Techlicious: Top 5 Airlines for In-Flight Wi-Fi


By Jennifer Gaines for Techlicious

Funny how, just half a decade ago, checking your email at 35,000 feet wasn’t even an option. In-flight Wi-Fi was still a daunting challenge just on the brink of being figured out by a bunch of determined tech geeks. Thanks to those geeks, we’ve very quickly come to expect a plugged-in experience when we fly and now throw a small tantrum when our in-flight Wi-Fi is too slow or, God forbid, your route doesn’t even have it available.

Most recently, Virgin America upped the ante in the in-flight technology space by announcing their plan to to deliver faster Wi-Fi for travelers. This brings me to a critical point: Not all in-flight Wi-Fi technology is created equal.

While it’s safe to say that in-flight Wi-Fi is on everyone’s radar, many have promised fleet-wide Internet access, but few have delivered. If email access is a must (or you just can’t bear to part with your Facebook friends), choose your airline wisely.

Here are the top domestic carriers for in-flight Wi-Fi:

1. Virgin America

This is an airline known for its technological innovations and was the first to partner with Gogo to offer Wi-Fi on every single flight. In the first half of next year, Virgin America plans to introduce Gogo’s ATG–4 service. Bottom line: You’ll be able to open your email four times faster.

2. Air Tran

Ranked the top airline in the Airline Quality Rating study twice in the past four years, Air Tran aims to deliver an excellent experience to its travelers. They were one of the first to jump on the Wi-Fi bandwagon and are one of the only two airlines to offer fleet-wide Internet service.

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