The 9 Necessary Links For Windows 7 Users


Plenty of information is out for Windows 7, but here are the must have links for an easy switch. With these you can get it all done and be on your way. All you need now is your computer and a couple of hours. Use and enjoy.

1. W7 Upgrade Advisor. It’s an easy check to see if your system is capable of running Windows 7. If you’re currently running Vista, you will be in heaven with Windows 7.

2. W7 Download Straight form the mother ship, you can use this free download until the actual product hits the shelves, then use the Windows Easy Transfer to move everything to the retail installation. There’s no rush, as Windows 7 RC 1 will be available until at least July of 2009. I’ve used this included utility several times. It’s excellent and easy. If you are using a previous W7 version, just go to search and type in “easy transfer”, without the quotes.

3. ImgBurn is still my choice for burning your W7 iso file to disc. I love the new iso capabilities within W7, but for those coming from earlier versions, ImgBurn is still the best.

4. W7 XP Easy Transfer. Not as easy as coming from Vista or previous installations of Windows 7 but still available and in fact probably better than installing the new OS over the top of an Old OS. That is what most people think of as an upgrade. This certainly gives users a much cleaner starting point. In addition the Easy Transfer allows users to transfer information form 32 bit Windows XP to a 64 bit Windows 7.

5. Paul Thurrotts SuperSite This is a must see site for Windows 7 users. Loads of information and this link is devoted to Windows 7.

6. Windows Live Essentials.If you are coming from Windows XP or Vista, you may need a replacement for Outlook Express email. Windows Live is a suite of useful applications. Windows Live mail is one of them and is excellent and easy to configure. Give it a go. You can use it to control any and all of your email clients. I’m using it for my Comcast, Hotmail, and Gmail clients. Windows Live Essentials contains Messenger, Mail, Writer, PhotoGallery, MovieMaker and others.

7. Live Search aka bing is Microsoft’s latest search engine to compete with Google. See what the publicity and latest marketing blast is all about. Add bing to your search options in Internet Explorer. Just click the drop down in your brand new IE 8 search bar/ Find more providers/ bing. Nice addition.

8. Firefox is working well in Windows 7. In fact it’s working better for me with Word Press than Internet Explorer 8. That alone makes Firefox a must have for Windows 7.

9. IE 8 Compatibility View is a must because IE 8 comes right along with Windows 7. This probably won’t be necessary for long, but for now it makes the transition seamless.

There are many many more links out there but this is everything you need to get started.

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25 thoughts on “The 9 Necessary Links For Windows 7 Users”

  1. I asked a question and was sent too this site! Not one solution offered and know one even got the question straight. I’ll solve my problem myself before I get any support online, or free support.

  2. I have W7 Ultimate and went from Vista as well. I Have the HP Touchscreen and ever since I installed W7 my computor runs slower than AOL (we KNOW how slow THAT is). Also all I get is Page Cannot Be Displayed and hafta try several times to get to the page I want. I have tried everything to speed it up but I guess I will hafta take it into Best Buy and pay all that money to find out what is wrong. Actually Vista was faster for me.

  3. I have had trouble with Vista Ultimate on a Lenovo T61 with 4 gigs of ram. I have had it back to Lenovo support twice; the first time they did no correct the problem. Countless hours have spent with both Lenovo and Microsoft trying to get this machine to work properly. At present it takes from a cold start 2 minutes to get to logon and 4 minutes to desktop. Task manager shows no open programs. Outlook locks up and I have to use Task Manager to close the Outlook file. I use the computer in the field primarily for Adobe Photoshop processing programs and Microsoft Office.

    Microsoft has advised after looking at the considerable problems that I get and replacement. I am looking to try Windows 7 as a last resort.

    I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

    Walt Smith

  4. I’ve been running the RC (beta first)on my HP L2000 laptop ever since it came out. I really like it but cannot get the DVD player to play sound. It chatters terribly. A CD plays sound perfectly. A DVD video is ok, but not the sound. Also, I cannot get the SD card reader to recognize anything at all. I updated the BIOS and anything I could find for Vista, figuring that might help, but no luck with either the DVD or SD card reader. My first run of the Beta was with only 750 MBs of RAM and the thing actually ran fine; a little slow, but it still ran! Now if I could get that DVD and SD thing solved, that would be great. If anyone knows how to fix it I’d sure like to know. No help from MS as you know…

  5. What processors are compatible with 64 bit software, and what are the recommended prerequisites?


  6. @John
    you don’t have to have the 9 sites you can install and run windows 7 without them they just make life a little easyier for the transition

    I as well have been running W7 since beta in have install it on a couple of machines have enjoyed it very much and don’t normally say that about new OS’s
    Have found a few incompatibility’s but for the most part anything that will run in vista will run in W7 a little bit more problems going from xp to vista but a few tweaks and normally can get things to work

  7. have been running windows 7 on a old packardbell i media with 1.6 gig ram 2.93 gig processor and a 64 bit graphics card all runs really well would highly reccomend firefox though as some websites dont run well on i e 8 only one issue i have is for sis onboard sound drivers but speakers still work cant wait for retail version

  8. Love playing with software, just love this windows7 OS. I’m running everything I can on it. It’s just great stuff….

  9. Build a new Quadcore 8400 with Gigabyte MB, PNY Verto 9600 Graphic card, 4GB RAM.
    I installed XP Pro and Windows7 64Bit RC1 for a dual boot on same HD.
    I never installed Vista Previously and it is a learning curve. Having trouble with Windows live Mail. How do I transfer all my addesses into Live Mail? There is no Tool Bar? How is it done?

  10. to @ryan,

    The Windows 7 OS, even in its RC iteration, is still considered a beta platform; thus not recommended for production usage.

    If you complain about having data losses, when you used Windows 7 as your primary production system, then you are using the wrong operating system as you can only provide feedback but no support is obligated; until the product actually comes out for purchase in October.

    Hope you bear this in mind when using Windows 7.

    best regards,
    Mohd Hisham
    @mhisham on twitter

  11. Will winfax pro 10 (xp) version work with windows 7 ?? Symantec are shockers for older software not working with new OS’s, & it’s a bitch to remove if install doesn’t go through properly – again typicalty symantec.

    Will one be able to do a clean install with an upgrade version of win 7? Anyone know?

  12. I have an old, very expensive 17″ HP Pavillion Laptop with a 3.4 Pentium. Built it to last thru numerous upgrades etc. Came with XP Pro and NEVER worked properly. Would never hibernate, would never retain a wireless connection, had to reboot a couple times every day, etc. Have tried to make it work for 5 years of upgrades etc, never got any better.
    As a last hope, installed Win 7 32 bit. Clean installation without any problems. EVERYTHING works! Been running 24/7 for more than a month with only 1 needed reboot, and that seemed to be due to an uncompleted program update of unknown origin.
    Had a problem with Norton 360 beta, installed and worked, but Norton couldn’t get their act together to keep it working ( I already have 2 x 3 current Norton 360 subscriptions) so I had to find a substitute. Found Prevx ver 3.0 which seems to be doing the job without any fuss.
    Only problem is hardware related. HP and Nvidia have never updated the video driver for the GO 5700 video in this unit, not even for Vista. And by the way, HP says this unit would not work with Vista, heck it never worked with XP!. Win 7 video driver works but is very basic and does not give the correct resolution needed, causing things to be slightly squashed. If any one finds a driver, let me know.

  13. To Robert Hutchinson,
    I have W7 running on an AMD dual core with 2 EVGA 8500 GT cards. They do not have a bridge and NVidia discontinued the SLI software. W7 automatically loaded the drivers and asked if I wanted to run SLI. Works great.

  14. Installed Windows 7 RC on my Dell Latitude D610 with just 1Gb memory and it installed effortlessly and with all the drivers – runs like a champ – has not crashed even once – low memory is fantastic – all of my usual favorite apps installed and work flawlessly also

  15. Been using/trying all the latest and greatest Windows 7 RC builds on my older laptop.
    P-M 1.7GHz
    1.25GB PC2700
    Radeon 9700

    Runs great!

    Thanks for the links!

  16. Mark Christiansen

    Been using Windows 7 since first day of Beta. I just transfered all important info to additional hard drive, then whiped the drive clean to get a good start. I now have rc running, but will try the transfer when I up to the retail version. This is a killer OS!!

  17. Christine Cassello

    I would like to know how I can tell what programs will work on my Acer Aspire One netbook. So far when I download programs that say they speed up the computer and make it work better it does the opposite. I have a lot of trouble with IE8 especially. Is it because these programs are meant for more powerful computers and if so, how would I find out?

  18. I agree. I have dumped Vista ultimate in favor of W7-32!! I’m going to install 64 this week. I have not had any problems with it other than the normal XP-Vista type learning curve. (Where did windows put that file/folder/app./program? OH there it is-“Duah!”) Pauls site is one of the best. For those of you who have cold feet, I say take that old HD and give it a spin. Run your graphic card killing game you may be supprised! 99.9% of what I ran was faster. ;}

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