PC Matic Pro delivers the most comprehensive endpoint security currently on the market. Using our proprietary global Application Whitelisting technology and advanced heuristics inside SuperShield, we are able to proactively block more cyber threats than any competitor with a solution that is entirely developed and supported in the USA. Contact us for info.

PC Matic Pro’s whitelist takes a default-deny approach, blocking more unknown malware and ransomware than other AV

Innovative RDP security prevents any unknown devices from utilizing remote desktop protocol on your network

Advanced heuristics apply prevention to script based malware. Preventing fileless attacks before they can enter the engine

Adding functionality to cybersecurity, PC Matic Pro includes a comprehensive remote management suite with VNC and CMD

How Do We Stand Out?

PC Matic Pro is not your standard application whitelisting approach. There’s no need for a huge IT staff to create and manage a giant whitelist of applications for your organization. Instead, our global whitelist is maintained by professional malware researchers removing the bulk of the work. You get complete automated endpoint and network information security.

But we don’t stop there. Cyber Criminals are continuing to adapt and look for new threat vectors and attack surfaces. PC Matic Pro stops them by preventing fileless malware attacks that attempt to leverage known good scripting hosts and applying innovative Remote Desktop Protocol security to prevent unknown RDP sessions in your network.

Combine all of that with a comprehensive suite of remote management tools including zero-touch deployment, and you now have the most critical security solution in your IT arsenal.

"A far more effective security strategy is to focus on managing vulnerabilities rather than chasing the threat du jour. To implement this strategy, you should: Reduce your attack surface by employing judicious whitelisting technologies, manage your vulnerability through intelligent patch management, and use antimalware to protect against zero-day attacks."

PC Matic Pro keeps your environment safe, period.

Proactive Whitelist Technology: Our whitelist has been tested with 99.996% good file accuracy and consistently blocks more unknown malware and ransomware than traditional blacklist and heuristic solutions. Don’t react to threats, prevent them with PC Matic Pro.

Small Physical Footprint: PC Matic Pro has a small physical footprint on each device. In testing with AV-Test our product had the lowest impact among AV solutions on download time, run time, install time, web load time, and file copy time. Slowing users can lead to less productivity and more IT calls.

Stop Ransomware In Its Tracks: Ransomware is quickly becoming a global epidemic for businesses that rely on technology. PC Matic Pro enforces anti-tampering protections at each device to ensure our whitelist security is always in place and able to block even the newest ransomware. Explore ransomware protection for business.

Manage Everything From One Place: With a single cloud based console, you can secure all of the devices on your network while also leveraging an Integrated VNC, Remote CMD Prompt, File Manager, Remote Shutdown and Reboot, RDP Port Scheduling, and more. Zero-Trust application control has never been easier.

PC Matic Pro Versus Other Security Products

What Our Customers Have to Say...

"One of our biggest concerns is a trojan implanted on a computer spreading throughout the network. With so many staff and faculty using computers on our network, we are constantly being bombarded with phishing or trojan emails and users visiting infected websites. The whitelist protection used by SuperShield has been a tremendous help in preventing infections and implantations.”

-PC Matic PRO® delivers the most comprehensive endpoint and network security software currently on the market.

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