PC Matic for ConnectWise

PC Matic enables ConnectWise MSPs to deliver world-class allowlisting under a single pane of glass.

Integration Overview

Hassle-Free Application Allowlisting

With the PC Matic for ConnectWise Integration, ConnectWise Invent and ConnectWise Automate customers get equipped with our patented Global Allowlist of over 22 billion verified software files, processes, and certificates, eliminating the need for manual whitelisting.

Want even more control? Allowlist anything locally and deploy across your entire network instantly with real-time local allowlist remediation.

Streamline Business Effiency

PC Matic's multi-tenant console makes it easy to manage all of your customers under a single pane of glass. Instantly deploy policies to individual users, devices, groups, departments, locations, companies, organizations, enterprises, and all managed customers, endpoints, and servers in just 2 clicks.

PC Matic is the most lightweight cybersecurity solution available, enabling end users to maximize operational efficiency.

Improve Your Cybersecurity Position

PC Matic comes with a full suite of additional security tools, including RDP security, storage control, role-based access controls, integrated remote access, remote file management, automated patch management, scheduled device scans, and more.

Improve compliance across local, state, and federal regulations by implementing PC Matic into your customer's stacks. Replace existing solutions or layer with other platforms to eliminate zero-day attacks and maximize protection from threats.

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"It seems that the extended security community has come to a consensus that application whitelisting is one of the most important security technologies/techniques an organization can and should implement."
Department of Homeland Security (AWL): STRATEGIC PLANNING GUIDE

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