Help! Help!! Save my XP!!!

Save XP!


Windows PC users are reacting to the news that beginning in June…

…Microsoft is going come over to your house and beat you with a stick if you don’t start using their new (but horribly slow and flawed) operating system called Windows Vista.

And this is no joke:


…they’re going to stop SUPPORTING the copy of Windows XP you have on your EXISTING computer on April 14, 2009, just a year from now.

But, but, but…

…WHY are they doing this?

And what can you DO about it?

Here are some tips for surviving in a post-Windows XP world:



While Windows XP is hardly a flawless operating system for your Windows PC…

…most tech experts agree XP is FAR BETTER than the new Windows Vista.

So one of those tech experts, an editor at InfoWorld named Galen Gruman…

…has started an online petition drive designed to “force” Microsoft to continue selling and supporting Windows XP indefinitely.

And if you want to join almost 150,000 other people and sign the petition, just click here:



How is this for ironic:

One way to fight Microsoft’s decision to kill Windows XP…

…is to buy and stockpile more copies of Windows XP, so you can load it onto future computers you may buy after June, 2008.

Please note:

Don’t smugly think that if you retire an old computer with XP on it…

…that you can then use that copy of Windows XP on another computer.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

You see, when you “buy” a new computer that comes pre-installed with a copy of Windows on it…

…you’re not really “buying” that copy of Windows when you buy your new computer, you’re just getting the right to use it on THAT computer only.

In fact, if you try using the Windows CD that came with one computer to load Windows onto another computer…

…you will be greeted with a message that tells you it cannot be done.



There are lots of ways to get more life out of the computer you already have:

  • Invest in a larger hard-drive…

…which are relatively inexpensive, and easy to install yourself

  • Invest in more RAM…

…which is also relatively inexpensive, and also easy to install yourself

  • Keep your computer well-tuned…

…by using all the free online diagnostic tools and support forums here at

Want to know more?

Listen to Gregg talk about this “HELP! HELP!! SAVE MY XP!!!” article at PCPitstop on radio stations nationwide.

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54 thoughts on “Help! Help!! Save my XP!!!”

  1. Oh geez I am so sick and tired of people claiming Vista is slow and a peice of junk. I have had vista since the day it came out and it is awesome if your all so afraid of change and only listen to what stupid people who probably never even tried Vista has to say then you should just throw your computer out and just never use a computer again

    I hate anyone who says they hate something the never even try to use

  2. I would love to switch to a Mac but I would have to buy new versions of most of my software. I’m an amateur photographer and use Adobe software exclusively, although some Macs do run Windows software but much slower. To expensive to change to another OS. I’ll continue with XP and the updates until their gone for good. Also to expensive to upgrade memory in my computer, uses RDRam @ $600 for 512 mb.

  3. You’re better off getting acquainted with Linux. You’re going to need to switch to it eventually unless you plan on buying new hardware. Google “WUBI” Wubi is a utility hat allows you to install the entire Ubuntu distro on your XP box as an executable file. No need to reformat/repartition or otherwise mod your drive. If you really don’t like Linux, you can just uninstall it like you would any other app and you’re back where you started – under the thumb of Microsoft.

    Giove “NIX” a try. You have nothing to to fear but what the FUD-meisters have been telling you.

  4. Best thing ever: Tweaked XP distros. I run a version called XP Platinum. It’s created by a developer named ‘eXPerience’ which if you know how to download torrents, you’d be able to find simply by searching for XP “Platinum 2” It’s free, easy install, the only catch is you need to have broadband and have it hooked up to the computer when you install. I’ve installed it on tons of computers and when you burn the .iso it has a -ton- of third-party software that you can -optionally- install ‘post-windows installation’ such as NOD32 AV, a ‘lite’ version of office ’03, a sygate firewall and much more. Even if you don’t want to reinstall XP somewhere else, just having the disc is well worth some of the software it installs ‘quietly’ meaning without all the pop-ups and menus. Also it has a theme-changer for xp so it looks like Vista, as I do have to admit Vista -looks- nice. Oh and as an after thought, my laptop -had- vista on it, it worked for 12hrs before I had to call up HP (at 2AM) and they had me reinstall it, then I had to -again- in 2hrs so I decided just to get something else because my webcam’s -software- (not drivers) were messing up my speakers.

  5. If MS debug their software before it is marketed (secretly include SP1, SP2, SP3)then I would not have a problem to buy one, even when its name is vista. If an OS is as good as it advertised or specified, ther would not need bugfixes at all. MS getting away with unfair business practices, therefore should at least, lay low, instead being obnoxious.

  6. Umm I have installed my oem copys of windows on other computers with no problem. It just makes me call in and they ask me how many computers ive installed it on and then they give me the numbers.

  7. My first computer was the Osborne, the first portable (!) personal computer. It weighed less than 40 lbs and could fit under an airplane seat, had a built-in 4 inch monochrome monitor, 64kB of memory, two 90kB disk drives, and no built-in OS. To boot up, it required a CP/M disk (Control Programme for Microcomputers), which Bill Gates later usurped and re-named DOS (Disk Operating System). I used to write programmes in ASM (Assembly language, a direct low-level programming language for microchips) for the 8080, 8088, Z80 and the Z80a. Bill Gates was still unheard of, MicroSoft didn’t yet exist, and Jack Tramiel was still working on hand held-calculators out of his typewriter repair shop in Toronto, Ontario, until 1977 when he released the first personal computer, the PET, which essentially STARTED the whole computer revolution. After that I went to the ATARI 1040 for years and stayed away from most of Gate’s crap. Finally ATARI gave up on the home computer market and I got my first PC. I went through DOS, DOS 2.0, DOS 3.0, DOS 3.1, DOS 3.11 WINDOWS, 95, 98 and now XP.
    To me, XP is finally stable, seldom crashes and more-or-less gets the job done. VISTA apparently can suck the chrome off a bumper if you replace most of your hardware, upgrade your memory and replace all your software. Frankly I don’t think it’s worth my effort. I’ve been thinking about a notebook. Maybe MAC this time…

  8. Microsoft don’t understand that they are pricing there loyal user way from there products. In my household there is three computer.I pay for three copy’s of Xp.I can’t afford to pay
    the high price for there products any more. I’m look for compatible software to windows but at a much cheaper price. They might not have all of the bells and whistle but they will run my computers.

  9. The computer has come a long way since the 90s. Throughout the 90s, the Home users only had one OS to choose from and relied on computer companies for our computers, which, by the way, were very proprietary with their own little scripts so you couldn’t upgrade.. you had to buy a new computer to get a newer OS version. Computers were a lot more expensive in those days too.

    I’m sure some of you don’t even realize it, but it’s the way it’s been since DOS.
    With the inception of the internet for Home users, came the “build your own computers” and the companies had to follow suit.. we can now upgrade our store bought computers!
    Gateway started the build your ‘store bought’ computer and made a hauling. He just didn’t know how to manage it.
    Microsoft is stuck in that mind set..proprietary thinking. It comes on our computers, so that’s all we know. and it’s the fear of change.
    Microsoft is just going with the times, making a OS to work with newer and better equipment.
    MS may not be the best programmers, but that’s all most people know and get, because it’s on their new computer.
    They don’t know any different.

    Microsoft is stuck in the early 90s with the proprietary mind set. They are more afraid of change than Newbie Home computer users.

  10. It’s all very well to recomend switching to Linux, but what if one’s internet service provider doesn’t support it? I use AT&T dsl and they won’t even let me use Win98se any longer. As far as I know they don’t let customers use any of the Linux systems either. Or am I mistaken about that?

  11. Ok, I’m a gamer and a pc builder by hobby. I love linux but it doesn’t offer enough support for games. So that eliminates that option. Apple? Forget that I would rather peel my eyelids off with a cheese grater.

    Bill Gates can kiss my rear, He “donates” money to cherities to keep the government off his butt and to get a huge tax right off. He was greedy when he was running the company now they just got greedier. He may donate lots of money but then again, what he donates is a drop in the bucket to him and money he really doesn’t “need”. His corporation went the route of every corp. They want more! more money more power, more of everything.

  12. Okay, there are a couple of factual errors here, and I think I should point them out.

    “…they’re going to stop SUPPORTING the copy of Windows XP you have on your EXISTING computer on April 14, 2009, just a year from now. ”

    No. They’re putting it on Extended Support. They’re still supporting it, but they’re focusing their resources on Vista.

    “While Windows XP is hardly a flawless operating system for your Windows PC… …most tech experts agree XP is FAR BETTER than the new Windows Vista.”

    Not entirely. Most experts agree Windows XP Service Pack 2 is better then Windows Vista pre-Sp1, and sometimes Windows Vista SP2. Remember the days of using Windows XP SP1?

    “You see, when you “buy” a new computer that comes pre-installed with a copy of Windows on it……you’re not really “buying” that copy of Windows when you buy your new computer, you’re just getting the right to use it on THAT computer only. ”

    Ummm, no.

    To my knowledge (IANAL), you’re getting the right to one key, i.e. one license. That’s different then just getting the right to use it on that computer only.

    “In fact, if you try using the Windows CD that came with one computer to load Windows onto another computer… …you will be greeted with a message that tells you it cannot be done.”

    They dropped support for Windows 98 in 2006, and Windows 95 in 2001, and I can still install both on a new PC. I don’t recall reading anything from Microsoft that says you won’t be able to install Windows XP like Windows 98 and Windows 95.

    You can still download all of the updates for Microsoft Windows 98, to my knowledge. (The last time I did it was June 2007).

  13. The only reason so many ? personal questions were asked was to acertain if you represented a business in software managing position. The petition would have more clout if more system managers and business got involved in this effort. I filled it out completely and haven’t gotten any new e-mail other than the usual.

    Linux is fine, but most users are a plug-and-play type. If it requires too much effort or their favorite programs won’t work, they won’t opt for it any more than Vista.

    I’ve got Xp SP3 and I’ll use it until MS comes out with something else, or eventually switch to a Linux based OS. Why worry? Heck, I remember Windows 3.0 and 3.1

  14. Merlin is right!

    After windows explorer would shut down every 5 minutes; windows programs would mysteriously stop working and close; I did a clean install of XP with SP2, haven’t done a single “update” or patch, and everything works smoothly!

    I fired up an older computer the other day and was amazed at how fast XP was booting up and running; then found out that it had NO service packs or updates.

    With good virus/malware protection (Avast) and a decent firewall, why update? So who cares if Microsoft buts out?

    I’ve tried linux distros many, many times, and have not found one that can run the software I use and need. So I’ll be using XP for awhile.

  15. Guys…don’t bash Microsoft only. It’s not their fault viruses target their software. It’s just the sheer popularity of Windows – the side effect of their own success. Besides, you have to accept that things die after a while – even the best operating systems. XP was a product of 2001 – of course it would be leaner than a product of 2007. I don’t hear anyone complaining about how Mac OS X runs hell of a lot slower than Mac OS 9.

    Linux sure can be the way of the future…but as long as major manufacturers continue to shun open source, it won’t get widespread acceptance. We have to face the fact that people like to stick to what they’ve used for the last decade and half, me included.

    P.S. – Vista is NOT BAD. The same people complaining were also complaining when Windows XP came out, screaming that it required a minimum of 128MB of RAM to function. It’s how things go, guys. A stick of 1GB RAM costs $40. Is that a huge deal? I doubt it.

  16. Connie……just google ‘windows xp petition’….or….’keep windows xp petition’.
    Pick one…there are more than one petition you can fill.


  17. There is an easy solution to all of this and that is switch to Linux. Linux is better more stable,faster and FREE. I had a choice years ago to buy more RAM etc. to upgrade or switch so I loaded Freespire on it to try and glad I did. The pentium 3 processor with 256 of RAM will run faster than a pentium 4 with 512 of RAM. Has never crashed and never need to worry about a virus. I now have six computers and run Freespire, Ubuntu, Linspire and Suse on 4 and XP on the other two. When they stop supporting XP or they screw up I will switch these to Linux as well. Even my nine year old likes Linux better and she prefers Ubuntu over the rest. Microsoft is only cutting their own throat and driving people to try Linux as an alternative. Once they do MS will loose them as a customer forever. Linux is now winning in the server market as it is faster and more stable and not too far down the road it will beat out MS in the PC market as well. MS is only helping Linux make it happen a lot quicker now.

  18. I did buy a copy of XP MCE 2005, and intend to purchase a copy of XP Home as well. The recovery CD that came with this thing isn’t all that great anyway, so thought I’d get a copy of XP MCE 2005 just in case. I’ll have it in case I do a build. As far as I’m concerned microsoft can take that Pile of crap they call Vista, and stick it where the sun don’t shine. They should rename it, ME Vers. II.

  19. What about all of users of XP at home! The form you provide only lets businesws users sign. There all plenty of people who use XP at home and we would like to sign the petition………..Can you provide us with a petition also…

  20. I keep wondering why all the flap about XP support.
    IF it works today then why won’t it continue to do the same thing no matter how much times goes by, I suppose the best thing would be to stop accepting the never ending stream of Fixes they keep sending out. Sometimes I think the fixes take up more room on my drive than the original XP program.

    Then again what would happen if everyone dumped Windows and went to a different OS, like Linux in one of its many configurations, or the overly expensive apple, and why is it that Apples are so bloody expensive in comparison to the rest of the world?
    Of course I keep wondering why we need these computers and cell phones and texting and all the rest of things that not only constantly interrupt but demand immediate attention and instant w. What’s wrong with having more time to think and ponder before questions and especially answers. I mean other than instant communication, of mostly useless nonsense, what is the benefit we are all supposedly reaping from this electronic world?
    Back to the topic, I for one think Microsoft had its 15 minutes and that everyone should now shun them, stop using all their products and refusing all new noes. At least until they can show up with something that works as it should, won’t require 50,000 fixes a year and is correctly priced; no computer program sold to the masses should cost more than a few dollars, certainly not hundreds or more, for the ultimate purpose of making millions of millionaires out of the meager pockets of the ordinary and poorest of us.
    And as long as the petition wants more than a name and maybe a zip code or state I will not be signing it.

  21. I tried to install Vista but my Intel parts aren’t “new” enough. Dell hasn’t tested them for the Inspiron 6000 yet. I’m stuck going back and forth between IE6 and IE7.

  22. For anyone wishing to follow the many Linux recommendations here (and you should!)visit…there is much info for newbies, including how to download the free software, and which distro you might prefer. Also, check out where you can find discs and flash drives ready to go. But keep in mind that some distros will not run off the fly with some processors. Therefore, my favorite option- get Linux Bible with live DVD where you can try many great distro’s, find one you like best and install it.
    P.S. I still love my XP also, and will never buy a system with Vista or any other version on it. Linux is the wave of the future!

  23. Hi, Okay, I bought a copy of Linux called Xandros just for the purpose of the end of XP. I refuse to give Microsoft any more money when I can’t afford to keep buying new operating systems. Ubuntu? I have no idea where to find that. It would be nice if someone who knows would leave a link for those of us who don’t know where or how to get it. I haven’t tried Xandros yet, it’s in the box waiting for XP to die. But it wasn’t expensive, only about $30. It’s supposed to be able to run side by side on your computer as a dual operating system with windows. Haven’t got a clue how to do that, but will face it when I need to. My point is that XP needs to keep living. It’s a really nice operating system. And after my first windows experience with windows ME, it was nice to have something that didn’t crash every time I wanted to do anything! We don’t need anything else. Microsoft ought to concentrate on upgrading it’s existing OS, not keep selling new ones. They sell new ones for one reason MONEY! For those of us who can’t afford to keep buying, we are slowly being pushed off the internet. No joke. I’m one of them. I live on social security. Just how much more do they think I can spend?! One question though, even if we save XP, what happens to us when we have used up all our uses of the key??? That stinks, limited use! Except for my OEM copy of XP (I also bought the XP Home Edition cd for the pc that had windows ME in it), I’m looking at eventually using up my key. What do we do then? How do we keep it going? I wish I knew how to shut off the stupid key! You can’t use something indefinately if you run out of the key! That’s a problem and is why I got Linux. Next time I need to buy a new pc (got one old pc and one laptop now), it will probably be a Mac unless I can get one with Linux installed already. Have never seen one of those. Microsoft isn’t getting another penny from me!

  24. No problem. I grew up with MS dos/ 95/ 98/ 2000/ XP, with the unending updates and service packs on Toshiba and Sony machines.

    You know, I really don’t give a [edited by administrator]what Microsoft does.

    My next computer will be a Mac – no contest.

    Don Ross

  25. Vista is a TOTAL piece of junk!!!! Almost as bad as
    Windows Me. As a former service tech for Gateway, I
    am quite cozy with all MS’s OS’s starting as far back
    as ’95. Vista is a bloated and clumsy OS where the
    developers tried to see how much “crapware” that they
    could stuff into it.

  26. One word: Ubuntu. It’s what I run in my home desktop.

    What if you need to run some Windows software? Two answers:

    a) Wine: allows you to run Windows application directly inside Linux, including many games (I play World of Warcraft regularly in it), and will support DX10 when the time comes that it’s actually needed.

    b) VirtualBox: allows you to run Windows XP itself inside Linux, and your Windows application inside it. 3D support isn’t available yet, but is coming.

    The point where the OS you run doesn’t limit your choice of application anymore is approaching fast. It’s not easy yet, sure, but with each passing month it becomes easier and easier. Once it reaches the point where you inserting a Windows app install CD (or downloading a setup.exe or setup.msi) in your Linux box provided you a perfect Windows-like installation, with the app itself running at near native performance, which reason will you have to prefer running Windows itself at the “background”?

    Linux is the future.

  27. Why do people always attack Bill Gates? He has retired from Microsoft and with the help of his wife are using their huge fortune for charity to help needy people in poor countries, not something most billionaires do with their billions! He can hardly be accused of being greedy can he? Besides the fact that if it wasn’t for Bill Gates none of us would have relatively inexpensive Home PC’s anyhow. I’ll wait and see if this is indeed true and hang on to my Windows XP for as long as possible I know some people who are working on Windows 98 and still get support when they ask for it.

  28. Another ditto to pskarulis, I signed the petition, but also questioned the need for the employment info; it really *is* irrelevant. Also agree with Fran that PC Pitstop is degenerating gradually but steadily into nothing but a series of ads.

    I hope the XP petition isn’t just a means of getting email addresses.

    I also wish that PC Pitstop would cut back on the ads and go back to what brought me here in the first place… free and meaningful diagnostics with *free* fixes… not links to paid services.

  29. I’ll second Michael H. Windows XP is going to be supported until 2014. The company I work for embeds Microsoft OSs into it’s test instruments, until recently, they have embeded Windows 2000, now it’s XP. I can’t see they would have done that if it was only going to be supported for 12 months. Vista is pants, when MS come up with a TRUE upgrade to XP, I might think about it. Vista is a side step at the very most.

  30. This is not true, you can still buy XP and EXTENDED SUPPORT will start next year, which ends in 2014.
    Only THEN I will switch to Vista or Vienna or whatever is best then…

  31. Okay, so if I buy another Windows XP O/S, when I install it on my new computer next year will the Windows Update Center still provide updates for XP?

    It’s kindof pointless to buy XP for a new computer if you won’t ever be able to update it!

    Any information here?

  32. Let xp die. Then when h/w makers stop making xp drivers switch to linux. I have xp pro on my desk an ubuntu on my portable. it takes way to long to update drivers for windows based pc’s anyway. With linux everything except video worked out the box, only had to download restricted drivers for video card. Which ubuntu did for me. One last thing using Wine(just google it) you can run nearly 80% of windows software with varing degrees of succes.

  33. ok i love xp and hate at same tie
    but vista is all hate
    i just got xp working EXACTly how i want it and microsoft decides t be a bigger asshole than it already was
    i think i may be able to still use my old xp cd(cause i tried before by using service id or something from pc and it worked) cause i aint just working under vista. plus dx10 is a load of bul.runs slower and hogs more for no reason than dx9, while dx9 can be tweaked to look BETTER than dx10. perfect example is crysis. runs faster and looks better with a simle ini tweak that allows for dx9 sped, but dx10 looks, it great. damn vista shall be downfall of the computer….at least 80% of desktops….lo……[edited by administrator]……SAVE XP NOW!!!!

  34. The Linux alternative is a possibility as well as Apple. Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of MS and other companies such as Quickbooks forcing changes to improve their already beefy bottom line.

    I’ve been using computers since the beginning and I’m not afraid to change. Gates may own his virus ridden OS but he may find out he ain’t the only game in town.

  35. Why on Earth would you want to try and salvage a sinking ship like this? The truth is that proprietary software is a dying breed. SWITCH TO LINUX! Open Source Software offers better quality, more frequently updated software that is free. (as in freedom AND free beer) UBUNTU BABY! The Linux Revolution is NOW!

  36. “if you try using the Windows CD that came with one computer to load Windows onto another computer…

    …you will be greeted with a message that tells you it cannot be done. ”

    Not completely true. When I finally decided to upgrade and build my new computer, I was thoroughly prepared to use a Linux distro on it. Just as I was about to install, however, I had an inspiration and stuck the XP recovery disk from an older laptop of mine in instead. I had heard about this before, so I didn’t think it would work. Surprisingly, it did. Even the original CD key was valid. Not that I have any clue about why it works…but I’m not complaining. Could it be that older “recovery” disks were simply XP install disks, before the manufacturer recognition came along?

  37. Forget stockpiling XP… I’m using Linux for all the old computers I rebuild. The fact that people who have no idea how to use computers can be taught to use xubuntu and ubuntu with no trouble says it all!

  38. Geez!…now that I finally got XP tweaked as I want it, Bill Gates is getting more greedy!…Let Microsoft discontinue XP, I’ve heard lots of good stuff about Apple anyway, so this will give me a good excuse to switch to Apple!

  39. Why stockpile copies of XP if support is ending in a year? I’m tempted to switch to Apple for my next computer.

  40. I have Vista! BUT only on CD (now), they were sent out to many people free with purchase of a new computer (and counted I am sure as a purchase of “Vista” CD). I did like it (desktop gadgets pretty cool), until I went through it and found I was unable to tweak anything, my opinion is… it is more for people who don’t know anything about computers.
    I am sorry to say I never read the Privacy Policy but if I had I would not have released my email address either. If I am bombarded with junk email I assure you I will let people know about your spam website and further more I will never visit PC Pitstop again! However, I have noticed over the years that PC pitstop is more advertising then anything else nowadays so actually I am questioning it regardless.

  41. I would gladly sign the petition to Microsoft. However, I read Infoworld’s privacy policy, and I don’t care to be bombarded with more junkl email by their organization ro their partners. Far too much info is required on the petition My employment status is none of theri business, and does nothing to help the petition.

  42. I have a better tip for you: Upgrade to Linux! Using something like Ubuntu has a lot of advantages:
    -it is free (as in free beer)
    -it even offers a risk free trial (LiveCD-NO INSTALLATION NEEDED, but because it is running of a CD, it will run a lot slower)
    -offers a lot of free software, just search in the Add/Remove Applications menu, mark the desired software and click apply changes. For more applications, just install more repositories.
    -no need to buy a copy of Microsoft Office for your daily work (it has
    -easy to use
    -idiot-proof installation
    -cool GUI

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