Firefox 3, A Must Or A Bust?


Mozilla’s download day was a huge record breaking success. What I want to know is, why I never use it? What’s keeping me from feeling the warm and fuzzys that everyone else feels?

Firefox always gets an Icon on my desktop, I always download the latest, but it never gets much use. Is the reason habit or preferences? I decided to give it a week of concentrated effort and see if I could kick the IE habit. I clicked my Firefox icon, clicked Help, and Check for updates. The program updated to the new Firefox 3 without a hitch. I will spend a whole complete week trying to accustom myself to using Firefox3. By weeks end this article will be ready to share and I’ll include the results.

Day 1 of using Firefox. Updated it and played around with some plugins for thumbnails for the “about blank” page. Got a cool looking page but it wasn’t as easy to use as I thought it would be. My mistake, a links bar works better.


Day 2 of using Firefox. Well I’m barely into day 2 and have my browser looking like this: Browser jpg . The two browsers look very similar but I’m still finding things that aren’t convenient for me. Like inserting a picture into a word document. With Internet Explorer I open the “Insert Hyperlink” function in MS Word, open the file in IE from my storage area and bingo the link inserts and gives me a chance to type the displayed text. Using Firefox that doesn’t happen. I’m sure there’s a plugin to get around it. I’ve spent about half an hour searching, but so far “no cigar”.


Day 3 of using Firefox. Went to check my e-mail today and immediately realized that my Outlook Express wasn’t integrated into Firefox. Did some more looking and found that including Outlook Express may be a bit of a task. Two and a half hours later I am able to send messages using OE in Firefox but no way can I receive them. Don’t have any more time for configuring today. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. So far, it’s getting a little tedious, and because of the time, costly.

Day 4 of trying to use Firefox. The honest truth is that I didn’t use Firefox today. I had too much work and that involved using Email and some other functions that I just couldn’t find in Firefox. At the end of the workday I gave it a go again just to live up to my pledge but basically my work requirements prevented me from using Firefox. Well to be fair, my preference for Outlook Express makes Firefox less convenient.

Day 5 of using Firefox. Day 5 has me back on track. Even without the integration of Outlook Express I managed to focus on using Firefox. I used Firefox faithfully all day and only a couple of times clicked the IE icon by accident. It’s not very convenient and I must tell you that I’m not comfortable with it. I hate leaving the browser to check and send e-mail.

Day 6 of using FireFox and IE. Today I know why I don’t like Firefox. It’s because I can’t integrate the things I like into it. I gave it a halfhearted attempt but I know the switch is doomed.

Day 7 I’m using IE. Sorry, just not going to happen. I love Outlook Express for my e-mail and although I’ve tried others, including Thunderbird, I’m staying with Outlook and as a result Internet Explorer. Not only that but I just like IE. No use switching just for the sake of switching.

Firefox vs. IE Pros and Cons


  • Less memory use: which leaves more for your system and other tasks. This was a much-needed improvement and is still a problem for IE.
  • Firefox is faster: I can’t prove it but if they say so I’ll go with it. It opens pages fine and I don’t see any major lags. It’s certainly not slower than IE.
  • More Secure: I can only say that when going to questionable sites I receive fewer popups and Hijackers while using Firefox. I’ve always viewed Firefox as better at stopping spyware but just don’t visit risky places very often, unless it’s for “research” of course.
  • Unlimited and cool plugins is the part that I always overlook. I’ll explore these options completely this time.
  • Amazing bar: most love it some hate it but I just ignore it. I believe this will fall into the Pros column for most users.


  • Cannot integrate Outlook Express: after several hours of trying. I’ve found how to use Outlook Express to Send e-mail within Firefox but not receive them. For me this is a big problem. There are lots of queries and suggestions on the web, but so far all suggestions fail. Please don’t ask why I don’t use Thunderbird or another program. I like Outlook Express and don’t like the others. It’s that simple.
  • Tabbed Browsing: yes, I know, everyone likes tabbed browsing, but I don’t use it.
  • Links: or bookmarks as the case may be. I just want a links bar. I don’t care about the amazing bar, or all the new search features. I just want a simple links bar, not something tied to bookmarks, or frequency of use and related searches, just a links bar. Right now I have Firefox configured with a Bookmarks bar. Is that different from a links bar?
  • File Download: there is no “run” option in Firefox. In Internet Explorer I have the choice of running from the current location or downloading. Firefox doesn’t offer that option. It also doesn’t give me the choice of where to save each file. I can set the default location in another place but that would be a hassle to change for each download. There is a plugin for that in previous versions, but I haven’t found it for Firefox 3 yet. I’ll let you know.

I know Firefox is gaining users but IEs native features keep it in the lead. Yes, there are plugins for Firefox, but just comparing the basic programs has Internet Explorer winning the race for me.

I’m sure if I was smart enough and had enough time I could accomplish the task, but having a busy schedule prohibits that. It just takes too long. I bet I’m not the only dummy in the world either. There are plenty of people who just don’t see the need for switching to Firefox.

For those who say, “just look how it’s gaining in popularity”, I say “yes”, just look. It’s been almost 8 years. It’s sitting at approximately 19% world wide, depending on whose figures your quoting, and although it’s gaining market share it’s been a long slow process. Is it a “Bust”? No, absolutely not, but it’s not a “Must” either. The sooner it gets over it’s aversion to Outlook Express the better if will be for us and Firefox. Lets hope the Firefox 3.0 replacement, already in the works, will accomplish this.

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161 thoughts on “Firefox 3, A Must Or A Bust?”

  1. I like Firefox on my Windows XP computer simply because if does not continually crash like IE does. It is not consistent but when using IE and opening some other windows, everything will shut down. I have tried several things to solve it (you know, Windows always says to check viruses, cookies etc) but could never fix the problem. Firefox has never crashed!!

  2. Sure stick with IE – saves you a lot of time. It takes quite an effort to install all that spyware manually under FF. IE is very convenient.

  3. Zolar, Cincinnati, Ohio

    “File Download: there is no “run” option in Firefox. In Internet Explorer I have the choice of running from the current location or downloading. Firefox doesn’t offer that option.”

    Ummmm….maybe it does that because you should scan the file first with an antivirus/antispyware program FIRST?

    Like all ‘smart’ computer people try to do?

    Whenever I use Firefox and want to check emails, I just leave Outlook Express minimized. Or I can use one of the IM’s or even Incredimail (wife uses that one).

    It just looks like you are too comfortable with Microsoft products.

    Maybe you should try Linux for a couple of months and see how the other half lives?

  4. I have used Firefox for years now, but I HATE FF3. I seriously feel you should download Firefox 2 (I believe the latest security update is 2.0.20) and try that instead. It doesn’t change the integration issue much, but IMO, everything that people complained about IE (being bloated and whatnot), FF3 seemed to integrate. It became a fat, hairy, version of what it used to be.

  5. Sure, just get rid of OE. Use either G-Mail or one that works great is Incredimail and it’s a freebie.
    IE has sucked big time for years. FF is ten times the browser that IE is and works flawlessly for me but of couse I am also not big on downloading all the security fixes that MS puts out. I do believe that is a huge problem with Windows. I run plenty of Spyware stoppers and a good Security suite and never have problem that it does not catch. My system runs circles around one that has had all the MS updates done on it.

  6. I just recently loaded firefox for the first time (I now use it instead of IE). I am using outlook express. It seems to work ok, except I cannot print from OE. I can print fine from all other apps, including firefox. Can anybody help me with this issue?

  7. I’m actually hooked on IE8 now. It’s as fast as any browser I’ve tried. Seems very secure. Has many new features I like, including resume (like FF).

    The only sticking point for me now is Java not working correctly. It requires Java 6 update 10, and not many sites are compatible yet with that version. Most pages that use Java 6 update 7 don’t display properly. However, once that’s sorted out, I see no reason to keep FF or Google Chrome any longer. 🙂

    BTW, anyone who says IE7 has never crashed on them has never opened enough tabs/pages. I can duplicate the crash on every system. Right around 30 pages, or 4-5 pages with 20 tabs each, IE7 stops loading pages. I’ve found that the URL tends to stick with the last one that loaded properly, no matter what link is clicked. Then eventually I can’t right click on anything anymore, until the browsers are closed.

    IE8 Beta2 seems to have fixed this issue. 🙂

  8. Your review is bias and untrue. I have been using FF for years and it is light years ahead of IE and the security is far better than IE will ever be. Who cares about OE integration with FF. I agree with the other guy about Tabs not being a con. If it was a con, then why did IE7 include them. Hint, hint they finally got a clue that people want them.

    I only use IE7 when forced to and as a developer, FF is the browser of choice because IE7 doesn’t have the add-ins to handle the debugging stuff needed.

    Is FF perfect? No, but it is far much better than IE7.

    That’s my 2 cent from a user that was up and running version 3 in 15 minutes.

  9. Terrance Hudson

    I like Firefox. I like IE7. Yes, you read it correctly. Here is how I use It. I have dual displays. My wife’s e-mail account stays open on IE and my account is open on Fox, This way we can have access to both bookmarks and our favorite toolbar without touching the others stuff. (NO FIGHTING or excess click-loading) Very good if you both have the same e-mail client (yahoo, g mail, etc.) They both have there strong points, I have been using Firefox for a long time. I like the way it “feels” IE is okay for me too but some things just don’t act the way I like. As with most things Humans deplore change unless the advantage out ways the learning curve.. USE WHAT YOU LIKE LIKE WHAT YOU USE!!!! But don’t be afraid to REALLY try something new. I HATE-HATE Outlook!!! Why complain about add ons? If you don’t use it then you will never have to download it, If you download it you will only need to do it once. (I have downloaded many IE7 add ons so why is FF any diff? ) If I don’t use it It may as well not be taking up space (and resources) on my PC, I need all the power/resources my Q6600/4Gddr2/1TB PC can give me. My daughter uses win98 and what she does on her PII/600 pc works fine for her. She thinks her PC is as fast as mine. Crazy thing is her’s boots FASTER than mine!!! Its all a mater of what you are used to. My advice is to try something new, I mean really try (this may mean reading a how-to!!!!) and you may find that it has something you like that out ways the negative (like tabbed browsing-I use too much) Off topic- Try Linux on that old system that you think is too slow with XP, You will be blown away!! It is not hard It is just DIFFERENT.

  10. Firefox should have been reviewed by someone who used it, not by someone who has habits he does not want to break. Firefox is an excellent browser and Thunderbird is an excellent Email client. The lack of Pop Ups and Spyware/Malware IS the primary reason to use it, Now just some cute feature. It is far more secure and customizable. Shogan should leave reviews to people who actually want to try the product, not just glance at the surface because their boss said so.

  11. In many ways, the “battle” between Internet Explorer and Firefox comes down to three things: looks, familiarity and e-mail. Bottom line: I have never (and I mean *never*) liked how IE looks. It has always been gawky to me; when I first saw Opera, I realized that this was something that had always bugged me, but without a comparison, I couldn’t put my finger on it. After switching to Firefox several years ago, I find IE to be even more awkward. And it *is* slower. I’ve done side-by-side comparisons, and IE loses 8 times out of ten; the other two it’s a virtual dead-heat. As for e-mail, I am strictly web-based, and have no need for nor interest in anything fancy. I keep no e-mail on either of my machines, and have no use for Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora or any other client. As for the third aspect, familiarity, if you really like how IE works, and you know where everything that you want is, and the neat things that make FF nice *for me* (I love tabs, for example) don’t turn you on, then IE is going to work for you. The security issue is not nearly as big a problem with IE as it is made out to be, and FF is not nearly as secure as it used to be, mainly because those naughty boys and girls who just cannot find anything useful to do with their time have targeted Firefox more over the last couple of years. If one takes reasonable care of where one is going, cyberspace is a safe enough place with any browser, safer than the Ventura-San Diego Freeway interchange at 5:30 PM on a Thursday is! I prefer Firefox because it is simple, clean, quick and has some nice options that I can add easily. I’m quite familiar with it, and it has never crashed on me, which earlier versions of IE did do, although it has been years, and I suspect that any such in current versions are more caused by outside forces rather than a specific IE design fault.

    Now, if only we could convince designers of commercial websites that all that graphics nonsense does them no good at all if it takes two or three minutes to load, causing most of us to go somewhere else, no matter *which* browser we are using.

  12. Actaully Opera is no longer the fastest, actually it never was, there were a few browsers faster. Likely that you don’t know about them, but needless to say. Firefox 3 holds the crown for the fastest if only comparing Opera, Firefox, and Internet Exploder.

    When you toss in Linux browsers, such a lynx, and konqueror, none of the three you mentioned are in the ballpark 😉

  13. When two people fight the third one wins 🙂 Opera is faster than both and better looking.

    FF had bugs that’s why i quit and IE too little options too use.

  14. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it – just be accurate about your reasons why you don’t like it. Well-informed opinions are a little more convincing than poorly-informed ones.

  15. This article is slightly disingenuous in keeping with some of the more objective comments posted above.

    The “Links Bar” is called the “Bookmarks Toolbar” feature in Firefox. You can drag and drop links to it, edit them, etc. Very easy to use. It’s also on by default, with links in it by default. I always thought it was pretty intuitive.

    You CAN get OE to integrate with Firefox 3, starting as mentioned with Get Mail – You DO have to make Firefox your default browser to make links from OE open in FF.

    As far as getting links into Word and the like in an easy fashion, have you tried simply dragging and dropping the URL from the bar? Click and drag the icon in the URL bar to a document. It’s fast and easy. It won’t prompt you for the URL text, but you can easily edit that in Word. To me, that seems like fewer clicks than the method you described! (But I might not be understanding what you mean.)

    The learning curve on any new software is always there, even if it varies in steepness. Try actually learning about the features and possibilities of the software before you say that it is not capable of doing what you want it to do.

    I find it disappointing that a tech writer would opine that they tried and tried to kick the habit in any serious fashion, but doesn’t seem to actually look at the features available. Maybe you did not document your work to actually learn about the functioning of the program? I am surprised getting FF to open url emailto links takes 2 hours! Google searches like “send email outlook firefox” or similar provide answers within the first handful of links! I know you were trying to compare them in terms of base functionality, but that’s a bit silly in my opinion. BOTH browsers highlight that they’re extensible and utilize plugins and add-ons (yes, IE7+ supports add ons, as well as plugins, for those of you unaware.) If OE support is a major killer for you, and can be found in a few minutes of Google use, is the situation truly so dire? As mentioned by a few others, MS has actively attempted to BREAK interoperability with 3rd party apps and I am happy that plugin and add-on writers manage to remedy that.

    As a side note, I use both IE and FF3 – equally timewise. I find that FF is less prone to cruft and issues than IE7. I use both because I do web design and need to check browser behavior. I have had far more security issues with IE7 (carpet-bomb installs, etc) and have had more lock-up issues with IE. IE8 does a better job of recovering now, a la Firefox’s session restore. Just my experience, though!

    I do realize this isn’t a review, but sheesh .. it DOES help if you make it sound like you know what you’re talking about a little more or make it sound like you made a little more effort to truly give something up.

  16. I read the article and the the replies, and have to say I am a little confused. I tried FireFox on my computer, and while it did appear to be slightly faster, it caused a bad set of interactions with my Omni Pass software for web site passwords.

    I gave up un-installed the software and will now try Safari or Opera, and see if they might give me a better outcome.

    I used Outlook Express for years for mail, it had a small footprint, but this year upgraded to Outlook so that I can use it for both my ISP email account, and my Hotmail account. It works for me, probably not for everyone, but I say to each his email accounts that work for them!

  17. Can’t understand why one persons opinion is rubbished simply because he views one browser over another as easier to use, I use IE7 and contrary to those who have had crashes and frozen screens, this has never ever happened to me “EVER” I use both IE and FF and I find both to be superb, but the crashing and freezing that FF users moot as the reason for using FF is a little silly for rubbishing a perfectly working browser in IE

    It comes down to preference and choice IMHO, If you like FF – then use FF, If you like IE, use that and if your like me and enjoy the functionality of both, use both

    Hell I do and I sure don’t have an ill feeling against one or the other, My brother swears by FF yet still uses IE, I swear by IE and yet still use FF and those loop holes many speak and post of, never seen em and never had an attack of any kind

    I like IE and I like FF or do you haters work for FF?

  18. I love Firefox and would never go back to IE again after using Firefox. My main problem with Firefox is that it doesn’t have a plugin for Blaxxun Contact, forcing me to use IE when I want to visit Cybertown and use the 3D options. Otherwise, I don’t use IE any more other than for windows updates. However, I use Outlook Express if only because Thunderbird does not support the “http” server. Most of my email addresses are hotmail and webtv (which stupid hotmail took over). To download them, I have to use Outlook Express. I have Thunderbird installed, but cannot use it because it won’t download mail from http. If anyone knows how to fix that, I would dump OE in a heartbeat!

  19. Hey thx for your report but I got to say you got me to download Firefox. I have been using IE all my computer years (10+) and after reading your report I see no reason to use IE. Who cares about Outlook (I dont, dont use it) and uploading a word file come on lol. Seriousely tab browsing a con ?? They have that IE so that really didn’t make sense to me.
    No ofense to the author but your whole articles just shows how stuck you are on old and outdated technology. No tab browsing ?!?!?!!?!?!? (LOL)

  20. So, what you’re saying is that because Firefox doesn’t have MICROSOFT’s operating system features (Run), MICROSOFT’s email application (Outlook Express), and MICROSOFT’s word processing application (Word) integrated into the WEB BROWSER, it just isn’t as good as MICROSOFT’s web browser (IE). Thank you for such an objective review of Firefox.

  21. I joined Firefox a few years ago and have never looked back. IE might be solid but so slow to make changes. I love the fact that i can get firefox to look like i want, to have plugins that i want.. it restores pages for me etc.. the list goes on. I will never go back.. and on top of that i got over the outlook express thing by going to incredimail and having someone write up a plugin to go on my page for mail. live outside the square guys

  22. I can’t believe anyone would use programs that are sure to help with viruses…..getting them that is.
    I think most will agree that most viruses are written to attack through IE and OE. I refuse to use either of them. I switched to Netscape about 9 years ago but wasn’t really happy with the way it worked. About 3 or 4 years ago, I switched to Firefox. I can honestly say that have never gotten a virus since I switched to Firefox. I find Firefox to be very stable, fast and easy to use. I can’t ever see myself using anything other than Firefox. IE sucks and so does Microlimp!!!!

  23. The bottom line is that ie fills your hard drive with junk and firefox doesn’t. The only time I get into trouble with little unwanted beasties in my computers is when I need to use ie because whatever I happen to be doing doesn’t work with firefox. Otherwise, firefox is my default browser. Sooner or later, firefox will also mess up your computer, but for now, it’s much better than ie. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

  24. I don’t think you fully committed to really trying to use firefox. Plus, you’re the only person I know of now that still uses OE. I’ve been using firefox and thunderbird for the longest time and just feel more comfortable with them. Ofcourse you can argue that I don’t fully commit to trying IE, but why should I?????

  25. Hello C Wood.

    I understand why you made this comment and think that would be the normal reaction, however I’ve not had a virus in the last 9 years, other than the one I contracted in the Dominican Republic that lasted for a week and a half.

    I did intentionally download a HiJacker once for information for an article.

    I’m not recommending others operate without an AV, but I also know that just installing an AV doesn’t guarantee you won’t be infected. Keeping the definitions updated and virus “prevention” are key.

  26. Well at least there is one person of know of that still uses IE. I have used Firefox for the last year and can’t believe how much faster it runs than IE. Less trouble with viruses and spyware than IE. I didn’t realize people still used Outlook Express. Mozilla rocks. Maybe one day they may bring out an operating system. Bound to be far superior than anything Microsoft can produce.

  27. Just think about this. 19% that is the # quoted in the article for FF market share. That 19% made a conscious decision to install FF. lets say IE market share is the rest of that (which it’s not) that puts it at 81%. Of that 81% how many of those people made a conscious decision to use IE and how many are using it just because it was there when they turned on their system?

  28. You misunderstand me Steve.

    I am not saying that you haven’t briefly tinkered with other applications and software.

    Read again what I said.

    I said you use what Microsoft has forced on people, and that you have been using it for so long that anything else feels alien to you.

    Such is the case with “most users”.

    I have been using Linux for so many years not that Microsoft’s products feel alien to me, yet I always take the time to get proficient in understanding them and using them.

    While they certainly never get any use on my main desktop or laptop, there is almost always one computer with the latest Microsoft Operating system in my house.

    I can almost guarantee that I give them a much more exhaustive work out and do much more research in getting familiar with them then you give other operating systems and software.

    That isn’t to say you haven’t taken a look at other things, but to say, you don’t take the time to get “familiar” with them, and don’t take the time to get “proficient” in their use.

    BTW, you simple email problem with Firefox is because you haven’t set it as your default browser. No need for extra plug-ins.

    On a side note, interesting isn’t it, if I install IE on my computer it doesn’t interact with Kmail, Evolution, Thunderbird, or the plethora of email applications I have available to me.

    Perhaps you should be knocking Outlook Express for it’s inability to interact “non_Microsoft” products rather then the other way around.

    Because you see, Microsoft goes out of their way to avoid compatibility with anything it sees as a competitor, and if not for the numerous lawsuits they have lost, nothing would even run on Windows, unless MS didn’t view it as a competitor. 😉

  29. Callum, I do use Gmail. I use it everyday. I also use Outlook Express. I like Outlook Express. I use it because I like it not because I haven’t used anything else. I also use hotmail, and have used Thunderbird although I don’t use it currently. Also there are lots of people, prefessional and otherwise that use MS products. There are more people who have never used Firefox or dislike it than use it. That’s according to the poll of our users on the home page and that shows a higher use than is quoted for world wide use.

  30. I’ve been using firefox for about 3 years and dabble a bit with both opera and flock.These 3 browsers kick ie’s butt in performance and security and I don’t even bother with the microsoft rubbish unless a site insists I use it.Fortunately those sites are numbered and reducing.We all have an opinion and that’s fine. My opinion is microsoft’s arrogance in dictating to the world as to what we NEED is making some of us look to the alternatives and discovering that there is other/better options out there.Why make the average user who can do everything they need to do on an XP machine suddenly upgrade to this bloated vista? My customers are more than happy with xp and some are starting to be concerned that soon they will have no choice. This is where the mighty penguin comes in and I’m happy to say that these average users are impressed with what they see.So keep it up microsoft, drive all your loyal customers away and the open source world will benefit.

  31. I agree with the issues on the downloads (I save most things to my extra hard-drive and then run them to install there). Another issue is that there is no way to control the zoom features like on IE so that if the website’s font is too small, etc., your controls are limited. The pros do look good and I have also found that Firefox is faster, but we are used to the ability of controlling where to put things, etc. If they’d address those issues, I’d really be happy with Firefox.

  32. Wouldn’t it have been fairer to ditch Outlook Express for a week as well as Internet Explorer? Of course if you stop using one M$ product but continue doing everything else with M$ programs it’s not going to be as easy. That’s exactly how Microsoft have made their millions. Try using thunderbird, or gmail for a fairer comparison.

    As for your con list, I think every one of them could be solved with a plug-in. And since when is tabbed browsing a con? Just open it in a new window if you don’t like tabs!

    I can’t believe this was written by a professional. I didn’t think there were any professionals out there who still used IE, except for web designers who need to test that it’s buggy non-standards compliant rendering won’t mess up their web site.

  33. Can’t say that I agree with the article but I would pose the question? Who would take advice from a self professed user of Outlook Express who according to his own post in these comments doesn’t use ANY anti-virus protection?

  34. I agree with Steve.

    I’m sick and tired of FF being pushed as the ”be all, end all.” It isn’t. While FF3 works fine with my laptop (FF2 kept uninstalling itself and graphics were horrible looking with it), I have yet to find any of the so-called wonderful extras all that wonderful and a pain in the neck to use.

  35. At last we get an honest “opinion” of Firefox and the self-ordained sophisticates are up in arms.

    Thanks, Steve, for your thoughts on the great “untouchable” Firefox. They jibe precisely with my own experience.

  36. William McCann

    I used Firefox version 2.0 for a year with great success. I recently downloaded 3.0 and have found it less stable than 2.0. It appears the reason it allows you to log off after a crash and then log on again with the programs that were on line when you crashed, is more of a necessity than a nice option. I don’t know whether it is possible to revert back to 2.0 or not but I will certainly try to do so.

  37. You quote of Firefox “It also doesn’t give me the choice of where to save each file.” That is utter [edited by administrator]. Tools > Options > Main > “Always ask me where to save files” will allow Firefox to ask you EACH AND EVERY TIME where to save files, whether you want to save them, open them with a program (which you also state that it does not do). If you can’t figure out something that simple, then there is no reason why you should put that as a con.

    Also, tabbed browsing as a con? If you hate it so much, then don’t use it! Tools > Options > Tabs > “New pages should be opened in:” > “a new window”

    And you have the [edited by administrator] to sit there and say that every word you said is true, when I spent less than five minutes voiding three of your reasons you don’t use it. The only real reason you have for not using Firefox now is that it doesn’t work with Outlook Express. Why the hell _would_ Mozilla decide to work flawlessly with Outlook? Outlook is a Microsoft product, and isn’t available for more than half of the OS’s that Thunderbird is. Not only that, but Thunderbird is Mozilla’s creation. It’s much simpler to make one program work with another if you made them both. Not only that, but I doubt that Microsoft would let Mozilla integrate Outlook Express without paying a fee. It’s simply not worth it. However, just because you spent five minutes searching for an answer doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Simple Mail ( ) is an email client for Firefox, and is an alternative to both Outlook Express and Thunderbird.

    “Open source isn’t better source.” That may be true of some programs, but for those good ones, there’s nothing like them. Audacity, for example, is one of the best wave editors there is, and it’s completely free. Gimp is a free replacement of Photoshop. Ultimate Paint is a better replacement of Paint (or Photoshop, depending on your viewpoint). Pidgin is a replacement of IM clients. Notepad++ is a great alternative to Notepad. 7-ZIP is an alternative to WinZip. Eclipse is a near flawless Java/C++ IDE. The list goes on and on. Seeing how careful you were to note that “lots of the things that are said to be better are just different”, I’m surprised you failed to notice that while it may be different, it’s free. And having a choice between a hundred-dollar program and a free direct replacement of that program is what makes the free one “better”.

  38. Hold on there Townspeople. Put down the burning torches and take a second look.

    1. I never intended this article to be a review of Firefox. It’s stated quite clearly that I’m taking a week to “kick the habit” of IE. This is clearly not a review.

    2. Biased? Yes, of course my opinion is biased. The whole article is about my bias and habits. When the begining states that I don’t feel the “warm and fuzzies” that others feel, I think that pretty much puts things on the table and in clear sight.

    What I didn’t make so obvious was that I’ve used Firefox for years. I stated that it’s always on my desktop. It’s just not my default browser. It’s not that I don’t use Firefox, it’s that I don’t feel the “warm and fuzzies” that are obviously felt by the “Give Me Firefox or Give Me Death” group. Before Firefox I used Opera. I still occasionally use Opera.

    3.Add Ons. Here’s a good quote for the Add/On situation. “went into the test with a negative attitude, and assumed that everything that didn’t work for you was either not available or broken. Firefox has literally hundreds of Add-ons available to customize it to your hearts content.” Yes, I know there are add ons. That’s why I stated this, “Yes, there are plugins for Firefox, but just comparing the basic programs has Internet Explorer winning the race for me.” I also mention the time needed to find, add, and use the plug-ins and add-ons. If you look at the clickable thumb you’ll see an example of an Add-on that I used.

    4. One of the better suggestions was from a FireFox user named Dave. He suggests that I should be driving a Grande Caravan. Well I’m glad to say that Dave is right. I’ve been driving Grande Caravans for years. I love them.

    5. I note that some are concluding that I’m recommending the use of IE. I’m not. Nowhere in the article do I recommend that people should use IE.

    6. Comment from Bruce. “Steve uses what Microsoft has given him, he has rarely if ever used other applications or operating systems,” Bruce you know better. I have installed and used Linix operating systems several times in the past and at one point kept a computer with Linux installed for about a year. You, in fact, gave me help and at one point we determeined that at least some of the obsticles I encountered on my second time using Linux were due to the hardware I was using. Nvidia hardware specifically. Several times I’ve suggested Linux to people who don’t want to buy Windows products. I’ve also downloaded and recommended Open Office in the past. As for application use, I think you probably didn’t mean to suggest that, as you’ve sent me open source programs and operating systems in the past. I think I can say with certainty that being someone who has not only used but installed Linux Red Hat and Ubuntu several times to my own systems would put me into the minority of computer users. I’m just not one who pushes open source software.

    So to those of you who thought this was a review, I apologize. I thought I had made it clear that this was just a light article exploring why I don’t use Firefox. You can be sure that I’ll make it even more obvious next time.

    Now, I’m taking my Dodge Caravan and going to the hospital to get some stitches from being beaten about the head by raging Firefox users.

  39. I can’t stop laughing at the number of fanbois that can’t tell the difference between op-ed and a review.

    The article is the man’s opinion. Get over it.

    And to top it off if one’s opinion of FireFox doesn’t agree with these Einsteins it’s because you’re mentally deficient! Too funny!

  40. I am very distressed to read such a biased and clearly unresearched article on PC Pitstop. I have been a faithful reader of Pitstop articles now for over three years and have never seen this level of unprofessional writing – this article was clearly not up to Pitstop standards which distresses me to no end. I have just read through a myriad of answers to this article touting other people’s preferences of browsers, email clients and operating systems and some of the responses even touch on the greatest shortcoming of all which; to me, is the fact that this atrticle was NOT a review of FireFox. From the first sentence I knew what the “author’s” conclusion was to be – he had already decided before starting his “research” what his opinions were and he in no way intended to change his pre-concieved conclusions! All in all I feel that there was a great error on the part of the editors to approve of this article for publication. BTW, I am not even a FF user, so this in no way is a response to his opinions of FireFox, but a response to a very badly done article!!

  41. Here is what I get from this article.

    Steve uses what Microsoft has given him, he has rarely if ever used other applications or operating systems, thus anything but their products feel alien to him. In the process of years of using old and outdated operating systems and applications he has become exactly what the type user Microsoft has worked hard to create and counts on.

    In other words locked in, locked out and totally dependent on inferior products because of lack of knowledge and experience, and anything other then what he is “used to” is claimed to be too difficult or too hard.

    The reality Steve is like many users who buy OEM computers, they use what is forced on them, they use it for so many years that using anything else is just too much of a hassle.

    Thus the syware, malware, virus folks will continue to have a field day, and Microsoft will continue to hope and pray that enough people like this are still out there to support them.

  42. Thank you for making up my mind for me.
    I used to run Fire Fox but it annoyed me when it would only download to a specific file sometimes. Other times it reverted to default.
    So I uninstalled it. Wow, I found that it had taken over my entire system and it was a hell of a job to put things right. I still have icons that are not showing correctly.
    I was debating giving FF3 a go, but not now. You have solved a big problem for me. Thanks

  43. Why are you sitting there looking at the thermometer? At least stick you’re toe in the water. OE? Isn’t it “windows” mail now?

  44. I fail to understand the need to receive email in the browser or even why anyone would want to, or how that would even work. I think this guys problem is he thinks he is too busy to learn how to do a few things, probably the result of being spoon fed by MS all these years. I have a laptop that I do not want to use outlook express or any other email program, I use a google mail account for it, and it took me a while to get Firefox to stop opening outlook express. I like the tab function, and found a great add-on called Cool Iris that works like a take a peek window, well it does more than that.
    I actually like the idea of separate programs and if I need to move anything between them, well isn’t that what copy/cut and paste are for? As to his downloading problem I don’t understand unless he doesn’t know that open will run or activate or whatever the files you downloaded. Is he just confused because the names aren’t the same? Plus he could always open and IE tab if he really needs one, a nice after though I think, I mean just try opening a Firefox tab in IE, or importing your bookmarks.
    No Firefox is far superior and the add-ons put it light years into the future over IE.

  45. I too use Outlook Express, but I use it in stand alone, have never used it in any browser. So I am some what confused , about not being able to use it from a browser, I use Ie, but never click my email from inside the browser.
    I am considereing trying Firefox myself now, simply because this has got my curiousity up.

  46. and to follow up, you can set firefox to ask you where to store each download in “tools” under “options”

  47. I use Firefox for browsing and Outlook for Mail.. Are you too lazy to click the Outlook Icon?? My God, You don’t have to have your e-mail in your browser, I prefer Firefox because it loads videos MUCH more seamlessly than IE, plus I can customize it to look how I would like it to look.. and I’m not too lazy to have my Browser and E-mail separate.. You went into this so-called “review” already disliking Firefox.. How about a reviewer with a little integrity?? Someone who will give an HONEST review??

  48. The run feature is stupid because you are still downloading the file just to a temp folder. So basically its still taking up space on your computer you just don’t know exactly were allot of times in IE. Most people don’t realize that and wonder why IE gets slower and slower over time.

    Jumping into Firefox can be different instead of using it on your work computer I would suggest you try it at home and try out the vast extensions and my favorite the themes. You can customize ever aspect of Firefox to your liking. Yes there is a transition stage between firefox and IE but once most people understand they can make the browser tailored to there exact liking they fall in love with FF.

  49. IE constantly hangs up. Firefox does not. I’ve used it now for about 3 years. I only use IE for one site that is not Firefox compatible. I like Firefox allowing you to keep your bookmarks open to hit the 10 or 12 I use in the course of the day. With IE you have to keep clicking the star, which then goes away with some other action on the screen.

  50. I’m not surprised at your eventual ending, but I am surprised that you put tabbed browsing in cons, since IE has it too!

    Browsers, like most mature software, do a LOT more than just browse!

    Because of this, there is a learning curve as with any complicated device. As others have pointed out, there ARE ways to do all of things that you want to do, but just like IE it takes time to find them and learn to use them.

    You did NOT learn IE7 in one week! You learned it starting with a much earlier version and adding to your knowledge over a period of years.

    You cannot expect to learn and feel comfortable with ANY software. IE and FF are actually quite similar in the way they are worked, similar thought patterns were in the designer’s heads.

    Try going from Word to WordPerfect sometime! Corel designers have a thought process which is very different from Word designers (and neither is a “word processing program,” both are really “publishing programs.”

    You actually don’t seem to use very many features of IE, so I’m not certain why you chose or were chosen to do this “test.”

    I ALWAYS load at least one additional browser (FF or Opera, usually) into any Windows installation. This is because sh*t happens, software can break or be broken or infected or deleted. A second browser allows you to at least get online to try and diagnose and fix, or reinstall the malfunctioning component(s.)

    I use FF the most, used to use Opera more, but changed a few years ago for a reason I no longer remember. I use IE only as a last resort.

    The only thing I really have against IE is that MS likes to create non-standard html etc. code that ONLY runs properly in their browser. I wouldn’t mind that either, except that too many webmasters use the stuff without considering the millions of users of other browsers.

    There is a reason for standards.

    How about a REAL review comparing the most popular browsers, feature by feature.

    Oh, one last thing, it is possible to make FF look and behave exactly like IE if for some reason you wanted to do that….

  51. The ONLY advantage I can find with FireFox 3.0 is the ability to access certain porn site on-line videos. They are blocked by IE (dont’ know why) but the FoxyLadies do appear on FireFoxSexyLady browser. Other than that, can’t see any real advantage.

  52. NOT a good review or reviewer. First, he said he was going to try ff for a week, and it is clear from the beginning that he doesn’t like change (an open mind is best for a reviewer). Second, it is clear that he did not use ff for the whole week, only for a while some days, not at all on others. So, how can he make a reasonable review? Besides, using ANY new software would require more than a week to learn and get a feel for it. If he had visited the help/support pages it might have been easier for him. Personally, I don’t care what browser he uses, but if he is recommending to others what to use, it really should have been a fair look at the software.

  53. Judith Hirsch-Fikejs

    I have used Firefox on my PC’s for as many years as it has been around and Safari on my Mac. Now I also use Safari on my PC’s and find it very reliable. I dislike the vulnerability of IE and anyone who downplays the weaknesses and “holes” that Microsoft refuses to either acknowledge or “fix” is not being very open-minded, IMHO. I have not had a crashing success with Thunderbird as it seems to be more complicated than my computer skills level or my time will allow to decipher. It really sounds like it is a matter of an old habit, a cherished comfort-zone which the author is loathe to abandon. I am always saddened when enlightened people refuse to move forward because of old habits.

  54. I’ve been using Firefox for over 3 years now and I love it
    can’t see any reason to stop. I think it’s good to be ranked at 19% world wide,that only means it’s not worth the time for some hacker to exploit.
    One thing that’s also great about Firefox is that most all the add-ons for it were designed by people who had a need for a browser to do some task and designed a program to do that task.
    And best of all,it’s all Free.
    To me Firefox is a MUST , and remember their motto
    ” Please Don’t Hurt The Web “

  55. OMG… That must be the worst review I ever read in my life…
    Outlook express??? Really???

    All the cons you mention are stupid.
    1) There are plug-ins for that (but again, Outlook Express??? REALLY??)
    2)No comments.
    3)Links: Humm?? Looks like drunk talk…
    4) OK, we have a winner. Firefox is way better than IE on this. You can OPEN (or run) OR save to the default location. You like to be bothered about where to save every time you download something? That’s OK! You can select “Always ask me where to save files” JUST BELOW the place you define your default location….


  56. Good grief, what a lousy “review.” Some things can be measured (e.g. speed of rendering the page), but they are not measured. Yet speed is terribly important if actually does much surfing. Security is also measurable. It’s not measured. It’s important. Extensibility (add-ons) are important if they provide key functionality. Not addressed.

    As this goof of a reviewer has wasted my time, I suppose I should quickly say what is bad about FF. First, its protective features, especially as supplemented by add-ons such as NoScript, sometimes make it impossible to play certain multimedia files, particularly video. Solution: use the IE Tab add-on, click on one icon, and use the IE rendering engine. If that doesn’t work–and it almost always does–right mouse click and “run external browser” (i.e. IE). Second, sometimes the integrations with other programs require some configuration, which CAN be a pain. Solution: see above, if you can’t get the integration to work. Third, some pages just don’t work well in FF. Don’t ask me why. But this is very, very rare. However, as the appearance sometimes is different in FF & IE, if you’re a web site designer, you’ll need both.

    In every other way, FF is so vastly superior, both in basic functioning and in its extensibility, that no rational person would prefer IE. You like all those flash ads that constantly besiege you? No. There are add-ons to halt them. You want not to see all those adds? Easily done with add-ons. You want world times on your browser? No problem! Etc., etc, etc.

  57. a guy called Dave

    I noticed alot of people saying that Firefox can’t be integrated with stuff like Windows Update or Outlook… this is wrong… as Firefox can handle plugins and addons, there is a genius one that lets Firefox integrate IE into it… conveniantly called IE Tab. I can’t believe you don’t use Firefox.

    To me Firefox is like cookies, it works quicker that IE7. For me IE is slow and sometimes unreliable.

    Firefox is open sourced and has brilliant extensions out there to maximise your viewing pleasure, and to suit your needs, from Piclens to SaveSession, from DownloadHelper to Auto Shutdown.

    If you want it so Firefox can open IE webpages just go onto Firefoxs website and search IE TAB or you can use this link…

  58. Have been using Firefox for several years, I think that it is much better than IE. The only reasons that I keep IE is to get updates from MS and because my wife uses hotmail. But the new version of IE is such a problem that we have just recently stopped using it with hotmail. No matter what setting we make for the Pop-up blocker on IE (including allow all pop-ups), it always blocks pop-ups. This is a real pain when friends send us links to their pictures and we cannot access them because IE blocks the new window.
    The nice thing about Firefox’s pop-up blocker is that it not only tells you that it blocked a pop-up, it also asks you, at the same time, if you want to allow pop-ups from that site.
    As of now if it wasn’t for MS update I would find some way to dump IE completely off of our computer.

  59. I have been testing my system at pcpitstop since somewhere around IE4.0. I switched to Firefox around v 1.5 and have hoped pcpitstop would support Firefox. Looks like it ain’t gonna happen, but I installed UBUNTU Linux (dual-booting with XP) a few months ago, so I have almost quit using Microsoft bloatware. FF 3.0 on UBUNTU appears to run about 3x the speed of either FF 3.0 OR IE 7.0 on XP.
    I originally shifted to FF because of frequent crashes and file corruption in IE and OE. I used to uninstal and reinstall OE every couple of weeks (often losing mail and address book in the process). I have kept FF & Thunderbird mail up to date ever since my original installation and have never needed to “reinstall” either. I can access my mail files from both XP and UBUNTU, but seldom get on XP now – except to install updates.

    After reading this hatchet job, I have decided my need for pcpitstop is at an end.

  60. I used to use IE7, but gave up when I took a look at FF. IE7 was slower than a dog in winter. IE8 (beta) is even slower. FF is quick and easy to use. After installing a few useful extensions and themes, I’m a happy camper. And who the hell uses OE anymore?

  61. Wow… for once I disagree with you. I am a fan of your site but I have to so disagree with you on what you had to say about Firefox. You can’t teach a old dog new tricks. Your set in your ways with IE is all that is wrong, as Firefox is 100% faster, easier. I run an accounting business out of my home for 8 years now and I never had a problem with Firefox and outlook.

  62. Firefox blows IE away for web developers. I love the following plugins: Firebug (Javascript Debugger), JSview, MeasureIt (measure items on screen), View Source Chart (see the current html document even if changed by javascript), Web Developer, an Yslow (analyze download speeds, file sizes etc.)

  63. This is an opinion piece, not a review.

    I started using Firefox last August (2007) for the Thirty Day Challenge. They taught us how to set it up, what plugins to use and how to use them, and I have a browser that does more than I ever dreamed a browser would do for me. Before that month I was a die-hard IE user, but not after and never again.

    Maybe you should try some training on Firefox before trying to make it work for you in only a week by yourself? In a few hours of training videos Firefox became irreplaceable for me.

    This year, TDC is using Flock. Will likely try it out because of all the great social media it integrates, but most of it can be done in Firefox with the correct addons.

    IE7 – nothing but trouble. Quickbooks can’t update, every time I even open it accidentally I get a spyware infection, it’s slow as molasses on a cold day and has very little functionality in the internet marketing world.

    Why are you so adverse to having two or more apps open at once? I use FF, Outlook and MS Word running all at the same time and have no problems on a 4-year-old machine. I’m considering switching to Thunderbird and open office since I can’t afford the newer versions of MS Office. Google Docs also work great for free.

    However, all that said, my next computer will be a Mac, and I’ll run either Firefox or Flock as my browser. Just because Microsoft is bigger and more popular by default doesn’t make it better, and never will.

    BTW, you can get a Macbook for about $1200, comparable in price to a PC notebook computer that’s a little more than very basic. If you have a monitor and want a desktop machine you can get a Mac mini for $599.

    No one I know buys the most basic machine new. Why get a new computer if you can’t have some of the bells and whistles? My first PC that did almost nothing compared to machines today was $2000.

    Next you’ll want a mainframe…

  64. This article makes me want to tear my hair out. Obviously the author, and PC Pitstop as an organization, have a vested interest in diminishing the steady increase in popularity and the overall superiority of Firefox.

    Anyhoo, to sum up what the author says, Firefox 3 is a must, unless you need browser integration with Outlook Express, in which case, it is a bust. Outlook freaking EXPRESS!

  65. Great discussion – I too am a great fan of Firefox, been using for couple of years from version 1.0. At one stage had a problem viewing .pdf files, but that got “fixed” as well. The add-ons solve all sorts of probs – I can right click, click on “View in IE” and presto, page is viewed in IE, no loading IE etc. Another great add-on is Download Helper – lets you download any video off the web (e.g. TouTube movies, etc). Then using a player like FLV player, you can play them back “offline” anytime. Another great feature – if any sort of crash and FF closes down with multi tabs open, when it restarts, asks if you want to resume and allows you to go back where you were – tabs and all.
    I’m one of those simple ones that is happy to use OE for mail – but that is no problem, I have an icon for OE and one for FF in the quick launch bar and work with both open all the time.
    I guess it just comes down to preference, but FF gets my vote hands down. Cheers.

  66. Urban Underbrink

    Everyone has bad habits and Outlook Express is one of those ( in my opinion ). Thunderbird is at least twice as good an email program as Outlook Express and you can run Firefox and Thunderbird at the same time thus achieving a quality internet experience. But I’m not concerned if you aren’t!

  67. Furthermore, what would MS be doing to us if it were not for a few teeny competitors? Without competition we might be paying to get IE, perhaps major updates to all of its software. Sorta like the good old days before Toyota and Honda showed up when we had a choice of Ford, GM and Chrysler – the three US companies were building total junk. Today it is still junky compared to Toyota and Honda. How long does it take GM to reverse engineer a Japanese car? Answer: as long as it takes MS to produce an XP3 without major bugs. Any employee ever get fired by MS because software was buggy? Or is it such a company-wide thing so large that most of them would get busted. I do not want software that does everything — I want a core program for which I add what I want. Isn’t that what is going on with FF? Don’t like tabbed browsing? Do not present a straw man argument, just don’t use it — and do not describe things like it in such a way that others will not try it.

  68. I have downloaded firefox 4 times and deleted it as many times and I totally agree with you on everything you have stated. I have been trying it because I have a bug in my adobe flash player 9 which throwers me off the net if it doesn’t like the web site I am on. I installed Ibero which has a flash blocker and that works for me now, but I thought firefox would cure the problem, but it didn’t.I’m all IE7

  69. I dont understand.
    What do you mean integrate OE into Firefox?
    I use XP professional version Outlook as my email client. In the past I used OE but always used it alone. I have been using Firefox for about a year now. But occasionally use IE.
    Would like to hear more about integrating Outlook into IE.

  70. Bringer of truth

    your all missing the biscuit…opera is the way foreward.

    it may take a while to set up initially to get it looking and working how you like, but once thats done it blows ff, IE and safari out of the water

  71. Maybe its because you are inept. I had no trouble putting a picture into Word, just right click the picture, choose copy and simply paste into Word.

    As for using Outlook Express…that says it all. Why would you want to read your emails from your browser anyway…why not simply open up the program itself…lame excuse and bone idle laziness. Has anyone ever told you that checking your emails directly from a browser is not exactly the safest thing to do…especially when that browser is IE. Do you know anything?

    It appears from your article not only are you inept you are bone idle to boot.

  72. I have been using FF for sometime now, in conjunction with Yahoo Mail. I do nt get virus attacks, or have any problems with system crashes. Also have “msn” loaded on the system to keep in touch with a few people who prefer not to use skype or yahoo messenger. FF is faster, more secure, easier to use and does all I need it to do.Ie is plagued with glitches that I cannot be bothered to work around. Ymail is secure,has excellent spam filters and allows me to attach word documents easily and efficiently. I am, in conclusion, happy with my setup, and would not move back to an ie based system. In essence, “if it aint broke don t fix it”.
    dlw uk.

  73. Just out of curiosity…are you still running Win95 also?

    I admit I haven’t switched to ff 3.0, but Outlook Express? Are you kidding?

  74. Is this a knock microsoft site? Why do FF users have to slander IE7 to make their point?
    Only need to list any features FF has that IE doesn’t to make a choice. All browsers have their good and bad points. The perfect one has not yet been invented that can cope with the hundreds of different computer specs out there.
    So stop whinging and just make a choice that suits you.

  75. I used to love Firefox, but after 3.0 came out, I switched to Opera. That’s because Firefox 3.0 is bloatware and slow, and takes too much RAM. Even IE takes too much RAM on my system.

    Occasionally, I’ll run into a site that requires either IE or Firefox, so I’ll use Firefox Portable 1.5 [not 3.0] for that particular site. But Opera does allow me to mask or identify itself with a site as any of the browsers they ask for.

    However, Opera is my main browser. Its fast, meets all my needs, and is generally my home a lot more often than getting into software or games.

    Your review is extremely biased and doesn’t even sound like you had any interest in the project. Something tells me you were paid to do a review. My roommate stopped using Outlook when he realised how easy it is to get a virus and other badware from it. He’s learned that there’s always something different or better out there and you don’t have to Microsoft your whole world up just because its “mainstream”.

    And PCPitstop, update your Neptune pages. Neptune works again. And please, start supporting Firefox, Opera, any alternative browser. You are behind the times for that. Just because IE does ActiveX is not a good reason to force users to use IE if they don’t want to.

  76. I run Fire fox on both windows xp and ubuntu. Almost all my computers on my home network run both.I have found that all of my boys and my wife prefer fire fox and ubuntu, over xp and IE. They all say XP takes to long to load and run. My wife said XP always crashes and locks up, when she tries access her “e”mail. My wife rarely runs xp and ie anymore. She said “it always crashes and I must reboot”. I did’t teach my family to run this ubuntu software, I just installed it. I told them to try both and run the software they feel that ran the best. Ubuntu has a default browser of fire fox,and once set up runs great. To say fire fox is not browser of choise, in my opinion is wrong. How many people @ microsoft VS. Opensorce write software ? Just my opinon, Bill Gates my hero, But not the only software that runs great.

  77. Is this article about “using Firefox” or rather “Outlook Express”? Did you ditch FF due to Outlook Express?

    Two years ago, I was using Internet Explorer consistently and was infected thrice with malware. I reformatted my system twice and during the third time, some nice folks at the anti spyware forums suggested firefox.

    I was blown over by FF and I’m still using it. Of course, it has flaws. But hey, which software doesn’t?

    Firefox 3 is very nice.

    (Quote):Another horrific con-job of a web browser. Everything they claim it can do is so untrue. Plus it will not save websites of adult-nature. Tried it…hated it…did not…would not work with many sites. IE6 is here to stay!(Quote End)’re trying to be funny? FF is a con-job? What about opera or the other browsers out there? IE is the worst con job out there. The only reason they exist is because Windows is used by most people worldwide.

    (Quote)File Download: there is no “run” option in Firefox.(Quote End)

    Just checked out Firefox and there is an option. Seriously, did you review Firefox properly?

    (Quote)Tabbed Browsing: yes, I know, everyone likes tabbed browsing, but I don’t use it.(Quote End)

    Okay, so don’t use it!Besides, doesn’t IE 7 have tabbed browsing?

    (Quote)unless it’s for “research” of course.(Quote End)

    I use Firefox as my default browser. FF is not for “research only”, neither are the other browsers.

    (Quote)I bet I’m not the only dummy in the world either.(Quote End)

    So, all Firefox users are “Einsteins”??? Is that your point? OMG! And if you claim to be a “dummy”, why write a review about an “Open-Source” browser anyway?

    Get over the view that “Firefox/other open source browsers are only for Geeks”!

    Some alternate titles for this article:

    1. Firefox is nice but I hate it!
    2. I’m a fan of Microsoft Outlook.
    3. I hate all the other browsers (except Internet Explorer) since they’re cooler.

    Could you review Firefox without any bias?

  78. LOL this has become the new hillariously skewed article of the week, thanks PC pitstop for your biased reviews that consider tabbed browsing as a con! clearly, this is the place to go for legitimate reviews!

  79. Clare Obaahema

    you’re kidding, right? i use the outlook express CLIENT along with firefox. ie is plain slow and not worthy of any stress or time. i hope someone more open minded will write. who prefers crashing over browsing? lol

  80. While I can agree with IE users on a few things, I really never use it anymore, pages do not display correctly and I love that when my computer decides to freeze up I can simply open Firefox and it resumes right where I left off.

    The comments in the article above state that Firefox doesn’t allow you to save the files to where you want, this can be fixed in the tools > options menu. There is a checkbox that allows you to save files where you want rather than the default folder.

    Also outlook and outlook express being a microsoft program are plagued with the same problems as the operating systems that they feel a need to rush to the market before solving some basic security problems. I personally run Outlook and at least three times a day it stops responding as does my IE.

    IE is also plagued with media problems where I can’t even open a simple video by clicking a link as I can in Firefox.

  81. I would not take a review like this on any product seriously. Sure the pros and cons are listed at the end, but every day is filled with a seemingly stubborn negativity. The one thing really nagging the critic is that Outlook Express can’t be integrated. Fine. Move on. How about all the amazing features that add security? Look, I hate change, but I had no choice but to switch to Firefox the more I looked into it.

    Yes, “more secure” is listed as a con for FireFox, but the critic takes more time repeating himself about the Outlook Express integration than exploring any of these cons. It can be assumed the critic read “more secure” on a description of FireFox and didn’t even explore the more secure features. For example

    NoScript: Informs you of every single script trying to run on your page, giving you the option to always or only once allowing every certain script–as opposed to the totally insecure and vague IE message “Allow this script?” Which script?

    Flashblock: In IE, you either install Flash and let every Flash element play on your page, or you don’t install it at all. At least, that’s last I checked. With Flashblock, you can set it up to display every Flash element as a box, which one must click on to run. In this way you can choose every specific flash element you want to play. Ever been to a site with a video you want to watch, and had to wait while 5 video ads all over the place load and start to play? How about blocking them from starting, and just clicking the one you want to watch? Pretty handy.

    Privacy: Anyone working in IT understands that when you tell IE to delete all temporary files…it simply doesn’t do it. With Firefox, it does.

    Tabbed Browsing: What kind of review is “Tabbed Browsing: yes, I know, everyone likes tabbed browsing, but I don’t use it.”? That’s supposed to be authentic? And that’s listed as a con on the review. Below the belt. Listen, at first I may have found it confusing. But it’s more confusing as a web developer to have 8-10 IE windows minimized on the Start bar, and now I’ve run out of room, so they’re all listed under one button, which must be clicked to display a drop-up list, and now I have to know by the title which is which. In Firefox, it’s all the same window, and you can tab between windows very easily without taking up all the space on your Windows bar for other minimized programs to be found. Even my mom thought this was amazing when I showed her what you can do with it. For example, if you have a folder in your favorites called “My new home,” where you’ve “bookmarked” 20 homes you’re considering buying, how about right-clicking the folder name, and choosing “Open all in tabs.” You’ll get all 20 pages opened at once, all on their own tab, and you can just tab inbetween. So, sorry the critic doesn’t personally like it, but I felt the need to give a more descriptive explanation of what it does.

    I use PCPitstop very often, and find it to be a very thorough website, but this kind of review really disappoints me.

  82. why would you want to read email from your browser any way? I use outlook from the MS office 2003, and use IE plus FF, but like keeping my email seperate. Just seems safer, and I can actually multi task more quickly (thats why they put the tabs at the bottom, or use the old “alt + tab”) I cant wait for the day we can actually escape MS dominance. Even tried the latest rendition of Netscape about a year or two ago, but it was awful.

  83. My wife and I each have a laptop running Vista. We both use MS Office 2003 and Outlook for email. I switched us both to Firefox 3 because, with the Google Calendar, an entry on one PC can be synced to the Google Calendar on the other computer. And, with an add-on, the Google calendar can be synced to Outlook’s calendar. So either one of us can make an entry on either Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar and it will appear on both calendars on the other computer. I have Google Calendar set as my Home Page that opens when we boot up our computers. I also found it easy to use FF 3 and don’t feel I’ve lost any functionality.

  84. If you want to save items to anywhere apart from the specified location, you just click the ckeck box below where it asis always save here, and y ou can choose every time.

  85. I don’t get it guys.

    He is just voicing his personal opinion. Just like how you guys are bashing him in every comment.

    Imagine if you wrote your favorable comments on a blog and suddenly a whole wad of people come and flame you just because you like IE/Firefox? That’s just immature.

    Suck it up, and learn how to coexist. Microsoft installs Internet Explorer on every new PC. I don’t see anyone complaining about Safari? Just another round of hypocrisy from Firefox users.

    By the way, I am using Firefox 3.0 to write this. I would prefer IE7, but it doesn’t have crash recovery.

  86. You’re using Outlook Express as your mail client? Stick with IE .. the rest of the world has evolved ..

    I wouldn’t use any browser but FF and FF3 is the best one yet. IE6? .. not even Microsoft recommends using IE6 ..

    Yes, I have tried the other browsers .. all of them. FF is still the best IMHO ..

  87. since i do NOT use outlook OR express, i find ff to work for me fine. the thing i LIKE about it is the tab PLUS the option to open another window.

    One window for personal stuff one for biz.
    can open tabs in each one and swap back & forth.

    is there anything i miss about ie?
    and i need to be on literally 2-3 hours a day, in 3-10 min spurts.

    cept with i am reading pcpitstop or the latest IRS regs.

  88. i just don’t understand how someone manages to crash Firefox or does’nt use it because Outlook Express is’nt intertwined into the browser.I have none of these problems.I download pics ,files ,and whatever else and never have a problem.I think Micro$oft has all of you brain washed

  89. FoxFire was a movie with Clint Eastwood, Firefox is an internet browser. Who cares what browser other people use? The best thing about Firefox is that it allows you to attain a degree of independence from Microsoft {or is it Softmicro?}.

  90. I’ve used both IE and FF for years. The only thing that keeps me from staying with IE7 full time is that it crashes when too many windows or tabs are open. Many things keep me from going with FF full time, including I hate the way it copies images (slow as can be and actually locks up the browser at times). I can’t see where either is faster than the other. I believe FF is probably more secure, but have never really had a problem with either as long as my AV and Anti-spyware are up to date. I also use and need Outlook, since we have our own domain. But I never understood how anyone would ever need email to run from a browser. The one thing I love about FF is how it will offer to save the urls I have open when I reboot. If IE did that and quit crashing, I’d have no reason to use FF. To each their own I guess. 🙂

  91. From the looks of if, your not worthy to use FF. FF is far more advanced than the simple mundane areas you examined it. This review is not even worthy of being posted on this techy website.

  92. i have been using Firefox since it came out and would never go back to IE.I use outlook 2000 not the [edited by administrator] Outlook Express.I have no problems at all.I have added a few add ons and am satisfied,good luck with IE.

  93. Reading this article, I was appalled at the lack of enthusiasm and neutrality over trying FF. I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this assessment. If I were as stubborn as the reviewer in my willingness to try things, I’d still be running Mosaic 2.0 or Netscape Navigator 3 on a machine running Windows 95 over a 14.4 dial-up connection. Many things other comments state I agree with, particularly the OE integration comments.

    Through 1995, I used NCSA’s Mosaic. From 1995-1998, Netscape was my browser of choice. From 1998-2006 it was IE, and from 2006 on, I’ve been using Firefox exclusively, using IETab to render the few sites I need to have rendered using the IE engine. My point? Times change and maybe in a few years I’ll ditch FF just like all the others, despite my claims (just like I made with IE) that I couldn’t possibly see a reason to move to another browser. As a reviewer, you have an obligation to open your mind beyond your comfort level to truly test whatever it is you’re reviewing thoroughly, and it is very apparent you completely failed at this this time around.

    This is the most biased, half-baked review I believe I’ve ever seen here. It’s an embarrassment to what I have always viewed as a valuable, objective, neutral resource–until now.

  94. GG on making the internet hate you!

    How the [edited by administrator] can somebody using Outlook AND IE be allowed to write such an article. If you prefer this stuff, well, stfu and dont tell anyone, but dont write an article about the IE beeing better than the FF, seriously, way togo man.

  95. Bill Childress

    I’ve been using Firefox now for over 4 years and it has had it’s ups and downs. I love a lot of the features that it offers, But I don’t sweat the negatives much. If it needs a
    plug-in I just install and go! If not that’s okay too! I like the tabbed feature and everything is where I need it.
    BIG PLUS!! IT’S SECURE!! I have used IE7 and it sucks to me, So! I’ll stick to what I like the best and you can use what suits you best. That’s the way it works. I have some programs that require IE6 or better for viewing their content and works for too! Firefox just won’t work for everybody, But! For me it’s just fine.

  96. I was a casual user of IE7, mostly for web browsing etc. I switched to foxfire cause a friend said IE7 had major security problems and foxfire had overcome those. I had about a week of learn time and was then using foxfire as my only web tool. I have no problems with it now since I found out you had to download add ons from their website for things IE7 had already integrated. As an aside I was having system problems with my computer where it would crash about once a day while browsing the internet. I chalked it up to bad memory or XP glitch. I figured I would have to troubleshoot soon. It’s been a month since I’ve gone to foxfire exclusively and my system has not crashed once. I can only think it was the IE7 web browser that was crashing my system.

  97. yeah well you’re a [edited by administrator] and you should stick with your horrible software no one gives a [edited by administrator].

  98. Keith Jillings

    I don’t see why you want to read and write e-mail from your browser. What am I missing? Why not use a browser to browse, and a mailer to mail?

    I use Thunderbird for e-mail: it does a super job with the seven different e-mail addresses I have to use. I was delighted to get away from the sillinesses of Outlook and Outlook Express, like having to remember to click “Send/Receive” after telling it to “Send” an e-mail. Thunderbird just does the job without all that nonsense.

    I use Firefox now for 99% of browsing – I keep IE for those wacky websites that won’t work with Firefox (although I don’t buy stuff from those).

    I also have the “development” versions of Firefox – Gran Paradiso and Minefield – on my machine, just for interest.

    I did one very fortunate thing some months ago: I decided that since XP is over 5 years old, any fixes they haven’t already made can’t be important, and I turned off automatic updates. That meant I didn’t get my machine screwed up by SP3 or by the “ZoneAlarm killer”. My frozen level of XP Pro works OK. Hopefully, by the time it doesn’t, I’ll have switched over completely to Linux. I’ve started down the path…

  99. Any product switch involves a learning curve and therefore a loss of productivity. To expect instant rapport and success is naive in the extreme. I’m afraid shogan has demonstrated his bias and achieved a “self fulfilling prophecy”. Having said that, if the guy wants to stay with IE then do so be it (it doesn’t detract from my positive FF experiences). But don’t put other people off – make your own judgements people because FF is faster, safer and easier to use.

  100. Of course firefox doesnt work well with outlook. Microsoft created outlook, so it will never work with anything except Microsoft programs.
    There is also a addon for firefox to add the run option to downloads

  101. The author is being completely biased with this review!

    1) Bookmarks = Links, so Links bar = Bookmarks bar.

    2) Tabs are not a con. They’re a feature. Even if you don’t use them, that doesn’t make them a con. If you don’t use them, then they don’t affect you, making it neither a pro, or a con. It makes them moot.

    3) It doesn’t link in to OE, and Word. I’m sorry, I don’t think that “Loads a full word processor to write an email” can be considered a feature. And, yes, firefox has a way to put a picture in a word doc. It’s called Copy and Paste, and it’s been around since the late nineties. You might want to try it sometime.

    4) You can run a program that you downloaded from firefox. In IE Virus’ run automatically, infecting your computer instantly. The download manager gives you a chance to make sure that the file is what you want, because idiots like you are too busy getting yourselves infected, and keeping people like me in work. All you have to do is just double click it in the window that just popped up anyway.

    So, you know what? Go ahead. Use IE. Go around, get yourself infected with viruses, and get you hard drives wiped, and have people snooping on you with they’re “OMG WE GOTS A SEARCH TOOLBAR FOR YOU TO ADD TO YOUR 70 OTHER ONES!”, cause when that happens, you’re going to pay hundreds of dollars to techies, and firefox users to fix it. And we’ll be happy.

  102. This review is a joke, isn’t it? People actually use OE? Lots of half truths or half lies, take your pick. Reviewer is obviously a bonehead.

  103. I havent used IE in years. I had to use it once a few weeks ago and was horrified at how basic and cumbersome it is.

  104. Wow, this article is completely full of [edited by administrator]. You don’t use FF because AOL doesn’t support it. Stop making other excuses and go get a clue. [edited by administrator]

  105. Dabozz, I use it because it works for me and I’ve never had any problems with it. I like it. I guess it would be different if I were missing emails, or was unable to send them or getting viral infections but I’m not. Open source isn’t better source. Lots of the things that are said to be better are just different. Safer isn’t important if you’ve never had a problem with security. I don’t use an antivirus either. So Avast and AVG being “better” than Norton isn’t an important issue for me personally. I don’t have any axe to grind solely because a program is from MS or some other non-opensource provider.

  106. This doesnt look honest and I feel the prejudice and partial opinion….looks like PC pitstop is agaisnt MOZILLA, honestly and to make it short…I dont buy it.

  107. I’m with Rocky22 and the others wondering why you are still using such an old, outdated email client like OE, and why you’d make a decision to ditch Firefox because of it? You’re totally exposed with OE, Dude. Firefox is so much better than IE, I have removed IE from my machine. Thunderbird is a whole lot better client than IE any day, but here are even better ones. Go open source.

  108. Hello Fu22yLojik.
    I’m not claiming to be neutral. I was just questioning why I don’t use Firefox. It’s not that Firefox is not a better program, it’s that there are reasons I like IE better. There are choices other than just the “best”. Otherwise it would be a boring world of just one program, one computer, one house, one car. I just choose to use IE and now I know why.

  109. Such a shame that the author of this article entered into his review knowing the outcome. Unquestionably one can find cons to any program if one seeks them out, and his review is so clearly preferential from the onset that he cannot even begin to claim to be neutral. He has integrated himself so heavily into the Microsoft product family that he has no hope of objectively reviewing this article. It would be akin to saying doesn’t like a Ferrari because it doesn’t come with an ipod dock.

    The reason that IE still controls as much of the market share as it does is not testament to the superiority of the browser, it is testament to the inferiority of knowledge the average computer user has.

  110. I ditched IE long ago. I seldom, if ever, open and use it.

    If everyone will notice – those that feel they cannot give up IE are all using MS Office products. If you can break that habit, you will truly be free to discover another world out there.

  111. I never use Firefox either even though I have it. Decided to update to the latest version and give it a try. WAY faster than IE. I transfered my bookmarks and think that Firefox is gonna be a keeper.

  112. I has ff 2 for quite some time on an older XP computer. I bought new everything including Vista Ultimate, and haven’t really felt a need to install ff. Now that we’re talkin about it though, sometimes IE just stops working. The menu’s gray out and the buttons don’t work. What’s with that? Think I’ll give ff another try – and come on PC Pitstop, we’ve been waiting forever!

  113. I have to use Firefox in the office (and Thunderbird and Lightning) and find it highly amusing to listen to all my colleagues whinge due to the everincreasing number of Updates that keep interupting their work flow. I have now heard that FireFox4 will be released in less than 12 months? I also hear rumour that the next version of Lightning MIGHT know what to do with a meeting invite

    I use Outlook (2007) and IE7 on Vista at home and it is paradise. Interoperability is the key to productivity.

    Q: What’s the difference between Microsoft and Open source?

    A: Microsoft users expect the Machine to do the work.

  114. Ofcourse he does not like it, he is married to microsoft. What gets me is how narrow some people get RE using MS word and other MS products, they really do not rate high with me.

  115. I manage about 20 websites, and FireFox is my default browser. I use MSIE 6, MSIE 7, Opera, and Safari to check for code compatibility, but shut down those suckers when I’m done. I really don’t trust MSIE. Using Firefox I avoid visiting questionable websites.

    I’m a careful surfer. I use the FireFox McAfee SiteAdvisor to flag dangerous web pages that Google turns up. I like the tabbing feature, the smaller footprint, and a number of other features. I just wish MS would pay more attention to HTML and CSS standards so I would not have to program around MSIE’s strange behavior. Put me in the “converted” column!

  116. It’s not surprising that you gave up on Firefox for the simple raason that you went into the test with a negative attitude, and assumed that everything that didn’t work for you was either not available or broken. Firefox has literally hundreds of Add-ons available to customize it to your hearts content. I don’t know why you’re complaining about not being able to access email, since Firefox is a BROWSER. If you want an integrated browser/email client/HTML Composer/Messaging, you should have been testing SeaMonkey! I can’t imagine why anyone would run a new application from a remote server rather than downloading and virus-checking it first! You can create a personal toolbar of links and in fact customize all toobars to your hearts content. Your problem is that you want Firefox to be a clone of IE, and not the superior and fully customizable browser that is provided. Your review might as well been written by Microsoft, as it is in no way objective.

  117. FYI….You can run things you download in firefox. The option can be chosen when you click on the download link on whatever website you are using. This is exactly like IE. You must be blind!

  118. I’m definitely not a fan of Firefox, but my husband is. I really think it’s just a matter of preference. He hates IE. I love IE. I don’t have any problems with IE. My system is as secure as they come. Everytime I have tried to use Firefox I have had problems with websites. I gave up. It just isn’t worth the hassle for me to have to play with it so much.

    Of course it is nice to finally hear that Firefox isn’t so wonderful and to have something in print I can send to my husband to prove I’m not the only one!! 🙂

  119. Let me see if I have this right. You are still using Outlook Express for email AND you don’t use tabbed browsing and you are the one they pick to review FireFox? Isn’t that sort of like having a Soccer Mom review the latest Porsche? “Sure it’s fast and fun to drive, but there are no cupholders and my kid can’t watch a DVD in the back. I’m sticking with the Grand Caravan and so should you.”


  120. G’day,
    WELL WELL WELL, Finally an honest report about firefox, I’ve tried to get a response from the team about A glaring problem with OE mail and Ffox ” you can import to ff mail but cannot export back to OE once you find a dissabling problem with Ffox browser like my problem. ” waiting seconds for the text to appear when typing into it”
    Don’t waste your time…
    They don’t care about problems that mention ie or oe in it.
    Better get on with it. Hoo Roo

  121. Installed Firefox 3 and set it up to open with with Google News. As far as Outlook Express is concerned I cannot commnent as I use Incredimail Xe to collect up to 6 e-mail addresses. Nothing else is amiss on 36 other programs I have installed with my OS being XPpro/SP3/IE7. I have not installed the various add-ons available as I have no need for them.

  122. I used FF for a while and dumped it – after a while it slowed down and froze up. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but at any rate it just didn’t work for me. Now I use Avant and absolutely LOVE it – it does everything IE does only cleaner and faster, no pop ups, no ads, no junk. I don’t care about OE – I use MS Outlook and it pretty much runs quietly in the background, but one day I’ll make the giant leap to gmail. Why don’t you do a review of Avant? I promise you that you’ll be forever hooked…

  123. I can’t believe that you didn’t approve Firefox 3. Firefox doesn’t crash or freeze like IE7. It’s amazingly faster as IE. You also didn’t give Thunderbird a try. Thunderbird integrates very well with Outlook Express and is even faster. With Thunderbird you don’t need open any browser, because itself is an e-mail client and browser.
    And at last both, Firefox and Thunderbird can be standalone apps.
    I copied on system both standalone apps and cut off troubles with MSIE and MSOE.
    Greetings from Sao Leopoldo, Brazil.

  124. Get with the program…Firefox blows away IE….I hate to change but I tried it…and am so glad that I no longer use the IE…..Firefox for one is so much quicker..and it does not get all intertwined with the OS..I could go on and on….Stop being all pussed out over change…some change is good.

  125. I was a user of Netscape Navigator back in the old days, loved it. When it went to the wayside in the browser wars, and MS FORCED me to use IE and OE, I used those. However IE 6 was getting long in tooth, took up too many resources, and didn’t display a lot of pages correctly, to say nothing of security concerns.
    So I switched to Firefox and Thunderbird. Oh I kept IE and OE because some sites I use require them, but for the vast majority of sites FF was it for me.
    I find FF and Thunderbird a great combination. Easy to upgrade, more secure, faster and a better all around experience.
    I have not had a single crash of my browser since I switched two+ years ago.
    I feel the “author” went into the story with a prejudice and it sure showed.
    FF and TB are by far the better browser and e-mail client. Outlook Express…. yuck!
    Besides neither FF or TB require me to do anything with MS!

  126. You say 19%. That’s 19% of people who took the time to go out and download Fiefox instead of just using the IE that came on their PC’s. I have three browsers on my system, and I still use Firefox more than the others combined. I don’t use outlook (never tried because of all the security problems) and I don’t use word, works, office ect. because of their cost (try “Open Office” yet ?). IE gets used only for those sites that are not configured for Firefox. I don’t miss it!

  127. Firefox all the way for me 🙂
    Been using it for years and will NEVER go back to the less secure IE.
    At least you gave it a try before making your choice too.
    It is very easy to change your download path to ask each time like IE too.
    It’s under Tools/Options then the Main tab.
    Click next to Always ask me where to save files.

  128. First of all, I’ve installed my Outlook one too many times on my computer. I finally get a Hotmail account to actually get the thing to work on my laptop. My desktop however, crashes the Mozilla Firefox one too many times too often to make me feel safe using it. Considering Netscape is somewhat dead, I mean, Explorer may work better but we’ve all gotten used to the convenience of Firefox.

  129. I have been using Firefox (v2) and I later added Thunderbird for probably a year. I got fed up with Outlook and I.E. crashing and getting messages from Microsoft telling me it is because I am using old software – upgrading for lots of $ will fix it! (No going over to Thunderbird AND Firefox will fix it free.
    There are a few drawbacks like not having word as the email editor, so no nice formatting but I found the spell checker add on.
    I also had to download a back up add on which backs up both, not sure how good it is.
    I have never tried to send or receive email from a browser unless accessing it on the ISP site so I don’t find this is a problem however I will look into how you do that as it sounds interesting.
    I really like Firefox, maybe I will look for the upgraded version.

  130. To have Firefox (any version, as far as I know) ask you where to save your download, do this:

    From the Tools menu, select Options, and on the Main tab, you’ll see, under Downloads, the option ‘Always ask me where to save files’.

  131. Lester Francois

    If all you are looking for is close integration with a Microsoft product then you really should not be looking outside of Microsoft. Few companies can integrate with Microsoft products as well or better than Microsoft. However, if you are looking for an excellent browser then there are several choices and Firefox is one of the best.

    Furthermore comparing market share is misleading. Microsoft is the default on all desktops and most people are not even aware that there is a browser alternative.

  132. If all of you people could use a Mac for your everyday tasks you would be amazed of the integration level and abilities between Safari, Mail, Address Book, iCal, etc.

    Maybe you should consider another kind of ‘switch’ rather than that between IE and Firefox…

  133. Love Firefox Since SP3 I’ve had to reinstall IE7 and still does not work 8 times and my outlook express address book is not accessible They have a whole list of things to fix it if you know computer talk. Tried to go back to IE 6 no luck. This how I get it to work. Made a link in bookmark bar and set it for my hotmail account it works. Now I use hotmail live because can not use my address book in outlook. Firefox is fast and no cashes yet in 2 years. As for making outlook express your default email I found you had to make sure it is pinned to your start up. I love the fact that I use Foxmarks and can keep all my bookmarks in sync and no one can see them like some programs.
    I put all my downloads in one folder and rescan them for viruses before opening and anyone who uses my computer can find their downloads in one spot. Tried Thunderbird not keen on it could be because having so much trouble with outlook maybe. Hate hotmail because it will not forward my mail to other email I like. Since SP3 it is gone nuts to forward some have to bring it in on laptop and sent through outlook. Can’t on desktop. Oh well love firefox.

  134. philistine !.
    OE works fine within the get mail add on for firefox,just needs a little tweaking,firefox is very usable highly customable and handles 99% of web pages easily,when it can`t open certain web pages then there is another optional add on called IE tab making it easy to switch engines.i think you have a case of the `change isn`t good`.i have been on firefox for over 4 years and yes found it a little difficult at first because it was `different`but after using it for about a month i was a true convert and now advise friends,family and people who`s computers i repair or upgrade to try firefox.once you start using it properly you will NEVER go back to IE.

  135. Regarding downloads:
    1. In Options, Main, check “Always ask me where to save files” if you don’t want to always use the default.
    2. In Options, Applications, you can choose how many downloads are handled. For example, for Adobe Acrobat documents and a few other types, I have changed the action to “Always ask.”

    Regarding IE requirement for some sites:
    The IE Tab add-on is indispensable and allows me to specify that certain sites such as Microsoft Update and (unfortunately) the PC Pitstop tests should be rendered with the IE engine when invoked in Firefox. There’s also a convenient icon to switch the rendering of the current page if it dowsn’t work right in FF to see if it works better in IE. The only recent time that I’ve actually loaded IE was to update its version of the Adobe Flash Player.

  136. what took 7 days from you took about 3 years from me ..
    I’ve been online for about 10 – 11 years
    4 years ie
    3 years Firefox
    3 years opera browser and that is what I’m using right now .

    i can’t say that I’ve enjoyed the first days when turned from Firefox To opera but just as you said ,, it hurt a lot if you are using mail so much .
    although i was using thunderbird still the idea of having to open 2 application to work online with me just doesn’t feel right .

    firefox is fast online . true .. opera and safari is as fast or might be more .

    i’m not comparing FF to other browsers but in the past years firefox was gaining much bigger herd and the “Firefox Fanboy syndrome” was aggressively infecting every one online .

    what i like about opera is having e-mail , irc , browser , feed reader .. etc
    all in one application and everything works from the fresh install . thus doesn’t need any more addons or extensions .

  137. I downloaded FF3 but i notice something that is bothering me a lot and is that when i click “bookmarks” it goes slow and annoying to highlight the link i want to click.

  138. “The sooner it gets over it’s aversion to Outlook Express the better if will be for us and Firefox.”

    I think you’ll find it’s the other way round. M$ does its best to make life difficult for the Fox!

  139. I found it incredible – as in “not credible” – and unforgivable that Microsoft would place the Back/Forward and Refresh/Stop at opposite ends of the address bar, and lock them there. That was enough, Firefox is now my default browser.

  140. I’m sorry, but your commentary is horribly biased and at risk of sounding derogatory, you are a major tool. You have extremely specific requirements for the usage of your browser and email and that might be fine, but your complaints are very invalid. Tabbed browsing is not a con because you just don’t use it. IE7 has tabbed browsing. Argument invalid. You can very easily set Firefox to ask you where to save each file. You don’t need a plugin for that. Yes, the bookmarks toolbar is the same as your precious links bar.

  141. Alright, you said “It’s been almost 8 years. It’s sitting at approximately 19% world wide, depending on whose figures your quoting, and although it’s gaining market share it’s been a long slow process.”

    It will not be like that if IE wasn’t a microsoft product and IE was the default browser for every windows that installed on every new PC worldwide.

  142. When is going to make it so that its tests can be done using the Mozilla Firefox browser since a lot of us don’t use IE anymore?

  143. This is a great but basic article. As Pros go I am a true beginner about a month on Firefox. I was a die hard IE fan since 1990 probably said I wouldn’t use any thing else. But! With the Micro soft changes which caused so many crashes and other problems over the last 5 months IE has become the enemy of my computer.

    The security settings changes cause production decreases of up to 50% at times. Programs like java, adobe, all of their players, and any type of HTML player would be blocked when windows and IE choose to the point that they had to be reinstalled to use them again. For a while flash player had to be reinstalled about every 11/2 to 4 days, depending. With Firefox I do not have that problem, with any of the players or viewers. I use the ad-ons of ad blocker but there is no filter set up so it probably is not working, No-scripts which is missing the one option, allow whatever page always sometimes but others it is there and I use it only on pages I visit all the time. The only other ad-on is autofill, because the security changes stopped the auto complete in IE.

    I us XP Home have a 6 year old computer and it worked wonderful until the SP3 and now SP2 changes this spring and summer. I run SP2 which is not suppose to have the same problems as SP3, but after working with Microsoft for over a month each day almost, and they either couldn’t or wouldn’t fix the problems with the Windows and IE problems. Just changed to Firefox and amazing the only problem is the updates which MS does so often causes some problems.

    I am still learning Firefox, but as a browser goes less crashes, less blocks and more functionality without setting windows security blocks off so even files on my computer are inaccessible are worth much more than the two pages I have found not to work with Firefox. The couple of pages I have found not configured for Firefox might want to consider the 19% of the world as new customer options but life goes on if they do not it is their loss.

    I use outlook express as well but do not use it within my bowers as of yet, and it does work well from the outside. Thanks for a good article, felt the same way about not having time to teach this old dog new tricks but MS’s unwillingness to ease off on their changes caused this old dog to get a new bone.

  144. Another horrific con-job of a web browser. Everything they claim it can do is so untrue. Plus it will not save websites of adult-nature. Tried it…hated it…did not…would not work with many sites. IE6 is here to stay!

  145. William R Stevenson

    I used to prefer using Mozilla for most things – it was just that little bit sharper – but somewhere along the line Javascript stopped working and I have not been able to fix it. Pity. Adobe no longer works on it either – a serious handicap.

    I still try and research on Mozilla and send messages on IE as if the research window freezes I do not lose my collected summaries on the message when the browser has to be closed down and re-started!!! That is not a common problem with my current computer but I developed the habit on my old computer and I have not dropped it yet.

  146. IE is slower by far, and not nearly as secure. Firefox wins that battle hands down.
    As for email configuration, why would you want to use Outlook Express anyway when there are better, full featured email clients out there for free? Think Thunderbird!

  147. I switched away from IE because I had problems with IE7 affecting my Quick Books and I was getting a lot of adware on it. The final quirk was with MS Outlook (not Express which have no use for). My Outlook was really slowing down supposedly because of IE7. I tried to fix it but just got tired of all the problems. So, I side lined both IE7 and Outlook in favor of Mozilla Firefox 3 and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail with the Mozilla Lightning calandar ad-in. I have never been happier; they work great with no glitches or slow downs and no spyware problems. It is Mozilla forever for me. They duplicate all the conveniences I used to use in IE7 and Outlook without all the problems I was having on a regular basis. I have a policy – I don’t use clunky programs that give me problems period. The door is closed and I’ll never go back. Now if I could just do that with MS Windows without having to shell out the big bucks for a MAC. I’ll never go there.

    Ron in Tampa

  148. I have dial up I had downloaded firefox 3 I realized I could no longer gain access to my dial-up service as all my htm,.html,.shtml and other files were changed over to mozilla,folder options,file types

  149. I really can’t believe you ditched firefox because of outlook

    geez there are a few ways you can use outlook in ff just like running pcpitstop , you run a page as a IE thats all, further more outlook is not a very good mail prg. at all, ever heard of gmail now thats a mail client, amazing filters etc. I get 200 emails a day aprox. and at gmail they all are sorted by the type of mail into separate labels

    just can’t understand the logic of dropping ff because of outlook



  150. I have heard much about firefox and I’ve been thinking about trying it. These comments have convinced me that it will be OK if I wait a little longer. Thank you for these comments. Wade.

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