PC Matic PRO works with businesses of all sizes.

The clock seems like it is always ticking. The IT department has the thankless responsibility of keeping hundreds if not thousands of endpoints secure and running at peak performance. There has never been one product that could do it all. Until now.

Introducing PC Matic Pro - a cloud based security, performance & proactive maintenance solution for companies that support 5 PCs or more.

PC Matic Pro adds numerous layers of security over all the other black list products providing the industry's best security against today's modern threats. PC Matic Pro also keeps all of your endpoints running at peak performance. All of this through a slick cloud management console.

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Best Security

It has never been more important to have great security for your business. Frankly, the black list approach employed by virtually the entire security industry has proven wholly ineffective against modern polymorphic viruses. PC Matic Pro employs a white list that stops these threats and many others dead in their tracks. We proved PC Matic Pro's superior detection rates in the Virus Bulletin RAP test, one of the most respected in the world. Only PC Matic Pro can keep your enterprise truly safe.

Faster Endpoints

It's happened to all of us. A call center representative complains that their computer is too slow. Endpoint performance impacts employee productivity and morale. When a computer is running at peak performance, it lasts longer, protecting asset life and delaying transition costs.

In addition to superior security, PC Matic Pro will keep your endpoints running like they were new even after years of use.

Made in America

In the 90's, McAfee and Symantec were on the top. Then they shipped their development to India and their research to the Philippines. Since then, scores of foreign competitors have entered the country. Only PC Pitstop, the makers of PC Matic Pro, develops in the United States.

The origin of many of the new viruses are the same countries in which these new security products are made. Who should you and your company really trust?

PC Matic PRO is affordable

All of our competitors are more expensive than PC Matic Pro. We prefer to charge a reasonable price for the best product on the market.

Starts at $0.83 per endpoint!

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PC Matic PRO Customers:

"I do contract work for (a) radio station and installed several systems there including Supershield. They were getting stuttering of audio on their main on air playback once in a while (which was at this station on the internet). I ran PC Matic which immediately cleared up the problem after finding numerous problems and registry errors. The system started performing like it should and the owner thought I was a genius. Really nothing more than installing PC Matic and letting it run its scan and fixes."
- Hal K

"I did a demo of your product on a number of different systems at work– some known to be full of junk. Did a great job on them, so I proceeded to more system – those owned by employees but used a bit for and at work. Then added a few laptops of family members having issues to further evaluate the product. Was very happy with all results. I also tested your tech support numerous times and was pleased. I have been a network admin for 20 years with lots of experience dealing with desktop problems. I really miss the old MS RegClean app. PcMatic does this same sort of cleanup – impressive".
-Leonard W

"Since we installed PC Matic and Supershield on all three office computers; it has helped improve our networking capabilities, as of now we can store files one computer and as I am teaching access them through the network a lot faster than before. Also, PC Matic updates everything in the system not just their own software but keeps us up to date on all of our software and potentials threats. That is a positive plus".

"We have fifteen seats now and our stations have never worked so trouble free. We really appreciate your product, it delivers on everything you promised and more. I'm sure it has saved me thousands in down time".
--John N. General Manager Cliff Hixfe Engineering

Which PC Matic is right for me?

Performance Optimization Check Check Check
White List Real TIme Protection Check Check Check
Cloud Scheduler Check Check Check
Vulnerability Protection Check Check Check
Server Support Check Check
Active Directory Check Check
IT Alert System Check Check
Responsive Cloud Interface Check Check
Automated Maintenance Reports Check Check
Usage ConsumerMSPBusiness/Enterprise
License DurationOne YearMonthlyMonthly
Endpoint Support5 & 10UnlimitedUnlimited
PricingStarts at $50Contact usStarts at $0.83 per endpoint