Welcome to PC Pitstop…Even if you made a typo

We only wish it could be under happier circumstances!

PC Pitstop has long owned the domain name pctuneup.com, which you may have entered into your browser to get here. For more than five years, PC Pitstop has been helping users get the most out of their PCs. We have worked aggressively to raise awareness of problems such as spyware and adware that can invade your privacy and ruin your online experience. We are proud to say that we have not even let legal threats stop our efforts.

PC Pitstop is not sending you popups!

A company named Direct Revenue owns a domain name similar to ours, mypctuneup.com. Some people are typing in the wrong domain name and ending up at our site, but we are not involved in any way. Direct Revenue offers its web site as the only way for their “customers” to uninstall its software such as Ceres, Aurora, or ABI Network. We believe this software is often installed without a user’s knowledge and consent.

Again, the company that has taken over your computer is Direct Revenue and we are not related to this company in any way. A lawsuit was recently filed against Direct Revenue, claiming that the company “allegedly deceptively downloaded harmful and offensive spyware to the Plaintiffs’ computers which tracked their Internet use, invaded their privacy and damaged their computers.” If you agree, there are several suggestions in this Spywareblog post on how to file a complaint against this company.

Removing Direct Revenue (Aurora, Ceres, ABI Network)

Direct Revenue’s uninstall utility is at their site. We cannot vouch for this utility, and given our concerns with both the company and its products we feel uncomfortable about this process. To force users to download and accept the license for an online uninstaller seems like a final insult.

Manual removal can be difficult because of the complexity and evasiveness of this software, plus it may require detailed technical knowledge. If you are having trouble removing this or any other unwanted software from your system, even after following Direct Revenue’s instructions, we can offer help on our forums.

If a Direct Revenue program is on your system, other unwanted software may have taken hold as well. The best way to avoid spyware is to be cautious and change your habits. You can read more in our Spyware Information Center We would also recommend using anti-spyware software such as CA Anti-Spyware.

If you haven’t ever used PC Pitstop’s full tests, give our free service a try. And remember, free help is just a click away on our forums!

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1 thought on “Welcome to PC Pitstop…Even if you made a typo”

  1. Leo,
    A month ago you said partitioning was a waste of time and loss of partitions when changing Drive 0. DUH
    YOU CAN GO TO Disk Management and get the partitions back easily. Even change the partition letter. I use Paragon Hard Disk Utilities from Germany which is a big cut above Microsoft.
    Also if you get some malware you trade out HD 0 and install an extra, then wipe the bad HD. I have found this to be an easy way to defeat malware.
    True I have 3 internal HD’s which makes it easy to fix a broken computer.
    I do enjoy reading your articles.
    ken volz, the fox

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