Windows 8.1 Now Available

Windows 8.1 Now Available

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

PC Pitstop’s TechTalk contributor, Richard Hay from, was up early today as the digital download became available at 7 AM Eastern Time for the release.–PC Pitstop

UPDATE:Windows RT 8.1 Update removed from Windows Store due to updating issues

According to a post in the Microsoft Surface Updating Software and Firmware forum at Microsoft Answers the 8.1 update for Surface RT devices, which was just released this past Thursday, has been pulled from the Windows Store.

Today Microsoft released Windows 8.1 to all current Windows 8 users through the Windows Store. This update has been talked about for months since the Windows 8.1 Preview came out and is significant because this major update is being released just one year after the initial release of Windows 8.

There has been a lot of progress in the controversial OS and much of it for the better.

Here is a summary of the posts on Windows Observer about the new release including the upgrade process and some tips and tricks for getting the download on your Windows 8 system:

Prepping for Windows 8.1 Release  – Leading up to the official release of Windows 8.1 to the Windows Store several departments at Microsoft blogged about upcoming features and changes in their area of Windows 8.1. This post is a summary and collection of links to those posts.

Official Facebook App released as other App updates begin for impeding release of Windows 8.1 RTM – As expected every built in app for Windows was updated in Windows 8.1 and officially there is now a Facebook app for Windows 8.1 users.

Post Windows 8.1 RTM Updates Released – After getting Windows 8.1 installed on your device there are some important updates being delivered via Windows Update that address issues and makes fixes needed since Windows 8.1 RTM’d back in August. Surface RT devices also had updates waiting after the Windows 8.1 update so make sure you download those as well.

Try this if you are having trouble getting Windows 8.1 RTM in the Windows Store – When the Windows 8.1 update became available in the Windows Store there were quite a few reports of it not showing up for people. This post shows you how to force the Windows 8.1 update to show up in the Windows Store.

Updating Surface RT to Windows 8.1 RTM – In this post I share with you my experience upgrading my 32GB Surface RT to Windows 8.1.

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