Techlicious: The Best Way to Stop Spam and Unwanted Email


By Kara Trivunovic for Techlicious

In July, my family celebrated the Serbian Orthodox holiday Slava. As we prepared for dinner, the priest came to our house and blessed the food and our home. The preparation for his arrival typically includes a candle, red wine, a list of residents in the house and the traditional bread that my mother-in-law makes and decorates. This year, as I handed him all the “tools,” he asked for one more thing” my email address.

Wait? What? Why? Feeling put on the spot and not entirely sure I could really say “no,” I obliged. So what happens now? It seems that there is a lot the church wants to share, so now, I get email daily, sometimes multiple times in one day. Since I have made a career working in the email marketing space, I understand the desire to reach his parish via email, but c’mon!

Think about your email inbox for a moment (I know, it isn’t always the most fun thing to do) and what do you find in there?

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This post is excerpted with permission from Techlicious.

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