WinPatrol Touted by USA Today

Congratulations to our good friend and guest columnist Bill Pytlovany.

Last week, USA Today singled out WinPatrol as a “terrfic tool” in the fight against “poisoned SEO results (that) can re-direct your browser to a website serving up all sorts of malicious programs.”

“And here’s a tip: WinPatrol offers very powerful protection. It’s a terrific free tool, popular with techies since it was created 10 years ago by Bill Pytlovany, one of the original designers of AOL and a longtime open-source practitioner. The premier version, called WinPatrol Plus, costs just $30 for a lifetime subscription, which includes all updates, and is designed for the average consumer. WinPatrol takes a snapshot of your Windows run registry, and from then on blocks and alerts you to any new executable program, such as a malicious backdoor, that tries to install itself on your hard drive.”

Purchase WinPatrol Plus Now!


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3 thoughts on “WinPatrol Touted by USA Today”

  1. I have used WinPatrol for many years and love it, not only do you get the plus for your money, you can put it on all the computers in your house.
    I use the part for the start up menu to control what starts up and when, also with the plus version you can click on plus info and find out what that program that you don’t recognize is .
    I always put this on my or my kids systems first thing, when I buy new or have had to reformat the hd. It is great.

    PS there is a free version but you do not get the plus info of things that are running to find out what they are.

  2. The tout for winpatrol indicated a free version but I can only find the one to purchase. I will gladly pay 30 dollars for something that really works but I would like to try the free version. So often in the past I have been misled by the hype for a program, especially from PCWorld.

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