Toshiba Recalls 100k Batteries For Melting Hazard

Earlier this year Laptop reported Toshiba has “nowhere to go but up”.  They had no idea how accurate they were…

Computer manufacturer, Toshiba, is recalling 100,000 lithium batteries.  The batteries are being recalled for their risk of melting which may spark fires, resulting in potential burns to PC users.  According to Gizmodo, the batteries that are being recalled have a battery pack number starting with “G71C”.  If you do not want to manually look to see if your battery is one of the recalled, you can find a full list of the potentially affected PCs here.

Lithium batteries have been a safety issue for PC users for years.  Unfortunately, you would think the manufacturers of these batteries would find a safer means to power devices that won’t cause potential harm to the device user, but they have not.  In 2013 PC Pitstop did a follow-up on their lithium battery study from 2006, which found that at that time lithium batteries were still exploding.  Ten years later, lithium batteries still pose a safety threat.  What will it take to ensure a safe power option for our devices?

Toshiba reported they will replace the recalled batteries, and encouraged PC users to use the old fashioned plug-in method to power their PC until the battery is replaced.  For more information on what to do next if you are one of the Toshiba customers affected by this recall, click here.


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