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Driver Management

Upset the Bad Guys, Not Your Users

PC Matic PRO Authentication is the industry’s only three-factor authentication: user credentials, location, and device. Our focus on the authenticating device creates a seamless user experience promoting widespread adoption.

When IT administrators suspect suspicious activity the authentication is denied and IT administrators have the option to lock down the suspected device. For the first time ever, we’ve provided IT administrators with a weapon to fight back against the anonymous hacking world of cybercrime.

  • Web Authentication Support
  • Cloud Authentication Support
  • Strike-Back Functionality
  • PC or Mac Authentication
  • Smartphone and Tablet Authentication
  • GEO-Location Authentication
  • SaaS Authentication Support
  • Virtual Machine Authentication Support
  • Reporting and Alerts
  • Customizable Policy and Controls
  • Intuitive User Management and Self-Serve
  • GEO-Location Reporting and Visibility

Good for Business

PC Matic PRO Authentication integrates with web, cloud, SaaS applications, and endpoints to easily secure your environment quickly.


Extra Layer of Security

Passwords alone just don’t cut it. Utilize multi-factor authentication to verify users' identity and protect your data and infrastructure from fraud, and malicious attacks.


Simple to Install

You don’t need to be rocket scientist to deploy, install and manage PC Matic PRO Authentication. Just register and download and you will be up and running in no time.



Secure your web applications for websites, blogs, and proprietary company applications from account takeover or data breaches.



Keep sensitive data confidential in the cloud by integrating PC Matic PRO’s 3-factor authentication with popular web-based applications.


Any Device

Users can authenticate their access from any device: PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet and have that endpoint registered with the organization for future verification.


Extensive Data

PC Matic PRO Authentication stores considerable amount of user data; providing IT Admins insight into user login habits allowing action to be taken against potential hackers.

Strike Back with PC Matic Pro Authentication

Typically, when a hacker fails to gain access to their targets, there are no repercussions. Not anymore, armed with PC Matic PRO Authentication IT administrators can strike back against unauthorized users and their devices.

If an admin perceives hacking, they have the option to utilize PC Matic PRO Authentication Counter-Strike feature, which locks down the hacker’s device and renders it inoperable until the user is verified. This functionality also detects and blocks virtual machines, so there is no circumventing PC Matic PRO Authentication comprehensive security.

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See detailed examples of how PC Matic PRO has kept small businesses secure and efficient.