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See detailed examples of how PC Matic PRO has kept small businesses secure and running at peak performance.

What is it?

PC Matic PRO delivers the most comprehensive end point security currently on the market. Using our proprietary global whitelist technology SuperShield, we are able to reactively and proactively block more threats than any competitor with a solution that is developed and supported in the USA.

PC Matic PRO’s whitelist keeps you more secure than other AV security who utilize blacklists and heuristic protection

Simple to implement with cross-platform access making security easy to deploy and manage

Cloud based technology allows IT Administrators to manage their users from any web enabled device or platform

Backed by independent lab tests, PC Matic PRO has won the VB100 proactive detection record for two years in a row

How do we stand out?

  • Application control takes a long time to implement and requires IT administrators to curate a list of known good applications. PC Matic PRO’s approach is not application control, instead it uses our global whitelist that is easily implemented with no list curating for IT admins.
  • PC Matic PRO offers a more complete solution, as it includes whitelisting, patch management, and traditional anti-malware protection and cleaning; all for less cost than competing products.
  • Our dedicated malware research team looks at every unknown sample seen by our users and returns a classification within 24 hours. Unlike application ratings, which can often perform incorrectly, our whitelist has been curated by our research team.

"A far more effective security strategy is to focus on managing vulnerabilities rather than chasing the threat du jour. To implement this strategy, you should: Reduce your attack surface by employing judicious whitelisting technologies, manage your vulnerability through intelligent patch management, and use antimalware to protect against zero-day attacks."

PC Matic PRO helps your business keep data safe.

Proactive Whitelist Technology: Our whitelist has been tested with 99.99% good file accuracy and consistently blocks more unique and old threats than blacklists and heuristic detection. We already see less false positives than application control solutions, and are continuing to improve our accuracy.

Minimize Your Security: With our global whitelist, there is no longer a need for upstream defense against malware. Web and URL filtering, patch management, and third party firewalls are no longer necessary components to your defense, reducing overall costs. No matter how an infection attempts to get to your system, SuperShield will always stop it.

Stop Ransomware In Its Tracks: Ransomware is quickly becoming a global epidemic for businesses that rely on technology. Our proactive whitelist solution is the only solution to completely block ransomware before it can encrypt your data and cost you thousands.

Small Physical Footprint: PC Matic PRO’s endpoint suite has a small physical footprint, in our tests only 450 MB of storage space is used up on each endpoint by our endpoint suite, smaller than almost all competitors.

PC Matic PRO Security versus other security products...

PC Matic Pro
Bit Defender

What our customers have to say...

"We cannot afford to have much of the information we have on our computers, accessed or damaged. And ransomware... The last thing we need is anything like that. So I was looking for something I could trust."

"(PC Matic PRO) works even better than any other protection for our computers, including the famous one that is already installed on most brand new computers purchased these days"

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See detailed examples of how PC Matic Pro has kept small businesses secure and efficient.