Every year, businesses and government agencies spend BILLIONS of dollars on cyber security.

When it comes to security, today’s adage is: the more you spend, the more secure you are. If that’s true, why is the security of so many large corporations and even government agencies being compromised? These are things we’ve come to accept as the standard. The answer is simple: traditional security software doesn’t work.

In the 80s, software companies created a blacklist of all known viruses, blocking anything on that list from running; but only a few hundred viruses existed. Millions of virus variants exist today; making it easier than ever to slip a virus past the blacklist, regardless of how much companies spend on security. The world needs better security.

Enter PC Matic PRO.

PC Matic PRO products handle the security, productivity and automation needs of modern companies, with fast, secure and simple-to-use solutions. Our Professional Security software offers an automated Application Allowlisting solution with zero-trust application control for business and network security

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I founded this company in 1999. In 2010, through an internal study, we found that no security software could keep an endpoint clear of spyware, adware, viruses, and ransomware. We made it our mission to build a superior security solution that would do just that. We introduced the industry's first and only whitelist approach to security in January 2011. Of course, one cannot just claim to have the best security. In fact, that's what every product in the industry does. We had to prove it.

In August 2014, we beat over 30 other security products in the prestigious Virus Bulletin RAP (reactive / proactive) test. Our average margin of victory was 11%. Then in December 2015, we did it again, but this time with a winning margin of 31%. This independent test confirms that our white list blocks 31% more viruses than the competition. But we are not done yet. The white list has the potential for almost perfect protection and we plan to prove that in 2016.

In a world where we learn daily of critical breaches and hacks, the world needs better security. Until our identities and online transactions are safe and secure, we cannot unleash the true power of computing to transform our society.

Our mission is to create software that truly protects our homes, businesses and government agencies. And we will keep on winning tests. We still need your help to spread the word. Come join us.

Rob Cheng, Cyber Security Expert
Rob Cheng, CEO - Top Cybersecurity Professional
Rob Cheng | CEO & Founder


When it comes to securing your valuable data, knowing where your security software comes from is vital. Other security software companies offshore their research and development to other countries like India, Russia and the Philippines.

PC Matic PRO is the only company that develops, researches and supports security software exclusively in the USA.

Stop hackers and cybercriminals from stealing your data with ransomware. PC Matic is the best Application Allowlisting Solution with zero-trust application control, automated whitelist, endpoint security, secure RDP, automated driver and security patch updates, data privacy & antivirus protection.

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