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Five Things You Need to Know about Spyware

Similar to con men, spyware companies prey on user naivete and recklessness. This article tells you five things the spyware companies hope you never find out.
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Antispyware Pioneers on the Decline

Our latest research shows Pitsters moving away from Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy for their antispyware needs. Rob analyzes the trends in antispyware products based on the latest research.
Anti Spyware Software Trends

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New Spyware Deep Scan at PC Pitstop

Our new deep spyware scan is now available, powered by technology from Computer Associates’ Pest Patrol. Its detection signatures are updated frequently. Check it out, it already detects Sony’s rootkit and it’s free!

State of Texas to Sony: “Stop Making Spyware”

Sony’s copy protected CD caper may one day be known as the biggest blunder since New Coke. We’ve just learned that Sony is being sued again, this time by the State of Texas. Let’s hope this action will deter the greedy companies that are sneaking software onto our PC’s.

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