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Syndicated Tech Columnists Bob & Joy Schwabach recently documented their visit to our humble site. Their ‘On Computers’ column is one of the largest circulation computer columns in the world and appears each week in 8 publications.

“As you’re roaring around the web in your new Windows computer, or putt-putting along in an old one, you might enjoy a pit stop at PCPitstop.com. We did, and we found out some interesting things about Joy’s computer. The visit was entertaining and informative.”

” Though her computer came out well in some of the tests, some of the hardware was ranked in the bottom 29 percent of most computers. The central processor was rated fairly slow and the graphics card mediocre (she was suitably abashed). She also needed to update her sound-card driver. On the plus side, the computer was virus free. And its “RAM,” at three gigabytes, was in the top 30 percent of all personal computers.”

Glad to hear they found their OverDrive scan and Optimize purchase – worthwhile

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3 thoughts on “Optimize & OverDrive ‘On Computers’”

  1. Just a quicky, I’m running an ancient compaq w/384RAM. want to add a 256 PC100 card, (been told that with my 1gig processor that’s all she’ll take)but it costs about as much as the whole machine did, $40. so is there a spare parts cheapo site? someplace where people take old pcz and scrap out the useful stuff? sounds like a decent business, given that folks probably need to hold on to their older stuff. $10 would be a good deal, postage is nothing. links to parts stores would be appreciated, I can’t be the only one in this predicament. if nobody is doing this, well…

    to Claude, I’m thinking that XPz are kinda like the old VW bug, there will always be a market, and people that will supply it. you just don’t toss an OS that has worked so well for so long…

    PS. I wouldn’t mind upgrading processors, is that possible at a decent price, or should I visit my favorite pawn shop if ever I have a spare $100?

  2. It seems to me that if the computer (any computer) satisfied the needs of the customer, then what justification would there be to upgrade?

    The old adage should still apply:
    “If it works, then don’t mess with it”
    (unless you have a lot of $$$ and patience)

    A personal computer upgrade is only needed about 2-3 years AFTER a new operating system comes out, which equates to about once every 4-5 years.
    Any sooner than that, and you won’t get your money’s worth.

    My system is about 3-4 years old and suits me just fine. Albeit, a bit slow due to all the antivirus & etc having to run, but what more do I need to surf the internet, check email, and maybe watch something on youtube??

    I can only see 3 reasons for upgrading to a very fast system:
    1) you have teenagers in the house wanting to play the latest, greatest shoot-em-up game

    2) A business that needs faster equipment for obvious reasons.

    3) you want to either watch streaming information off the internet (or perhaps copying a DVD movie, which typically takes a lot of power)

    Why upgrade a computer when you have a kazillion inch flat screen TV to watch your stuff on??
    There ARE DVD copying machines for sale if that’s what you’re into.

    I used to upgrade about every 2 years. It took 2 upgrades before I realized I’m spending THOUSANDS on computer equipment that is obsolete in 18 months.

    Speaking of RAM on an XP box: once you break the 1GB mark, you begin to reach the point of diminishing returns, which is between 2GB and 3GB, with 1 to 2 GB being comfortable for the investment. For some reason, XP has trouble with 3+ GB or more RAM (AKA Physical Address Extension). I even have that problem when running 2GB RAM.

    This opinion comes from a user that does email, surf, and watches youtube videos on occasion.

    The woman in your article could simply buy a better video card and soundcard for far less money than a new system and get more life out of her investment. Even a new harddrive would make an improvement. All that for less than the cost of buying an off brand computer from a store.

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