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Catalina Ready

PC Matic for Mac

The world’s only American-made antivirus is now available for macOS
Compatible with: macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave & Catalina

How Does PC Matic Keep You Protected?

Superior Security

PC Matic stops what others cannot with the use an automated whitelist, fileless script blocking and brute force attack mitigation. PC Matic also includes patch management and driver updates, keeping known vulnerabilities patched before hackers can exploit them.

Made in America

We take great pride in the fact that all of the research, development and support for PC Matic is done right here in the United States. All of our competitors outsource some piece of their product; research, development, support or all three. We believe by keeping all pieces of the product in the United States, there is an increase in the reliability of the security product.

SuperShield Whitelist

SuperShield is a proprietary real time security technology designed to take maximum advantage of cloud computing to keep your Mac safe from online threats. SuperShield has access to the traditional blacklist, but in addition, also uses the industry's only whitelist. SuperShield blocks everything not identified on the whitelist, and sends a notification to the user that the software has been blocked.

The user, if they wish to truly run the software, can go into advanced mode to allow the software to run. Or the user can wait, as all blocked applications are sent to our malware research team and categorized as either safe or malicious within 24 hours.

Using this unique paradigm plus cloud computing has allowed us to give you the best real time protection for your Mac.

Protect Your Devices Now

Hundreds of thousands of users trust PC Matic with their device security.