5. i see all kinds of comments about pricing. wether you pay and how much you choose to pay or not is YOUR business. do your own shopping.
    what i am NOT seeing is wether or not windows 7 is any better than vista…THAT’S what should determine who is or isnt being screwed.
    it sure is funny reading these comments when they contain so much anger and sarcasm. picture some foaming and drooling bug-eyed nut screaming at his keyboard and monitor. relax dudes and dudettes.

  6. Geeez with the Cost of Mac Hardware IMO it’s you peeps who should get your OSs Free lol.

    Macs are 2 – 2.5 times more expensive than an equally equipped PC/Laptop now that is more than Retarded, and you have the balls to give Windows users crap for spending money on an OS?

    sure ok

  7. And really I could careless if Mac is cheaper or Linux is free, I’m a Windows user and a gamer and will remain a Windows user, unlike some I have had no issues at all (except the ones I’ve caused Myself) with any Microsft product going back to Windows 3.11 and recently Vista 32 Bit, Currently on Windows 7 and I’m liking it. so I’m planning on getting it.

  8. After reading ALL of the above, I realise that I’m an average PC user. I hate M$ pricing, especially in Australia – and I’m glad I don’t live in UK. I hate things that don’t work [Vista on my base-level HP laptop]. I hate having to wait a few years for M$ software to actually work, after the early-adopters do their testing for them.
    I’ve been using PCs since DOS 2.1, and win since 3.11 [on a PC with 5mb ram]. In addition to the Vista laptop, I have a generic PC with Win XP Pro and an Acer with XP Home. Both the latter will run Firefox v3, but Vista has to have the now unsupported Firefox v2. Some programs force me to use IE, and that really gives me the proverbial!
    I’m with the writers who expect a FAULTY product [Vista] to be replaced freeee, or nearly so.
    What is in W7 for me, except to get my Vista-handicapped laptop to function as it should?

  9. LOL you Mac peeps make me laugh.

    your still paying 2 maybe 2.5 times more money for your hardware so really your not saving much if your OS is cheaper

  10. I was hoping to see better [lower] pre-order pricing for Windows 7 Ultimate as I have greatly enjoyed the 7 Beta and RC. However, I have decided to return to Vista Ultimate as it alyways worked well for me. I paid more for Ultimate given the promise about lots of EXTRAS. I just can’t afford the extra for Ultimate now.

  11. Ah, Apple announced that anyone who have Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) will get Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) for just $29.00. Compare that with Microsoft’s operation systems. =)

  12. For those of you waiting for the GoogleOS, remember it is for the NETBOOKS first. Not only that, but I’d like to see the EULA for the GoogleOS. How much information will Google want from its users for the “privilage” of useing the OS. After all, when u buy a “license” for an OS or any piece of software it is for the “privilage” of useing the software in accordince with the “terms and conditions” set forth in the EULA. Will the GoogleOS turn into one big peice of spyware for the guys back at the GooglePlex? Sure I’d like to see a really good, workable competor to MS. I’d just like to know what Google has instore for it’s users information. I’d also like to know how many people will actually care if Google uses its OS to spy on its users.

  13. Wow…my eyes are bleeding after reading all this. I use XP Prox64 and Vista Ultimate and after you tailor the OS to your specific needs,neither is really a bad OS. As to the price, I paid $129 for XP in 2001 and since then have gotten all my OS’s free from my local College.
    Microsoft should lower the price since they already control the world, at least the tech world. “Running Man” anyone?



  16. I have a couple of xp pro machines (which perfectly well) and a vista machine (business) which also works well but is a nightmare when trying to mess arround with the settings as I can with xp I managed to get an oem vista business disk off a mate to upgrade my xp media centre machine only to find out it won’t upgrade you hae to do a complete install Microsoft just won’t it all ways unless I get a volume licence version form workto try out I won’t be paying the redicuallsy priced windows 7 as currenly ther is nothing wrong with what I have got.

  17. I’ve tried every flavor of Linux out there and I keep coming back to Ubuntu 9.04, AMD64, Gnome and it works very well and employs a very good GUI. Still, the applications I want to run simply are not out there for Linux despite the best efforts of the dedicated, non-professional development people. I have also tried Windows virtual desktop within Ubuntu and the reliability is seriously lacking. So, as much as I’d like to get into Linux 100%, the things I want and need to do with my PC are just not there.

  18. I really liked and wanted to buy it but there is no driver for my sound card (internal) so that’s gonna hold me for a while and i really didn’t installed anything, but at least the CPU (Pentium 4 478) and ram worked charm (with vista was so slowly) while i was testing transferring files. Aero worked excellent for an Nvidia XFX Gforce 5200 256MB.

    So in resume, it seems Win7 really delivers the performance that was announced.

  19. I have looked at W7, I have it running in a virtualbox system on my Ubuntu Linux machine. I suggest that if you don’t like being screwed by Bill, load the live distro of Ubuntu Linux and find out what is there for free and realise what you are missing. More and more governments and universities are changing to Linux, with a wide choice of available browsers, don’t be afraid, go for it and leave Windows7 wher is belongs, on the shelf. If you have windows based programs to run, try using the Wine program, which is a Windows emulator.
    have fun

  20. I agree with Dan. Vista is a disaster so the upgrade should be free or command just a nominal price for all the extra ROM we’ve had to purchase and time spent fixing.
    If you think the USA price is high come here to South Africa we’ll be nailed second to none with outrageous pricing just because they can.
    Roll on Google Chrome OS.

  21. One additional observation: A lot of belly-aching is about dealing with the prices demanded by Microsoft for its “crumby-second-rate” software. I must ask: If the stuff is so bad and so expensive why is 90 percent plus of the worldwide PC market using MS software?
    Are those guys (and gals) at MS supposed to work for nothing? Isn’t MS deserved of a reasonable profit for its endeavors?
    I say to all the naysayers that criticize MS: Find something that works better and buy it. Until then reserve your bitter comments to a written page which can then be crumpled up and thrown into the bin.

  22. I tried W7 RC1 and it worked well for me; however, some of the XP applications I want to use didn’t do well on the “new” OS. The advent of XP Mode for W7 Professional and the half-price offer for the upgrade version (clean install for XP) tipped the scale for me and I pre-ordered a copy of W7 Pro at $99.99 from NewEgg.

  23. If you don’t like it, don’t use it simple as that. Plenty of versions of linux are free and user friendly, try one of those.

  24. I’m thinking that all the negative MS posters on here must be socialist democrats! It’s someone’s else’s fault not something you did incorrectly. Or is should work even if you don’t know what your doing. And you want yours for free!!!

    We just don’t see many problems with MS. I’ve got 9 machines in 3 different offices, (8 HP and 1 Dell) they all have MS XP or 2000. They are never shut off, they run 24 7 365. They will run months without even a reboot! I’m just impressed at how this stuff just runs and runs, not just the MS software but the hardware too, this stuff is almost bulletproof!!! 2 monitor’s, 1 hard drive, 3 or 4 mice, 4 or 5 printers, and 1 keyboard (as I recall) in 5 years. I’ve got the same luck at home, just no problems other than one’s I have caused.

    These machines aren’t used for any games, video or music, they are for business. They are on a LAN with access to the outside world. They all have good protection and it’s updated and ran daily on every machine. I think that’s part of our success, Protection is key and to know where your going and what your downloading…

    So I just don’t understand all this complaining about Microsoft OS being bad, I can’t help but think there’s some operator errors that is being blamed on the OS… We don’t have any Vista machines but I don’t see where we would have problems with that OS if we did.

  25. Oiy! Why did I even try to delude myself that there would be intelligent comments posted on this article?

    Look folks… NOBODY strong armed you into buying anything, not W95, W98, ME, XP, Vista… Not even your PC… The choice to spend of not to spend was entirely up to you. Just as the choice to RTFM or not is entirely up to you.

    So exactly WHY should you expect something for nothing? I have a solid XP install on a system that is… Wait for it… 7 Frigging years old! That’s right, I built it back when XP first came out, and while not a speed demon anymore its still solid as a rock.

    I also installed W7RC on this same dinosaur and guess what? It works! Amazing! Did I have any issues? Sure I had to figure out how to get a 7 year old sound card to work… Guess what? The original drivers for WXP work just fine… In fact better then they did in XP!

    Instead of whining and complaining about what you are not getting for free, why not invest some of that energy/time into picking up a Computer Hardware for Dummies book, learn how to build your own, so that you don’t get stuck with the crap components that are built into these retail PC’s? Its the crap components that have caused all your headaches and nightmares… Not the operating system you choose. You get what you pay for…Caveat Emptor…

    Buy a cheesy discount PC built with cheesy cheap components and you will get a cheesy PC that doesn’t play nice with ANY OS at some point in time.

    Me? I’m glad I skipped Vista, but then I waited till it had been out for awhile so I could see if it would be worth the upgrade… It wasn’t. I am Me… Not the Smiths or the Jones… So I don’t care that they have something I don’t!

    But Windows 7 is… $50 if you pre order it? WooHoo! I’ve already jumped on board…

    I now return you to your regular rants and whiners!!!

  26. hurry up google….we need you.
    i have vista ‘ultimate’….if this is the ultimate then i’ve been mugged.

  27. I have been using XP pro for about….well forever, lol ( had a machine with 3.11 then 95 then 98 on it). I recently DL’ed the RC of W7 and for the most part it was ok, I dont see the need to upgrade from XP anytime soon, still looks and feels like Vista to me and although they will stop selling the XP disk sometime next year they will still continue to support it until 2014-2015. By then maybe they will have a comparable OS to make it worth upgrading from.

  28. I am also second guessing myself with the pricing on the Windows 7 Pro, the price for the upgrade sounds fair by todays standards but the cost of the full version is just to high with the upgrade price of $99 plus uncle Sam sounds OK but the Full Version at $299 plus uncle Sam is just to steep for an operating system.
    I like to do a clean install after a complete format of the harddrive, at least I feel confortable in doing a system emergency recovery partition after all the updates of drivers and fix’s and of course all my secondary programs.
    The deal is, If I can do this with the upgrade that is great but if not it would be cost effective to stay with XP which has worked great for me for the past 8 years.
    I am not knocking Windows 7, I think that it works well if you have a computer with a strong processer, strong video card and over 3GB of memory.
    I installed Windows 7 on both my computers and even though it passed all but the Aero test it stated that it would function, my 2.4 with 3GB worked great but my 1.1 with 1024 of memory left alot to be desired, as far as windows 7 by itself OK, Do not use a virus program or add secondary programs because it will starve. This of course was for the 1.1 Atalon.
    Now is the price going to be right in the future. I don’t know if it right but the price is to high for the full Version but if the upgrade can be used for clean install then that price is right unless there are hidden things like missing drivers or something else.
    Thank you PC Pitstop for your time and for your intel.

  29. Michael Sprintz

    While I agree the price is somewhat steep, at least for the Professional and Ultimate versions. The Home Premium price is right in line when stacked up against the retail price of competing OSes( Mac OS X Leopard $199.99 ).

    Considering that most people are probably purchasing home premium the price is very affordable. In fact, while many are griping now they’ll still be in line like everyone else to purchase a copy.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the price discounted a little for Ultimate and Professional. I’m sure I’m not alone in that opinion, however that’s not really going to sway me to much in my opinion to buy Windows 7.

  30. As someone now (blissfully) retired from what we used to call IT, I think I see these things more clearly from the “typical user” viewpoint than I did before. I have always worked with a mixture of Mac OSs, Windows releases, even some Linux boxes. I was never in the least bit interested in the OS per se–only insofar as it made it difficult or easy to run the applications I needed to run. I would NEVER have bought Vista, except that I was sort of forced to (it came on a couple of laptops I purchased). And I will NEVER EVER forget that for the longest period of time, the version of Vista didn’t know where its third party device drivers were located! (I had a version where you couldn’t even attach an external USB device without going through a long sequence of “installation” steps, each time pointing the “Wizard” to its own device driver directory.) Is Windows 7 too expensive? For me, the question is this: is there ANY way I can escape the damned thing–at least until near the release of Windows 8, by which time Windows 7 might have started working decently.

  31. Hmm. Pricing… As with all Microsoft products = Way over the top.

    At a recent computer fair I received a free copy of Vista (that product has found it’s worth). Why rush into this? Maybe in 6 months I will enter a computer fair and receive a free copy of Windows 7 – After all, it may actually be a load of rubbish.

    I develop software and my boss says ‘Dont worry if our product is only 95% Microsoft always release products that are partially developed and get away with it’.

    I have a legit copy of XP Pro and it works fine for me, so whatever the price, I am in no rush to join the throngs to get W7.

    In my view, it would have actually made marketing sense for the Microsoft corporation to have allowed a free download to those with the Defective Vista OS. For once they would have been seen to correcting an error. But, let’s face it many will continue to pay and use without questioning.

    If my above statement had been a reality, then my free copy of Vista at the local PC fair would have been my free ticket to W7 too. LMAO

    And to all who believe Google will offer a suitable replacement OS – Look at the Google Chrome Browser = as bad as IE. I am using Opera and Firefox and would never again use a microsoft browser.

    Also, as I have a legit copy of XP Pro, I will be happy with that (especially when I see they want an arm, and a leg) to get a legit copy of W7. Which will no doubt bring with it many problems…

  32. I don’t know about others but I feel that Canadians are getting ripped off. The pricing difference between US and Canadian is 10-15% over the currency exchange rate. I call that predatory pricing.

  33. M$ pricing people surly must be on drugs.
    $120 for a upgrade and $200 for the full version (home premium).
    Somebody pinch me, I must be having a nightmare.

    I’m sorry people but I don’t see any added value. For now I’ll stick with linux (Fedora).
    It works and does everything I need it to do.

    Maybe when Sp 1 comes out and a fellow M$ buddy offers to buy me a copy from the company store will I consider upgrading. But for now I’ll stick with Vista for my development activities (Visual Studio) or for game compatibility.

  34. I have an Amstrad CPC464 and I’m still running DOS 6 with windows 3.1. It’s fab!!! I did have a Vista system but just to many problems so stuck with one that works!!!

  35. For ALL the grief MS has caused us and the world for so many years, thanks to their many lousy products They should be giving this one out for FREE instead of gouging everyone for so much more. And as to them not showing any growth for the first time, so what, they are still a bloated pig.
    10 years ago they were raking in a BILLION dollars a month in pure profit and had never paid a stock dividend add 10 years of more to that and the pig is really bloated, Plumped like those Foster Farm wanna be Chickens in the commercials. And why is it that if you don’t continually rake in more and more every quarter they all start talking about your failure and then doom and funerals?
    Anyone want to start taking bets, or start a pool, on when the first Windows 7 Vital security updates, and then service pack 1 or 2 will arrive?
    I’d buy an Apple Mac, and miss all the grief, if they weren’t so overpriced.

  36. I tried the upgrade when it was first released. I hated it. Then tried the full 7 ultimate, WOW. It was very fast, much lighter(Memory use) then Vista, and easy to use with no freeze, or blue screen. It is about time. I think MS should give it to Vista users to win them back.P.S. It increased my Pcpitstop score by 20%

  37. oh how I agree with Tom H!! I mistakenly bouth a machine from Dell and was lumbered with Vista which is the most childish intractable load of b*****ks I have ever come across. I made the huge mistake of getting Office 7 for my office machine and as a professional word proccessor it drove me INSANE to the point where I got my IT service Co to come and remove it.
    Buy something else from lot of MS idiots? I don’t think so.

  38. Sorry, but the prices are still too high. I purchased the full retail copy of Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 for $215.99 plus then paid another $10 to get the 64-bit disc. This was back on 04/08/2008. There is NO WAY I’m paying another $199.99 for an updated version of Vista.

    Microsoft has for years been exploiting it’s customer base. When will we say enough is enough already? Customers who have paid full price for retail versions of Vista should only have to pay a “nominal” fee at best. $50 for pre-ordering is still too high & ISN’T the FULL retail version of the software. It’s the UPGRADE version.

  39. I think anyone that bought a pc with windows vista should get a free copie. Don’t they recall other defective consumer products: tainted food,baby cribs,appliance that catch fire,cars whos brakes may fail or catch fire. Oh i guess it has to be a risk of death. Microsoft shoudn’t be able to get away with selling defective OS over and over just so they can make money. I say we start a class action Lawsuit ??

  40. You can garuntee in the UK these prices will be the same in pounds!!!

    No I won’t be buying into the great MS rip off and you can garuntee it will be full of bugs and issues and riddled with security issues to sting the uninitiated.

    unless it comes out at the upgrade price or the same as OEM not a chance.

    I have to say I recently bought a high end laptop for my son with vista on and in standard runining format it is crap slow to boot up difficult to navigate and uses too many resources.

    I’m due to get another I.T solution for the eldest I will have to look hard to aviod vista unfortunately most of the current hardware is configured round it so no benefit to backwards configuring to XP as things won’t work as well.

    Maybe I will have to wait and no doubt get ripped off in the hope W7 will be better! and buy OEM on build???

    Retail Full Upgrade
    1. W 7 Home Premium $199.99 $119.99
    2. W 7 Professional $299.99 $199.99
    3. W 7 Ultimate $319.99 $219.99.

    I have to say I dont feel guitly anymore getting ripped off software!and this is why!but then again MS encourages it thru various back door activities.

  41. Nice letter Eric, thanks.
    I have been using Vista Home Basic for a year now and find nothing wrong with it. I bought it installed on a $200 factory refurb machine. I keep it revitalized with Optimize 2.0 and it zips along on Office 2007. Browsing and writing are all I use it for, so any amount of hassle or money seems unreasonable. No, Its not worth it.

  42. From my current experiences with Win RC, I don’t think it is hugely overpriced…….I thought Vista was considering the dramas many people had getting it to run. My system is well over specced and I had many problems early on. So far I have had none with Win 7. Because of the ways I use my system, Linux or Mac is not an options for me. I just think based on my experiences that Win 7 is a much faster, more stable and more user friendly OS than Vista. If you’re happy with XP…..stick with it (my wife’s XP system is great), If you’re happy with Vista…..stick with it, if you’re happy with your Mac or Linux….stick with that. I’m happy enough to try an OS that in my personal experience does things better than the OS I have. But for God’s sake, stop branding anyone who wants to try Win 7 a moron.

  43. And for about half the price you could have gotten an equivalent (Specs) Laptop but that’s another topic all together lol.

    like alot of people have said, gettign the newest OS is optional, there’s nothing making you get it, if you can or can’t afford it then fine get it or don’t get it.

  44. I took the plunge into the Macworld last month by getting a Macbook Aluminum and am still getting used to it. There is NO WAY I will “upgrade” from either the XP or Vista(I have 2 pcs) to Windows7, no matter the price. 11 years of hassles are enough for me!

  45. Who cares if the price is right, the product sucks.

    Since MSFT liberated DOS 25 years ago they have done little to improve it beyond putting a GUI on it, lengthening the list of drivers it supports and bloating it up with crapware, without making it more stable, secure or faster (in fact, despite increasing microprocessor power, my two year old notebook takes longer to start up than the first system I bought in 1993).

    Re-releasing the same product with a new name is not the same as rethinking and re-engineering a substandard product. This is the seventh try, and they still have a mid-80s desktop OS. Ah, the benefits of a monopoly.

    Google’s newly announced Chrome OS promises to be the OS of the near future. Sure, Linux is still a niche product. But who’s behind it? Niche producers. Now we have a serious and deep pocketed producer starting with a stable and well vetted system.

    And Google’s strategy is marvelous – they announced the product after MSFT locked in specs, pricing and availability date. The coup was doing to MSFT what MSFT did to Netscape – cutting off their oxygen by offering the new product for free. MSFT is selling yesterday’s OS to the adopters, who will install another mediocre desk top MSFT OS before they go for the game changer, the OS built for the wired world.

    OK, so MSFT will continue to dominate corporate installs. I worked for IBM in the main frame era, when conventional wisdom was “You’ll never get fired for choosing IBM.” That’s where MSFT is today. But how long can the systems priesthood convince senior management to continue buying something they can get for nothing, particularly when their best customers are pestering them to get rid of Windows and Office?

  46. With the information given and what has been published about WIN 7, to me it is not a viable porduct, especially for the price. The addiditonal features are not what most people want or they don’t already have available. Microsoft had done it again. A new operating system that will be a problem for many users and not as good a EIN XP PRO by any strecch of the imagaination. VISTA was not as good as XP, in fact many people that I deal with have gone back to WIN XP PRO and will live with it – even without the Microsoft Support.

  47. Jerry in Detroit

    I believe Microsoft has lost touch with reality. Let’s be frank. Despite all the spin, 7 doesn’t do anything I absolutely have to have and the prices are stupid given the times.

  48. Not an M/S Fan-Boi

    I have been using the M/S Windows 7 Beta since last year, and the release candidante since earlier this spring – It is a MUCH more stable, streamlined and intelligent O/S than XP, or Vista – I have used it as I would any other operating system – Online gaming, First Person Shooters, Streaming video to my PS3, storing and ripping massive amounts of Video and audio, watching and recoding HDTV – Bottom line, Windows 7 is what Vista should have been – And personally, I don’t think Vista was that bad – I got a copy of Vista Ultimate from my College for $5.00 when it was first released and have used it since without too much in the way or problems .

    So. . .here is where I get a little angry with people who say Microsoft sucks – I can agree that they have a reputation for over-pricing, and making inferior products. . .and while I can sometimes agree that O/S are too expensive. . .the arguement that their O/S’s suck is plain B-S! My advice to anyone who has ALOT of problems with Vista – QUIT TYRING TO RUN IT ON A PENTIUM 4, WITH 1GB of RAM – and SOME OLD, CRAPPY DELL MOTHERBOARD! Get with the times!

    I would venture to say that a large majority of problems with peoples operating systems are due to the fact that the “operator” doesn’t have a clue about what they are doing! The go to websites they shouldn’t, click on links that they shouldn’t, and do not keep up on virus updates and windows releases.

    Further. . .for me. . .using anything other than a M/S operating system would be pointless. . .How many games are released for Apple? Linux? I’d say about 5% – JUST EVERY GAME WORTH PLAYING IS RELEASED FOR WINDOWS ONLY! And, if Apple was so damn good. . .why don’t more people use it? It is because we have all grown up on computers with M/S and we are familar with it – So. . .my advice – Figure out how your hardware and software works, understand it. . .and quit blaming your computer problems on Microsoft – Strangely, I never seem to have any!

  49. Someone earlier in this discussion mentioned that there had been a backdoor in Vista, making NSA and others being able to check out your comp. What about security and keeping things private when the OS is online? Would make it very easy to “creep into” the comp that way….. As it is today, with the OS locally installed on my comp, I choose when or if i want to go online, With an OS that IS online, i HAVE to connected to fire up the monster. Logges would be kept on my doings, no matter what i do. No, I prefer the local installation on my harddrive, with up-to-date drivers. And the possibility to go online if I want to do so.

  50. Most people don’t buy new cars just because there is a new one available either…..
    If your current OS is working fine, why bother doing all the work with backups and reainstalling? Don’t fix it (or get a new one) if it is not broken….
    Spend your money on your woman instead, she would be thrilled! hehehe

  51. It is still too much. I had just spent $300 vista Ultimate
    I want the ultimate version, and I will not spend over $200

    I will just wait until Google gets their OS out.
    I have not had any problems with vista but I will not fork out money every time for a New OS.

  52. I have been slaughing much when i read “smart” people discuss here, or at least they THINK they are smart! Pauls said: “so why do you need $200.00 bucks for a twenty five cent CD?” And some others pull in cars to comapare prices and quality. Well. if u take the raw materils of thaat same car, it will not cost much to buy it, and if judt buy an empty DVD u can make your own OS, just as you can make your own car if you have the raw materials…
    I am from Norway, so prices here are normally higher for say a car then elsewhere in the world. A Volvo S-80 would cost me about 1.300.000 (US$ 210.000) to buy new here. If i used that car a much as i use my comp, that car would be worned out after 4-5 years. I pay about 900 for an Microsoft OS (US$ 150). I have been using Vista home premium for a few years now, and have not had any big problems. Just as if i bought a newly developed car, there were some bugs at the beginning, and those were sorted pretty quickly by the developer. Now extra charge! Just like if it was a new car with bugs. I know that many people dislike Vista, and who am I to say that they are wrong? But if more people really PAYED for the OS, rather then just use a copy, maybe prices would drop?! And maybe the developer could use more money to make sure that the OS they release is close to flawless?

    I am going to get Windows 7 when it is released here, in October i think it is. And i will build my own comp at that time too.
    I spend maybe US$ 2000-3000 on the build, so the cost of the OS is not much.
    This discussion was originally about prices and exoected qulity, but has turned into something completely different. Keep to the subject people! If you can not afford the price, why be angry about it if you don’t like the thought of giving money to MS? Get a MAC, and keep away from all products made by MS. I feel rather sure that even though you use a MAC or some other OS, ther will still be some application you use that is developed by MS.

    Have a nice day all
    Regards from Norway to you all!

  53. Laughing at Paul’s response. Tremendous! I stuck with XP on all my machines. Sure it is getting archaic in terms of the new modern era stuff but I like to know what my machine is doing. I use Office 2007 and think it is horrible, it constantly tries to override what I am trying to do and I have to figure out which stupid feature to shut off next. Frank I think is full of hot air, I too have been computing since before the PC and why would I wnat an operating system to guess what I want to do, I want to select what I want to do, I want to be in control, this is how stupid viruses are so easily passed because some people don’t realize their computer isn’t suppose to just load some things up. Microsoft didn’t have my vote a long time ago, why do we pay hundreds of dollars and participate in resolving issues for them. Took the MS VB 6 class and the person who designed the course hard coded the result (the wrong result) in his code. We reported this to MS and heard nothing back as usual. Do I trust MS to deliver a product that works well? Not really!

  54. I stopped paying for windows about 2yrs ago. and won’t look back. I’m even sure why I bothered to read this other than to see what I don’t even think about anymore. Profit is not a dirty word. So I say if Microsoft feels it needs $300 plus for the new OS great! As more people find this to be to much they will switch to something else.
    Windows is not the only Game in town.
    You can buy Apple. True that going to cost you also, but from what i hear from apple users it worth it to them. No more antivirus and so on.
    Or you can do as I have Explored into Ubuntu. This is Linux. Not the Linux of old eather its very easy to install. And all my hardware was found right out of the box. No look searching for drivers. It to has no antivirus issues. Plus 1,000s of free software apps.
    I cant think of any reason I would go back to windows now. And For anyone who thinks its to hard, well Im just an average Guy no geek by any means at all.Ubuntu is pretty much a click next to install. and if your NOT sure it Has a Live CD. So you can boot from it and See how it works for you.
    If this is more then you can Deal with well dig into your pockets. OL Bill dont want to make money he just want its to be easy for you to boot up an GO.

  55. All my business needs are fulfilled by Office 2000, My other computing needs are fulfilled as well with XP and Firefox etc (not Explore!!!). Why should I spend money and waste time learning new products features I do not need?
    Unbundled EVERYTHING and allow consumers to buy the applications they want and need at a reasonable price….and let my computer resources run as fast as they can…
    Google is into the OS system now, maybe their will be FREE to end users (well, with lots of marketing thrown into it)
    I’ll wait and see

  56. I have got XP on a desktop, Vista Ultimate on a lap-top and Mac on a second hand lap top…. to be honest I am happy with ALL of them. I won’t be buying 7 as my current set-up works well… and if it aint’ broke I don’t fix it! I use them each for different tasks (on the whole) with the desktop also doubling as a ‘server’ (if that’s the word) for my wireless home network as I don’t have a wireless printer.

    Surely – if what you’ve got works fine now why change anything?

  57. Cheaper than Vista, but still too high….especially when you maintain a home network of 3 computers.

  58. I look forward to the UK getting discounts for windows 7, or full upgrade at bargain price. Microsoft seems to dominate the OS market, we need competition to force prices down. Or vista basic users should get an upgrade to premium version at a heavily discounted version, either download, or via disc.

  59. The last good OS from Microsoft was Windows 2000. Fast. Stable. Damn near bulletproof. Then, with a Mac-killer class OS in hand, they dumped it for the slow, rickety XP, followed by Vista (the second coming of ME). Remember, Windows 98 was great only by comparison to the absolutely wretched Windows 95. The only reason Microsoft doesn’t sink without a trace is the lack of software / hardware support for OS/X. If they screw up Win 7, M$ is toast.

  60. Very disappointing prices for Vista users.
    I think I will continue with Vista which is running fine after the initial hick-up’s and will wait for the Google Chrome OS in 2010.

  61. To Blaktop and all the other ninnies trundling along with the Micro$oft flavor of the month–get on with your business and shut up.

    First, Win7 does work, even in the RC version. I can’t quite figure out how to network it with XP and Linux machines, but that’s probably my deficiency. The true believers will buy a copy for each machine in the house. True believers are stupid.

    Second, cloud computing is right around the corner; look at Google for evidence. The only thing a user needs is enough of an OS to reach the net. We don’t need apps any more.

    Third, someone will bring up the game issue. Not relevant; buy an Xbox and get the hell out of the discussion.

    Any fool who spends money on the latest Window$ version deserves it. BSD and Linux have and will be free; entire countries are migrating to them and to open source, free apps like Open Office. I’m just tickled to evolve with the times and leave the kids from Redmond in their smelly rooms, jerking each other off.

  62. The preorder date for the UK & Germany is July 15th and not July 1st, unless it has changed. If it has where can I buy it?

  63. I’ve seen some comments here and on other threads to the effect that as XP was bad to begin with then it’s natural that Vista should have an initial bad reputation as well.


    If XP was bad to begin with that is absolutely no excuse for Vista being bad as well. If anything, MS should have learned from XP’s initial problems and got Vista right – not an excuse for getting it wrong.

    It’s difficult to imagine any other industry where a company’s defense would be: “Yes, this product was bad at launch, but so s the last one, so there’s no problem.

  64. I live in the UK and still use XP,and will continue to do so,as I have no intention of wiping my hard drive to have another operation system which may change yet again in a few years time. Also the price has to come down for Ultimate to say £90 which is approx $190

  65. As a pensioner with limited funds, there is no way that I am prepared to pay $200 for the upgrade. I wonder if they ever think of retirees? I may buy it if they offer a deal to folk like me at $100 but that’s about it. I think I am about to change to Ubuntu and if I do, they will have lost me for ever.

  66. Funnily enough, I think the price for new users and XP users is ok…..not great but ok. Vista users, I believe should get a much lower price as I believe Win 7 is what Vista should have been and was planned to be, before a number of feature were dropped in order to rush it out the door. Although I use Vista Ultimate 64bit and eventually had no problems with it, the early releases were absolutely gruesome.

    Considering Ultimate went for around $625 in Australia, it’s only a couple of years old and has really only worked properly (and yes before you ask, my system is way above the recommended spec) in the last 12 months……a much lower upgrade price for Vista users would go a long way to improving Micrsoft’s reputation.

    For all the people who are still on XP…..Win 7 is a valid upgrade to a new working OS. I have 3 systems, XP Pro, Vista Ultimate 64 bit and Win 7 64 bit. Win 7 is a worthy improvement and for me so far has been a trouble free improvement. Although I use it, I have never been able to recommend Vista, but I feel comfortable recommending Win 7.

    And to all the Linux and Mac people……if they’re so great, why are you even reading this column…..shouldn’t you be off at some Linux/Mac forum agreeing with each other.

  67. It sounds to me that Microsoft is hurrying to replace Vista with 7 much like they quickly replaced Windows ME with XP. I truly believe that “Vista” is the beta version of the Gold version of Windows 7. This whole “upgrade” fiasco that we continually are subject to is getting a little tiresome. I can just see it now W8 ( Windows 8 ) is already in the works.

    J.R. Sanford

  68. It sounds to me that Microsoft is hurrying to replace Vista with 7 much like they quickly replaced Windows ME with XP. I truly believe that “Vista” is the beta version of the Gold version of Windows 7. This whole “upgrade” fiasco that we continually are subject to is getting a little tiresome. I can just see it now W8 (Windows 8) is already in the works.

    J.R. Sanford

  69. I agree with Zolarl… Learn Linux. Perhaps System Manufacturers should offer the option of NO operating system to increase system sales! The Microsoft presale prices seem appropriate. $50 to $100 but it should be a FULL License version.
    I hope microsoft opens their eyes to the threat posed by open-source. I would hate to see the company go out of business. A great number of people around the world would be unemployed.
    All part of the bitter-sweet love-hate relationship for many MS customers.

  70. Am I Mistaken or does win7 Ultimate come with a free Xp download? It was the only way Gates could get businesses to look at 7. This leaves me to expect that XPPro will have updates for years to come….YAY!!!!!

  71. neverbuyfirstgen

    well as far as i can tell, all u people who where dumb enought to buy anything from microsoft when its new deserved to get screwed. come on everyone knows microsoft stuff never works when its new, win95a=shitty buggy, win95b shitty buggy, win95c working OS, win98a=shitty slow, B=shitty slow, 98C ahh nice solid working OS, xp was the same and vista-a and vista-b(win7) are the same way, its cuz they do their product testing on the public after release, they always have, thats why u stick with the older verson tell they release a second or third upgrade pack of the new, du..

  72. As I have recently built/rebuilt 3 of my machines. I bit the bullet and put Vista64 Ultimate at 199 ea on them so as far as changing the OS – Only if Microsoft sends me free copies of Window 7 64 Ultimate based upon the activation time in thier records for those machines.

  73. Great news, although I see the usual gang of negative posters here. For the one person who thought Windows 7 would be free to all Windows users, that’s like saying you think you can buy an iPhone, and then get the new iPhone free the next year. We all know how it works. You buy new versions, and then if you buy a new computer right before the new OS, you get a free upgrade. To the Vista haters, don’t be so easily influenced by negative hype. I’ve used Vista since it was released and had no problems, and not using new or very fast pcs. To the people sticking with XP. That’s fine, but you do no they will turn off windows update as its an ancient OS. After that, there won’t be patches available when people write viruses and attacks for the less secure XP. To Mac users, well, we all know you pay for major release versions, then again for each minor update. At least we get service packs (minor updates) free. To Unix people, still not a real OS as long as it’s third fiddle. The standard is Windows, so all the hardware and vendor support is there, and Mac has dedicated hardware and vendor support. Linux is getting there fast, but it’s still a case of, 95% of everything works better than Windows, but for the rest, you’ll spend weeks hacking it to work only to have an update break something.
    Android is promising as a base for the Google OS, but really, I don’t think they’ll try to take MS head on for desktop and business pcs.

    So basically, if you all didn’t listen to critics, and just adopted and upgraded early, you’d be ready for Windows 7.

    One other point. If you worry about downgrading from Vista Ultimate to 7 Ultimate, ask yourself, do you really use Bitlocker and the few other extra features? Most people won’t on a daily business. If the 3 for 1 family license rumor is true, then the $319/$219 cost of 7 Ultimate gets you 3 licenses to install it on 3 computers. That’s one helluva deal.

  74. Janet, I really don’t know why everyone is against MS. Go back to 2006 and remember all the complaints against XP.

    It’s old where is the next generation of the OS??
    So maybe Bill should have waited, but the stock was going in the tank. And the number one responsibilty of any company is to make money for the stock holders.

    Vista was the the golden key, the stock went up. But everyone still running 98 couldn’t use it, and remember 30% of computers were still even 2006. If you had a XP computer running reasonably well and had proper hardware and RAM. Vista would run just fine

    So MS released a product comparable to ME to most of you.

    Remember that most of you didn’t want to upgrade to the 21’st century. So you complained My drivers didn’t work, my dot matrix printers didn’t work, my 50MB hard drives can’t work. Get a life, computers cost money to run properly. And if you don’t or can’t spend the money. Buy a $300.00 internet machine.

    You really don’t want a computer. Vista runs just fine on modern computers and if you don’t like being nagged just turn off the reminder “are you sure you want to do this”??

    Oh!! maybe you don’t know how. Learn computers instead.

    I’ve been using computers since the TRASH80, and you had to know what you were doing especially with Texas Instruments rip off of DOS. Vista runs all my 3D engineering software. And business application even running win98 applications with out a hitch. Even Novell runs without a problem.

    Ubutu and free internet software doesn’t even come close to the quality.

    I’ve been Beta testing Win7 since December. And am now using the RC, that is even better, But you still must have a 21st century computer and not something you bought from some unreliable merchant such as D### or [email protected]@@.

    Build your own, I have, visit Tig## and New### these are good places to start. Talk to people if you can’t figure that out.

    Learn how to run and use computers, and don’t expect them to be AI. And if you don’t know what that means look it up!!!!

  75. I relly can’t see the point in paying so much for an OS just to let W. Gates subscribe to his favourite charities – if costs were less perhaps those of us on fixed incomes would be able to upgrade from Win 95??

  76. James M Watson

    I think things will change with GOOGLE entering the OS market. I can see lots of people going to GOOGLE. It is about time Microsoft has some competition.

  77. can’t afford it? then why bother with it, seriosly if the OS you have now if working then stick with it

    some of us peeps juat want the latest things.

  78. LOL……all of the above ! I have at least 10 good hard copies of XP pro with serials, enough to last a while. Who cares if they don’t support it anymore ? I still have a P3 with win 95 and I just never hook it up to the net. Big Brother. He’s REALLY out there, y’all.

  79. Ron-
    You go girl!Sounds like someone hit a nerve but I have to completely agree with you.Maybe more people should wake up and this crap wont happen so easily!

  80. I have suffered with Vista and now have to pay for more possible junk. Has anyone started a class action suit about Vista? I want to join!!!

  81. I think the people who bought computers with crappy Vista should get the update cheaper for putting with all the crap vista had wrong with it. I think I’ll be waiting for the Google OS.

  82. Let’s see if I get this right, I just shelled out x hundred number of dollars for a broken OS, WinBlowz Vista Giving U the Business by Screwing U over a Barrel, oops I mean Vista 64 Bit Business Edition, and now I have to pay more to take a chance on if Microsoft will use Vaseline this time.

    No thank you.

    They should allow everyone to return what is broken and replace it with Windows 7, and enclose a free voucher for the next Window OS NOT likely to work as well.

    This is not getting something for free, Frank; this is getting what you paid for. If you, Frank, gave me money to build a deck for you and I show up the next day and drop off a few 2x4s and a handful of nails then said well here is your deck you fix it; I don’t think you would be too happy. Nor would you, Frank, shell out more money to have me come back and take a chance that I just might get it right this time.

    And Ron Stick it in your Ear and leave Jamie alone and you shell out the money for the next broken W7 upgrade, alleged fix, while the rest of us wait and hope for something that works and is also hopefully priced right.

    Ron if you have so much money then why don’t you purchase W7 and provide us all with a copy. Hell I will even send you Vista 64 bit Business Edition in return since you seem to think it works; I happen to know better.

    Just for the record, Ron, I have been building systems since 1987, I have an Information Science Degree, and Vista (Most any Flavor) is an ABORTION at best. Sure Vista works if you have no idea what an operating system is or what to expect from a system that actually works then Vista should work great for you. Contact me later I have a Bridge in NY that YOU might be interested in…

    But the rest of us expect an OS to do something other then crash every few minutes. Vista failed to load my Banking webpage because of a few errors it encountered. Even if one was able to get online don’t open more then two browsers at a time because Vista just would not allow that.

    Ya, Ron, keep telling yourself that Vista is “da Shiz” because I would be of the opinion that you are somehow in bed with Microsoft.

    And one last thing Ron, there is something called a Lemon Law here in the US, not sure where you reside, and Yes Ron as a matter of fact if said Ford was deemed Broken, the way Vista is, it would in fact be replaced for Free or almost next to nothing.

    Of course you would continue making payments but you would get a replacement vehicle for the one deemed Broken. So take your little car analogy and put it somewhere where the Sun does not shine, one can not compare the cost of a car with the rising cost of an OS, especially if the OS does not WORK… Hello McFly!!!!

    Ron Insert some derogatory statement here and I am going to say I bet you Voted for Obama, ya, so how is that working for you??? What a puttz…

    I think I will wait for the New Concept Goggle OS to come out; it might be a free download (Not Certain) much like all other Goggle Stuff and it might just work as good if not better then anything Microsoft… An OS is only required to get your PC up and running then it’s on to games or applications from there, other then that an OS is almost useless, but necessary.

    I would like to address those of you that think that $200.00 for an OS is cheap, like a cup of coffee or a single Band-Aid, well in my case it is not. I have to think “gee do I want to eat the rest of the month or do I need to shell out for another broken OS.” Times are tough right now and not all of us can afford to jump on the what is “new and useless Bandwagon.”

    I would ask you to think the next time before you open your pie hole and spew out how you are better then the rest of us and how cheap 200 bucks is.

    So tell me something, since you think 200 bucks for an OS is cheap how does eight Billion for Pork strike you, is that just chump change as well. How about cutting 100 Million dollars from the tripled deficit do you think that 1/1000 percent cut is a major cut for spending as well you fracken liberal? Get with the program and stop thinking you have to pay hundreds of dollars for something that should be more reasonably priced, especially since it is your only option.

    Frankly speaking two hundred bucks for an OS is Highway Robbery and Microsoft should be arrested for said offense. It’s not like there are many choices out there for an OS other then Linux and all of its variants or worse yet Mac (COUGH, CHOKE, GAG, sorry about that). Mac has its advantages I am sure.

    Then Microsoft stops support on older versions and forces all to upgrade to an OS that makes decisions for you. Gee, what fun, I like feeling stupid when I operate my computer…

    Microsoft has the audacity to cry Piracy when someone copies it’s over priced and broken OS and sells it cheaper. Two things to remember here, Microsoft, just how did you get your start again?

    Oh ya Piracy, wink wink nudge nudge, as in you stole DOS from Unix, oops I mean took it, allegedly, since they where not doing anything with it, changed the code a little, and then gave it your own name like DOS 6. Then you developed the Windows GUI, called Win 3.1 thru 3.3, to put on top of DOS 6 then later combined both DOS 6 and Win 3.3 and called it Windows 95.

    Then one crashed OS lead to the Development of another BS OS like ME and 98. I will say that Win98 Second Edition was the most stable next to NT 4 of all Microsoft OS but that soon fell way to XP and all the variants that soon followed; but I digress.

    Secondly if you want to control Piracy then sell your OS for a more reasonable price, like twenty bucks, then every average Joe can purchase multiply copies for each of their machines rather then selling their first born child and both arms just to keep from going to jail for Piracy.

    Seriously Bill Gates how much more money do you need being the third richest man in America; seriously you make more money in twenty minutes then I could hope to make in twenty years so why do you need $200.00 bucks for a twenty five cent CD? Of course that is a rhetorical statement, can you say GREED boys and girls…

    I thank you all for listening and one last shout out to Lawrence THANK YOU for your Service, and I agree with you… I served in between two wars, if you can call what happened in the Falkland Islands and Iraq in the early 90’s a War, well I missed my chance but I still did my part and would have gone if called to do so.

  83. As far I am am concerned Microsoft can go and get lost.They sucked me out of XP to get Vista and it was a nightmare and I reverted back to XP.They should compensate people for wasting their money on that piece of crap VISTA.I will be waiting instead on the the GOOGLE OS.

  84. Wow! By the time I got to the last post I had nearly forgotten what the article was about. Now that the Linux, XP and MS fanboys have checked in with their tiresome/predictable diatribes all we need to complete the off-topic excursion is for the MAC users to chime in.

    I think MS has priced the upgrades quite well (except for Ultimate)and I’ve pre-ordered accordingly.

    Before closing, here’s a Dishonorable Mention for Frank who joined the discussion to flame another poster’s username and who thinks this a political discussion all the while being woefully out of touch with the majority who give the new administration high marks.

  85. Another MS Ripoff!

    I have XP Pro and Vista Ultimate. Where does that leave me on the upgrades? A MAc is looking pretty good right now. I’ll run VMware Fusion formy XP and Office and OSX for the Mac. I sick and tired of upgrading crappy OSs.


  86. I’m with you Zolar1!! – – There is no way I will upgrade to Windows 7. I personally think Microsoft ‘sucks’. Frank is your last name Gates??

    I don’t know of anyone who is happy with Microsoft.

    Good luck with that Frank!

  87. 3.11 was the last decent Windows.
    I’ll never upgrade to another piece of their trash.
    XP Pro is the last Windows I’ll ever own.
    And, it’s time for another clean install if it too.

  88. This is to Zolar, Come up with a better name, I read Zoltan back in 1971. Your no Zolton!!! If you spent $400.00 on XP pro, I have a nice dormant volcano on kraktoa I want to sell you. And don’t think the Google OS will save you. Word and x-cell are the base for all businesses. YOu may dream of a time when open source will take over. Get off the drugs, or check into Betty Ford Soon!!! Stick with Linux, Ubutu or what ever. Windows will prevail!!! I/m sure your one of the 30% that think the present government is doing well.
    Get your head out of your [email protected] and come on board. Don’t resent wht MS has done or will do!!!


  90. Microsoft STILL costs too much. Especially when you can get a better OS (AKA Linux) for, in most cases free or next to nothing.

    The full (retail)version of ANY Microsoft OS should be the same price that manufacturers pay – about $30 per computer.

    Also, most of my hardware will not work with Vista, let alone Wincrash 7. I do not want to buy a new scanner, printer, programs, etc just to have Wincrash7 or winpista.

    Why would I want to spend about $5000 x 2 computers when XP works just fine?

    Also, Microsoft is still very shortsighted.
    None of their OSes make a restore partition where you can simply press ‘F10’ to restore to ‘factory’ condition.
    They don’t even make their own defragmenting program!

    I spent over $400 for XP Pro just 5 years ago. I want my money’s worth, or at least 10-12 years out of it.

    But wait! Microsoft is going to come up with a new system – you have to pay just $29.95 per month just to use their software. You log onto the internet and have to go straight to their servers and log on to their OS. You essentially would be using a computer terminal, not a computer. And if you don’t pay, you won’t have access to ANY of your files.

    All you would need is a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, plus a modem.

    I am going to learn Linux as fast as I can. If I were going to pay money, it would be to the open source people who freely dedicate their time and talents. At least they’re not a big greedy corporation and just want to do what they love – computing…

    Windows (aka wincrash) 7 is not for me at this time. It’s too expensive for what you get.

  91. Is the price right? Don’t know. Sounds like they’re copying some of the features that I love about the Mac, and I just switched to my first Mac last year and to my new laptop two months ago. If it really is fast and as easy to operate as a Mac, it will be a massive bargain. But then again, how will it perform once you’ve loaded the firewall and the antivirus software and a few other programs that want to load stuff into a startup routine and . . . well, all the things that made me run like an escapee from the Windows platform even if I did have to pay a king’s ransom for a new Mac.

  92. if the price in UK comes anywhere near £180 (the 7 pro) not a chance of buying a disc until the price comes down to something affordable. Microsoft have a bloody nerve grabbing money off people who have ‘no other choice’ IE8 is a waste of space so i use firefox now… we need another operating system that is affordable for everyone

  93. The pricing looks OK in the US. The big question, across the Atlantic, is just how much UK customers are going to get screwed, as we did with Vista.

    Jamie – why should W7 be free to all Vista users? It’s like saying your next Ford should be free, just because you have one now.

  94. Boy, every one wants something for nothing. There is nothing wrong with vista as long as you have followed the instructions and upgrades. I’ve beta tested Win 7 since last December. And maybe microsoft should have waited. But if I remeber enery techie out there was complaining about not having a new op release in 4 years. You get what you ask for. And then get what you really want. Stop complaining and get on with your hardware upgrades. Because 7 still needs the bare minimun af the Vista hardware upgrades.

  95. I wonder what other changes are in the EU version of Windows 7. After the scandal in 2000, when it was discovered that the file, “advapi32.dll”, contained two back doors, one to Microsoft, the other to the NSA(National Security Agency), you remember them, the recent telephone tapping scandal. Maybe they are also getting an updated advapi32.dll file, so that America’s Intelligence agency can’t tap into their computers anytime they feel like it. I know that I would insist on it, if I had that choice in our democratic society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Patriot, I fought for 2 years in Vietnam for their right to be free. I just wish someone would fight for my right to be free of the gestapo-like tactics employed by our trusted servants of the People

  96. I also have Vista ULtimate and you CAN upgrade. I Prefer a full installation from a fresh hard drive, which is what I ALWAYS do. it takes a little extra time and effort but it is the best way. Just backup everything to an external gard drive or DVD and/or Blu-Ray blank media and then when you install the version 7 of Windows, run your backup as needed to install your backup data. Simple as that! Also build your own computer or have one built so you get it exactly the way you want and the way it should be for the best way for foolproof upgrades in the future to. Yes it is priced right. People dont have a problem spending thousands of dollars on vehicles they really dont need but you cant spend 220 for a version of Ultimate? How silly!

  97. I was under the impression that anyone with Vista will get the upgrade for free. No matter what. Because Windows 7 is to replace the Vista OS. So anyone with Vista and wants to upgrade or don’t wants to right now, should just get it, it free! Is this the right information?

  98. Michael Clayton

    I have the misfortune of having Vista Ultimate (TabletPC).
    It looks like I’d have to downgrade if preordering.

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