Windows 8 – the best thing ever for all in one computers?

By Windows Talk

Windows 8 – the best thing ever for all in one computers?

Windows 8 offers a revolutionary new way to interact with your computer via the stunning Metro interface. This author thinks that’s going to be a big deal for all in one computers.

But why?

The days of the touch-screen all in one computer are far from over. In fact, they’re only just beginning. Windows 8 opens up a whole new world of touch interactivity – it’s a coherent assault on the mouse-and-keyboard way of navigating around a computer.

Windows 8 has been criticised for its ‘tablet focus’. It’s been suggested that Microsoft’s latest OS is just ‘too different’. After all, Windows has in the past traded off being similar between iterations. But there’s a reason why Microsoft has decided to go so radical – and touch is the instigator.

The dev previews of Windows 8 have been run on standard laptops and desktops, but Microsoft’s ‘Productivity’ video on YouTube suggests that their vision for the future is quite different.

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