PC Pitstop Joins Forces with Jack Bauer & 24


We at PC Pitstop are excited to announce a new promotion with our friends at the hit Fox TV Show ’24’. Now through January 12, 2009 —
register here to win great prizes!

Prizes include:

  • Seasons 1-6 of ’24’ on DVD
  • Collectible ’24’ T-Shirts
  • Collectible ’24’ Posters
  • PC Pitstop Spyware Defense & Performance Packs
  • And be sure to tune-in to the two night season premiere of 24, Sunday January 11th and Monday January 12th at 8pm CST!


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    61 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Joins Forces with Jack Bauer & 24”

    1. It drives you crazy trying to watch it week by week. Don’t do it! Wait for the entire season on dvd then watch it over a weekend–it then makes more sense and you skip commercials.

    2. My wife and I never miss “24”. Very effectively done–despite the more and more unbelievable action they pretend to pack into a single 24-hour period, and the unsettling superficiality of their gung-ho-for-torture routines. The early seasons were the best.

    3. 24 is brilliant,i watched season 1-5 on surfthechannel 😉 cant wait till season 6 is on there. Living in Germany its nice to be able to watch shows etc in English 🙂
      Pity only US residents can enter the promotion though 🙁

    4. i’ve a fan since season 3 …. started out by renting the whole seasons 1 & 2 from blockbuster [which is a great way to watch this program …. rent one of the old seasons and then watch 2 or 3 episodes per sitting … you’ll be surprised how quickly and how much happens within each of the 24 episodes].

      this show can’t be beat! great action, and the presentation of “real time” dimension {the whole season depicts 24 hours (or one day)} (with 3 or 4 or more) points of activity makes the program come together extremely well. what a concept!!

    5. -24- is one of the best shows on TV. It has a gripping plot line, Jack Bauer moves from hero to villain and the supporting cast rarely survive the episode. Even the president of the US gets murdered. Definitely worth Tivo, DVR or even watching live! Bracketman

    6. And you want me to buy your products and I cannot even enter the contest because I am from Canada and it’s only available to USA residences………..Give me a break!

    7. Very intense – Can be very good show but can also be unnecessarily graphic in depiction of the murder, mayhem & torture. For those who’ve been spending too much time in the dark with their computers (as opposed to too much time watching TV) – “24” comes from each show supposedly representing one 24 hour day. While insanely action packed and frequently tense and suspenseful, the “24” gimmick wears thin after a while. Super agent Bauer’s non-stop 24 hour, coast to coast and even international-in-a-day action just got too unrealistic, but all in all – a great show, stars Kieffer Southerland as agent Jack Bauer.

    8. Native English Speaking non-American Phil

      “The Promotion is open
      only to legal residents of
      the fifty (50) United States…”

      Very annoying,
      when will American contests
      realise that there are other
      countries in the world …

      rules are in annoying .pdf format to … grrr

      I don’t care for 24,
      Jack Bauer, American patriotism
      or TV in general – I was only ever
      interested in the software.

    9. Really enjoy the show. One of the best on regular TV. It keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole hour.

    10. Frank Stringfellow

      Richard J Mullin stated: “Infected with republican rabies, they are guilty of spreading far right philosophies.”

      Richard, do us all a favor, will you please. As one of those Left-wing Liberals who has NEVER seen any show on Fox, you should avoid watching “24”. You see, those of us who enjoy the show really don’t want to hear or read your negative whining.

      If you ever did watch FOX, you would know that it is far and away the most balanced reporting on TV, Cable, or Satellite, that is why Fox News has the highest ratings in viewership every year for the last nine years.

    11. I first started watching “24” in it’s third season and have not missed a single episode since. Enjoyed it so much that I rented all the ones that I had missed so I could catch up.

      This is without a doubt the best series on TV. I put it right up there with the Sopranos. The action is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Keifer is perfect for this role – he’s got the right stuff.

      If you like fast moving action, espionage, terrorism, and politics, this show is for you.

      If youv’ve NEVER watched “24” go to Blockbuster or Netflix or whatever and order just season 1 on a friday night or Saturday morning. Sit back and enjoy.NUFF SAID 🙂

    13. Bill in South Dakota

      I wish everyone in the United States would watch 24 and think about how easy this could really happen. I think Americans need to wise up about the real world. It should be more about one country, one language, one flag, and if you don’t like it go the Hel* out of the United States. I am retired military and I think every person should serve in some way to this country. There is no free ride. Don’t be part of the problem, be the cure.

    14. Richard J Mullin

      FOX, why Fox? I never watch Fox unless they are broadcasting a sports program of interest.
      Infected with republican rabies, they are guilty of spreading far right philosophies.

    15. Oh, THAT Jack……
      Does this mean PC Pitstop is offering a way to waterboard our computers over the Net?

    16. Never watched it but several of my friends & co-workers said it’s really good. Maybe this season I’ll give it a try.

    17. I hated TV and didn’t watch TV at all until, on a friend’s insistence, I gave this show a chance. This show is NOT TV, it’s movie-quality. If you’ve never watched this show, go get Season 1, and give it a chance; you will not be sorry. Start from season 1, though!! Don’t just jump into the middle, because you won’t get 100% out of it.

      Seriously, if you’ve never watched ’24’, you are cheating yourself.

    18. I don’t care much for television but I would like some free anti spy/anti mal-ware/ antivirus IF I could be sure they would work and not mongrelize my current programs.

    19. Chris Roy Jackson

      Where have you been for the last 6 years?
      (If you don’t have or watch TV then you need NOT have made the comments above!)
      Jack Bauer is the lead Character in “24”!
      “24” is one of the best (and most Successful) Drama Series on TV in many years.

    20. Just started to watch 24 at season 5 after hearing and reading the praises of it and i’m hooked, i must now get the beginning of the seasons.

    21. Guys! Lean back….Stand up….and step away from the computer. There is very likely another electrical device in your house that actually has moving pictures on it.

      “24” is actually a good, action packed, high energy who-done-it program set in with current events. It’s worth a look, but you really need to push away from the keyboard occasionally.

    22. Those who haven’t watched 24 don’t know what they’re missing. It’s by far one of the best, most intense, and attention grabbing shows I’ve ever watched.

    23. 24 is the only tv show I watch other than 20 minutes or so of Leno or Letterman before bedtime. Well, and NFL football (specifically, the Packers), of course. 🙂

    24. I just hope all of you at PC Pitstop can keep up with Jack, I have trouble keeping up just watching 24hours.
      It should be interesting, can’t wait to see the outcome..

      John Collins

    25. Hey Bruce – Be VERY careful! This show will completely captivate you! We found that consideration of “24” became a major factor in all of our planning. Enjoy!

    26. It’s one of those well written shows that just keeps you coming back or attached to your DVR. Jack Bauer will protect you just like PC pitstop spyware defense!

      an awesome show

    27. Oh, Bruce…say it ain’t so! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know Jack! Tune in, Bruce. 24 is one of the best television programs available.

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