Two New Ransomware Viruses On The Loose

In order to remain undetected, ransomware is constantly changing.  Find out the new ransomware strands trying to hit computers now…

Maybe you’ve heard of Petya, CryptoXXX or Cerber, but what about MIRCOP or Bart?  These two are the newest versions of ransomware that are trying to worm their way into your computer.

First, MIRCOP is one of a kind.  It actually uses the victim approach when attacking your files.  The alert you will receive is regarding you, as the user, stealing bitcoins from them!  They threaten that they know personal details about the user, in an attempt to strike fear into the person to entice them to pay up.  One major flaw in their systems is the fact that they’re demanding over $33,000 USD in payment.  MIRCOP has yet to make any money, as people are not paying this ludicrous amount.

Second is Bart.  This ransomware doesn’t actually encrypt your files.  What it will do is place each file in a ZIP format and then password protect the ZIPs.  For example, sample.doc would be zipped to  Once all of your files’ formats have been changed, they’re locked and you are sent a ransom.  This ransomware is demanding $1,800 USD.

Both of these new ransomware strains are distributed via emails.  So please, think before you click!!

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