Technologizer: Questions for AMD?


By Harry McCracken

Questions for AMD?

I’m happy to announce that we’re cooking up a new Technologizer feature that will let members of the Technologizer community pose questions to tech companies–and I’m equally happy to report that the first company that’s agreed to field your queries is chipmaker AMD.


[This post is excerpted with Harry’s permission from his Technologizer blog.]

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18 thoughts on “Technologizer: Questions for AMD?”

  1. What is the step by step procedure to safely overclock my amd athlon 64 2.1 ghz cpu, Have radeon 9800 pro graphics card

  2. 70 degrees celsius is where things start to get warm . You have good temps. Try checking your vid card and northbridge temps now. Most vid cards are ment to run 70-90c under load by factory settings.

  3. Hi I Would Like Too Know If My Temps Are Too High I Have A Athlon 64 X2 Black edtion (NOT Overclocked)It Runs At About 108f (about 45c)and it is Over 130F (about 54.4c) at loading

  4. Carolyn Stafford

    Absolutely you need a patch! Without it, your computer will not work properly at all if you install the SP3 for Windows. Type into a search engine: “AMD processor and Windows Service pack 3″… it will bring up several sites where you can get the patch but I would use only Internet Explorer to download it from a Microsoft site. If you download SP3 without the patch, you can remove it by getting into safe mode – tap F8 while the computer is loading – and then go to the ‘control panel’ and then to add or remove programs in control panel… make sure the box at the top is checked that allows for the windows updates to be shown and then scroll down the entries till you come to the Windows SP3 and click to remove. After removal, you can still get the patch. Believe me, the computer WILL NOT operate with the SP3 if you do not have the patch! I know for certain!

  5. Because my HP desktop runs an AMD Athlon processor, I’m being advised not to install SP3 for Windows XP. Should I install the update anyway, or do I need a patch of some kind beforehand?

  6. I believe Intel has a lot of the cpu market share because people recognize the name through tv and magazine promotions. Why doesn’t AMD fight for some of this market share through advertisements of their own.

  7. How can I help AMD? My fear is that they will be bought by Intel [who has more money than God] or they will not have sufficient income to fight off Intel in their current attempts to take market share, particularly when Apple still has a lock on Intel CPUs. I have not used an Intel CPU since early 1980’s, and I am serious about knowing what the average individual [like me] can do to prevent a monopoly of Intel.

  8. AMD has regained an edge over intel in the low cost “value” performance CPU arena. Case in point is their Kuma 7750 & 7850 CPU’s that perform well and cost ~$60 for consumers. Is their longer term strategy to grow the “value” CPU line for desktops & laptops and focus less on the high-end/server CPU’s and netbook/UL power (atom) CPU’s?

  9. I have a AMD athlon and a ATI all in wonder TV tuner about a year and half ago it wanted me to upgrade some software and ever since nothing works the TV tuner or the guide can anyone help???

  10. When can we expect really fast CPU’s say in the order of 10 GHz, with 4 core technology & what are the current technological obstacles to these specs.

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