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See detailed examples of how PC Matic PRO has kept small businesses secure and running at peak performance.

TKK Electronics and PC Matic Pro have partnered to offer you a free 90 day trial of PC Matic Pro, featuring superior, cloud-based security and performance optimization. After you register your trial below, the team at TKK Electronics will reach out to assist you with everything PC Matic Pro.



  • Register - Complete the registration process above to automatically receive your trial account and get started. Check out the Quick Start Wizard video for details on initial setup!
  • Download & Install - After completing registration and logged into account, click the Options button to expand and select the Installer Downloads button to download and install PC Matic Pro to your PC.
  • Run a Scan - Select the Devices tab and click on the name for the computer you just installed on. From the Actions panel, select Scans and then click the Scan Now button. Check the Diagnostic Scan Only box and scroll to the bottom to Save and run the scan. *View Screenshot*
  • Review Results - After completion, visit the Test History tab from your device page and review the latest scan report and its suggested changes.
  • Setup Schedule - After reviewing all suggested changes, setup a scheduled scan and clean at your company level. To do this, click on the company name from the top navigation breadcrumb, then click the Options button to expand and select the Master Scheduler button and then click Schedule to customize and save your scan configuration. *View Screenshot*
  • Explore PC Matic Pro - Spend some time checking out different areas of our management console, consult the documentation available in your support tab for more information.

Instructions for all sections of PC Matic Pro are available in our comprehensive User Guide. To locate the User Guide, click the Support Icon located at the bottom-right of PC Matic Pro, then select Documentation, or you may also click on the button below.

User Guide

PC Matic Pro - Quick Start Wizard Video

Learn how to get PC Matic Pro up and running in no time by watching the video below!

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See detailed examples of how PC Matic PRO has kept small businesses secure and efficient.