25 thoughts on “The Best of Cyber Monday”

  1. You know, I just worry little bit, just afraid a bite, that if someone on PcPitStop made this kind of mistake, which is really silly, especially for sales. Then I’m afraid (but not too much), how about other their services? Like OverDrive, Optimize, Disk Md and others??
    I hope, as everybody else makes mistakes, there are no mistakes (at least, big mistakes) at PcPitStop software, that we are using. Just hope…

  2. I take all my criticism back folks, and appologise. Thank you for reminding me I should buy an external Hard drive. Today, 3rd Dec, I bought a great bargain Seagate ‘Free Agent’ 500gb for only $69.99 with free shipping. “Better late than never,” so all is forgiven, and thanks again TechTalk.

  3. I actually received mine on 12/1 @ 9:10 EST. Must have been one of the (few) lucky ones…I feel bad for those who didn’t get theirs!

    I only used the price comparison sites, which were different from the ones I used–they were helpful.

  4. This email is about effective as “revealing” the winning lottery numbers after the numbers have been drawn! Why bother.

  5. This internet garbage is new to me and I’m discovering that there is no true bargains before,during, or after Black Friday with the exception of an Office Depot flyer in the thursday paper which offered an Acer desktop computer for $229.99. However they had a limit of 3 per store location.This price was net of a 150.00 mail in rebate. Even if you got there early enough to partake you had to put out $404.00 with sales tax. What kind of bargain is that?

  6. Our apologies to anyone who did not receive the newsletter in time to take advantage of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday offers. We will continue to update this post with other compelling offers we come across.

  7. Good information; somebody did some work putting it all together – but not much use when only received on Dec. 2!

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