Security Vulnerabilities Caused by Those Claiming to be Tech Savvy

Can you be too tech savvy?

There are several things that you can do on your PC that will create a negatively impact.  Many PC users view themselves as being rather tech savvy, therefore they believe they are far more secure against these threats.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  Sometimes PC users, both home and business users unintentionally create security vulnerabilities with the software they choose to utilize.

PC Pitstop’s, Vice President of Cybersecurity, Dodi Glenn made the following statement regarding accidental security gaps created by employees who may feel like they are invincible due to their tech-savvy ways.

“Users who implement torrent software, keygens or cracks illegally; these pieces of software are often riddled with malware. They install remote administrative tools like VNC to connect to their work computer from home, but fail to implement proper security best practices. These employees often open up holes into the company’s network unintentionally.”

Glenn’s comments, as well as other IT professionals, were cited recently in a CSO Online article discussing the worst people you may come across in IT security.  You can read the full article here.

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