Join PC Matic’s Team to Help Defeat COVID-19!

We’re calling for all PC Matic customers to help out our friends at [email protected] by using your computer resources to do protein folding simulations. [email protected] uses your CPU or GPU to run protein folding simulations to help find a cure for all types of diseases. Right now, they’re focusing efforts on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), which means our customers can play a part in helping to find a cure!

All you have to do is install [email protected] and join the PC Matic team! Your computer will begin to use extra computing resources that would normally go unused. You can even tell [email protected] to only use resources during certain times when you’re not on your computer, or all the time in the background! For each Work Unit your computer completes you’ll earn points for yourself, the PC Matic Team, and move us all one step closer to finding a cure.

Join us today!

PC Matic Team: 32035

Download [email protected]:

PC Matic and [email protected] cannot be held responsible for damage to computer hardware components.

Setup Instructions

  1. Visit and click “fah-installer_7.5.1_x86.exe” to download the [email protected] installer for Windows.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the installer, double click on it to begin the install process.
  3. Click Next
  4. Read the License Agreement and click I Agree
  5. Select Express Install and Click Next
  6. Click Finish
  7. When [email protected] opens, you can choose to set up an identity or fold anonymously.
  8. Click Start Folding
  9. Enter a Name with no spaces unless you want to be anonymous.
  10. Enter our PC Matic Team Number - 32035 - to join our team.
  11. Click Save
  12. You’re done! You can adjust the settings in [email protected] by telling it to only fold when your not using your computer or all the time. You can also adjust the power level if your computer is being slowed down, lower that level to Light or Medium.
  13. It can take several minutes for folding to actually begin but be patient! You’ll soon see stats update and show you how many points per day you’re earning for team PC Matic!


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