Did You Know...?

Disk Defragmentation

Easily keep your hard drives running at optimal performance with one click. Defragmentation not only improves speed, but can free up additional space as well.

Simple Scheduler

Set up your defragmentation routine and forget about it. Our scheduler takes the work out of keeping your hard drives optimized and healthy at all times.


Knowing why your hard drive is so full can be a daunting task. Disk MD gives you a simple report covering disk composition to see where that storage went.


Disk MD keeps you on top of your computer's status in easy to digest reports about disk allocation, largest files, and more! Reports are delivered right to your inbox.

Automatic Updates

There’s no need to worry about missing out on any new features that could come to Disk MD, it updates automatically to have all of our latest information and features.

Removable Drives

Don’t forget about that external hard drive you use for backups! Disk MD will also take care of defragging and reporting on all of your removable drives too!

Like No Other Disk Optimization Product Out There

Keeping your hard drive at peak performance is essential for a well running computer. When disk performance decreases, system performance drops dramatically. The hard drive can be the weakest link in the performance chain as the slowest computer subsystem. Disk MD is the perfect disk optimizer for all your PC's with great reports, fast defragmentation, and unparalleled background scheduling.

Hared Drive Repair

Get The Most From Your Drives With Disk MD

Medic Drive

Disk MD will walk you through each step to squeeze the most performance out of your drives. It’s important to close all other applications while running a disk defragger to ensure optimal results. Also, while disk defragmentation is a vital component of computer maintenance, it’s important to also run routine system maintenance before your defrag. This can include clearing internet cache, deleting temp files, deleting junk files, etc.


Check Your Drive’s Health Now

Don’t let your hard drive be the component that slows down your computer; optimize it with Disk MD.