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On January 21 2008, David T. Stone of Seattle, Washington was updating and testing a beta video driver for one of his many computers. Continuing his habit of quite a few years, he went to the PC Pitstop Full Test to check the results. No bells, no flashing lights, but that test was the 100 Millionth PC Pitstop Test run since our inception on March 3rd of 2000.

This momentous occasion took place at David T. Stone Violins, where David repairs and sells rare violins and bows. He employs makers and repairmen for custom instruments and sells everything from the $400.00 student instrument, to the well-known and coveted Stradivarius. David recently hit a milestone of his own, with the sale of a multi million-dollar Stradivarius.

The whole Stone family is musically inclined. David’s wife Aviva is a professional violist and music teacher. Their daughter Sarah is an aspiring Cellist who attends The Shepard School Of Music at Rice University in Houston Texas.

David has always had an interest in computers and computer programs. He considers himself a geek of sorts, and loves to use and compare software. He owns several computers including laptops and Macs, and is familiar with AMD as well as Intel. He’s had just about every Microsoft operating system ever offered. An avid computer user, David came to PC Pitstop as an overclocker and on recommendation from his online friends.

PC Pitstop Full Test Suite:
Put your PC through the paces with a complete analysis of its performance, reliability and security.

I asked David how long he had been using the PC Pitstop Tests and the nearest he could figure was at least six or seven years. He has run hundreds of tests and just like the rest of us, likes to tweak and check overall performance regularly. Currently; David has a Dell for work and a Dell for home, in addition to a laptop and older Mac. His daughter also uses a Mac for school. It seems David is still interested in overclocking but can’t risk losing important data needed for work, a feeling to which many of us can relate.

As the 100 Millionth Tester, David receives a $500.00 Amazon gift card and free copies of all the PC Pitstop software. It looks like David’s wife is eyeing the new HD TVs from Amazon, while David looks forward to testing and comparing the new software.

When it comes to computers one of David’s big concerns is hard drive performance. He would like to see a program with more information on hard drive maintenance and tweak suggestions. He is always looking at new and untried defrag and optimization programs. Our conversation lasted for quite a while and included some great suggestions from David on free software. Our Disk MD program was included in the gift package so I’m expecting an in-depth critique of the programs performance.

We couldn’t have asked for a better winner and it was certainly a pleasure to give David the good news. It looks like a long and happy relationship should only get better. Congratulations David, thanks for being a registered user and thanks for using our site.

BTW, you might mention to Aviva that there is plenty of great overclocking hardware on Amazon.

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  1. i have been using your site for many years off and on, so the last time I used it, imagine my surprise to find that I am given a poor reading because I dont have your suggested software purchases. Everything else is tip-top. and I am not having any problems. I am sorry that I introduced several other people to your site, because they are gullibul and will think they MUST have said software.

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