PC Matic Pro is the best Security Software made in the USA. In a world where we learn daily of critical breaches and hacks, the world needs better cybersecurity. Our products deliver the highest quality of security and IT management to provide our customers with Better Security, More Productivity and Powerful Automation in a Secure, Fast and Simple manner. Learn more about our Zero-Trust Application Allowlisting Tools and Solutions to keep your devices and networks safe from cybercriminals, hackers and threat actors.

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Application Allowlisting Solutions & Tools


Our Globally Automated Whitelist technology prevents all unwanted and unsafe programs from executing, keeping your endpoints secure from malware attack and more reliable.

Device Authentication


Secure your cloud console by identifying unique devices and authorizing them for each user. Prevent Cyber Criminals from maliciously using your PC Matic tools.

Secure RDP Lifeline


Simple monitoring, reporting, and security to prevent Remote Desktop Protocol attacks through centralized cloud management and account protections.

Driver Update Management


Take full remote control of your devices from our cloud console with integrated VNC, Remote Command Prompt, File Manager, Reboot & Shutdown Commands, and more.

Patch Management for Software Security


PC Matic Pro Patch Management automatically keeps your devices secure with the latest important third-party security patches and software updates.

System & Network Performance Tools


PC Matic Pro Performance is total automation of endpoint maintenance with powerful optimization for applications, Windows and networks settings.

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