PC Matic Pro for Chromebooks uses our own whitelisting technology to put an end to the infinite alert hoax and annoying ads & Popups. Chromebook Antivirus & Security software with real-time web security, blocks cyber threats from hackers, spyware, trackers, malware and fileless virus infections.

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Familiar Technology, In A New Application

PC Matic Pro has brought our innovative whitelist based approach to browser protection on Chromebooks. We proactively block any intrusive ads or pop ups that attempt to trick a user into calling fake tech support numbers. Stopping this pop up before it can happen also blocks it from locking the browser down and looping the alert message. Prevent hackers from stealing your data.
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  • Invasive Ad and Popup Protection
  • Cloud Based Management Console
  • Google Suite Deployment
  • Lightweight Extension
  • Increased Hardware Management
  • Affordable for Education Environments
  • Protection With A Proactive Whitelist
  • Detailed Reporting

What is a Tech Support Scam?

Cyber criminals have flocked to using this Chromebook cyber-attack method because they don’t have to actually infect the device, and can even make the user think they’re the “good guys”. Depending on how vicious the criminal is feeling, they may try to perform some worthless services or actually install malware after you’ve let them remote in to “fix” your PC. Microsoft estimates consumers have lost over $1.5 Billion to tech support scams in the last year; don’t be a victim.

Best Antivirus for Chromebook

The Scam Alert Setup

While web browsing windows begin to pop up playing sirens, saying you’re infected with a virus, and insisting you call for support.

Chromebook Antivirus

The Lock on Your Device

Invasive popups lock your browser so it’s difficult to navigate away. This convinces users that calling the number is the only way out.

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The Payoff

“Tech support” will begin diagnosing the issues. They’ll charge $200 - $500, clean up your fake problem, and send you on your way.

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