Windows First OneCare

On May 30, 2006, Microsoft entered into the security software market with its U.S. release of its fully supported version of its Windows Live OneCare software. The OneCare product includes firewall, anti-virus, back-up and restore utility, as well as Microsoft’s Windows Defender anti-spyware technology. Also included is a tune-up utility which performs routine maintenance tasks such as defragmenting and temp file clean up.

Overall prevalence of the product on systems processed through the PC Pitstop on-line tests in June remained relatively flat compared to the pre-release beta version attach rates. Based on our research to date, home consumers are twice as likely to install the product as business. Some analysts have expressed concern whether businesses would be willing to consider buying security products from Microsoft, a company whose software products have historically struggled with security issues.

Prevalence of OneCare by PC Type

Prevalence of OneCare by Business vs. Home

Prevalence of OneCare by PC Expertise

Prevalence of OneCare by World Wide Region

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